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  1. "I'm the owner, I don't grind anything"
  2. We owned Tempest US 13 (RIP). My take was that the bulb hanger was flat (much like a snipe dagger board) and therefore provided little lift. It forced you to foot off to get any kind of action happening. This resulted, because of the large sail area, in needing crews that were at least 6' 6" and over 220lbs. Didn't hurt for the skipper to be large as well. (Go Dennis - Mr. Bronze Medal). We loved that boat but being punk assed teenagers we did not have enough mass to tack in over 25 on SF Bay. It was awesome on "The Creek".
  3. My two cents http://www.obsessiontelescopes.com/ . Get something with a large mirror, you all ways suffer from mirror envy. 10-12 inches minimum and work up from there. If you like staying up all night looking at cool stuff you can sell the old one and trade up. Good optics (eye pieces) can last along time and you can take them from scope to scope. As usual it's all the little bits that cost the most. I've got way more in filters and eye pieces than in the scope. Start with just a few good ones "TeleVue". Go To stuff is expensive and a pain in the ass to set up plus all the time it takes to slew around to the next object and you need big batteries to power it all. Start out with a reflector on a Dobson mount (cheap) with a red dot finder on the scope and spend your cash on the biggest mirror you can afford. Get a cheap tablet and install "SkySafari Plus" to use to find stuff. Take the time to learn how to "Star Hop". Hook up with your local astronomy club. Lots of times you can use binoculars to find things and then use the scope to really check it out. Finally you can always sell it all on https://www.astromart.com/
  4. Steve is as usual right on. Carl and Carol Buchan did very well for many years doing this. She would place her hand on the sheet to feel what Carl was doing and stay in the boat.
  5. I have met and partied with the "Barber Brothers" who wanted a way to pull the jib sheet outboard on their Lightning.
  6. As an agricultural researcher I am all ways bummed when hives get infected and have to be destroyed. The bees are our friends and allies. The rest of your rant is alt Trump worthy. First of all Cargill and Ortho do not sell seeds to the public. Cargill sells grain (there is a difference) and Ortho sells lawn and garden products. Second most GMO crops are hybrids and the seeds produced will not germinate very well. Please google "hybrid vigor". Farmers have been employing hybrids for over 80 years as there is a 30% increase in crop yield. Thirdly if you spent 8-10 years and 160 million dollars getting your crop tested and approved by the USDA would you want some one to steal it? Lastly our research facility is on Kauai which has NO ​colony collapse disorder and three "GMO research facilities" . The bee colonies on Kauai are strong, healthful and there is a thriving market for our Queens. We are allowed to use all permitted fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides at their approved rate. Please spend some time researching "FIFRA" before you spread alt news to the masses. All real farmers know how critical bees are to agriculture and they would never knowingly cause them harm.
  7. I don't want to get ahead of your excellent series of celestial sights, but now is the time to prepare for the Total Solar eclipse happening August 21st, 2017. Already in Oregon and Idaho (and probably many other states) all available hotel rooms have been booked in the cities near the path. Make your plans now! Excellent site: http://www.eclipse2017.org/2017/path_through_the_US.htm
  8. Man this brings back a lot of memories. Back in the mid-late sixties & early seventies, Chris Corlett and I worked for "Invader Marine" in Oakland, CA which sold a ton of these boats. The owner, Captain James Craig was such a cool guy and more than anyone else responsible for the beginning of the Alameda/Oakland Estuary sailing scene. We had so much fun, they would let us take one of the boats out for the Friday nighters or any other time we wanted. There were a lot of SF Bay sailors who started out in Ventures and then moved on to more robust craft, establishing a permanent "East Bay" presence in the racing community. My favorite story was during a Friday nighter our ex-football player jib "trimmer", who never used winch handles, pulled the clew of the 150 thru the jib fairlead. We had to hacksaw the fairlead apart to get it out.
  9. TBone how many boats have you built? Each build allways has it's unique stories. But maybe you wouldn't know that.
  10. Hawkfarm was an IOR half ton. yep, I think you're right. What was Moonshadow, or something like that? Sorry about the late reply, but Tom Wylie's design "Moonshadow" was designed on my kitchen table. It was built to break the 100 hr mark in MORAs SF to San Diego race. Designed to be a maxi MORA boat to no particular rule. Interesting factoid: I blew 0.5 gram of cocaine into the nose area while the boat was being built. Fun times.
  11. As always, thanks again Mark for looking out for us.
  12. Please tell me that you have not reproduced. Do you always encourage one design sailors to mess with other fleets? What a great example you set for others.
  13. There is not a prejudice bone in my body. I'm afraid sir that you are suffering from "Dunning- Kruger effect". My condolences.
  14. Jim Antrim described an ideal PHRF race as one where all the boats wound up tied for fifth.
  15. Weren't they designed to race in a "Midget Ocean" ?