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  1. The winning foils

  2. I'd trust what this fella has to say.
  3. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    My favourite line of the translated page is "Luna Rossa, having collaborated technically with kiwifruit in the last America's Cup, would benefit from it."
  4. Oracle Team USA

    When was Blair's hand held device submitted to the measurement committee?I wonder what the submission request looked like from ETNZ. Do the other teams get to see this? Wonder how they would have interpreted it?
  5. Team NZ

    Awesome insights there, and the virtual reality feature is wicked.
  6. Team NZ

    Quite possibly the best hype video I've ever seen. The competitors must have known they were in the shit seeing that boat in action. Wonder what the "oh, we're so fucked" moment was?
  7. Team NZ

    He said that to me. I had so many convos on Thursday night with many of the black magic magicians and where they spoke about what they did to get here; with 'here' being the final destination, GA spoke about 'here' being the start line. Where will GA take his astronauts next? Who knows. While even GA may not know the answer, he's earned the right to throw the ball out as far as he likes.
  8. Team NZ

    Bro, that glass box has sneaky little alarms on it. I set them off at about midnight when I was taken upstairs for a cheeky photo beside the cup. It was at that point everyone started singing "Sailing Away" and I made a beeline for the exit to join in. Great night
  9. Team NZ

    Etnz worked really hard to get their rudder 'toe' thinking approved by AM committee and finally did. None of the other boats could do what Aotearoa could do with their rudders. Also does anyone know what their rudders were made of? Also, got the inside word on why they pitch polled. Basically as spectators we see 5% of the truth at any given time.
  10. Team NZ

    I went to the party at the RNZYS last night and it was the most amazing thing to be part of. Sean Regan was on fire and a total GC. Gashby was full of praise for everyone except himself and the party went mental when the band started playing Bliss by Th Dudes. The whole room sang the anthem with their hands on their hearts and sailing away. Had some pretty wicked chats with the geeks and those involved in wing development and an unused 'go reeeeallll fuucking fast' modifications to the rudders. I still can't believe the VMG stat that they would have improved by if they'd pressed the green light on that mod. Crazy stuff. GA had a twinkle in his eye when he was talking about plans for the next cup defence in terms of the boats they're planning. "You ain't seen nothing yet". Many more stories from the night (including their simulation setup, which I think, was their KILLER tool). Also bumped into a forum member who shall remain nameless due to their connection with the team. Good times bro!
  11. Sorry, what boat is this?
  12. What was your favorite race/moment?

    Gotya - didn't catch who wrote it. But it seems he's writing for eyeballs - just look at the number of comments and the overwhelming number that support GD. He wrote this (below) and conveniently left out that JS was the first to take things 'off the water' and into the public domain with the interview with Veitch on Sport where he offered suggestions for GD's replacement. "Spithill has poked the borax at New Zealand in the past. Of course he has needled Dalton. But with him what happened on the water on Tuesday stayed on the water."
  13. What was your favorite race/moment?

    ^ who's Norquay?
  14. What was your favorite race/moment?

    ^ You're hardly a paragon of good virtues and values mate, so I find this convo slightly weird. However, expecting GD to bite his tongue is as silly as expecting a lion to not maul you if you enter their territory. He is who he is. A winner on his terms.
  15. What was your favorite race/moment?

    You reference the importance of not having a dig at someone when their defeat means their job could be on the line. Pretty sure I remember JS offering his personal recommendations on NZ national radio about who should replace GD as CEO of ETNZ. If I remember, GD had neither stepped down, nor was planning to. JS shouldn't have offered an opinion. I think GD was very polite in his response during the presser. But at the same time I'm not a big advocate for revenge as other people here expressed a taste for.