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  1. Guess I need to put Needaclue on ignore then. They're the worst when it comes to quoting dg_sailingfan. Tornadocat is getting close to the ignore list also.
  2. Can't the admins add a rule to the ignore filter that filters out quoted content from members already on the ignore list? If that can't be done, then what's the point of the ignore function?
  3. mrdobalina


    Have just put dg_sailingfan on ignore. Thank God for that. What a bore they were.
  4. mrdobalina

    Teams? "For all the times I've been in the cup, I've never seen so many challenger teams trying to enter," Team New Zealand's chief operating officer Kevin Shoebridge told Auckland councillors at a meeting on Thursday. Shoebridge said two confirmed teams were already meeting architects and builders about base construction in Auckland.
  5. mrdobalina


    I sort of agree with Stingray here. Reading through all this shit is so tiresome.
  6. mrdobalina


    Why the sudden interest when when there is a $1m fine for late entries? The article believes late interest stems from the following: There is more confidence in the foiling monohull design concept after the performance of a Surrogate yacht by the US Challenger American Magic. The America's Cup champions, Emirates Team New Zealand have made entry easier by making a basic design package available to all teams, reducing the design risk for new teams. Also worth noting: The 100% nationality rule does not seem to be having the deterrent that was initially expected. The later announced teams seem relaxed with running multi-national teams and complying with the residency requirements of the Protocol.
  7. I'd trust what this fella has to say.
  8. mrdobalina

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    My favourite line of the translated page is "Luna Rossa, having collaborated technically with kiwifruit in the last America's Cup, would benefit from it."
  9. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    When was Blair's hand held device submitted to the measurement committee?I wonder what the submission request looked like from ETNZ. Do the other teams get to see this? Wonder how they would have interpreted it?
  10. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    ^ yes Where's the proof? Also if they do have these new foils, they may have been planned all along but this is the earliest they could get them on.
  11. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    ^ I'm guessing OTUSA seeing as we're in the OTUSA thread. Could be wrong though.
  12. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    What sort of damage?
  13. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    Yeah but I'm asking how these fans feel about it. If my team was seen to copy another, I'd feel a bit lame about it all.
  14. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    How do Oracle supporters feel when they see their team copying another teams approach even though previously they'd come out saying that approach had been considered and then discarded?
  15. mrdobalina

    Oracle Team USA

    Why are people concerned about this? Surely it's a distraction for these guys. Wasn't the biggest barrier to entry the fact you'd have to turn sailors into cyclists and this would be nearly impossible to do in the space of a few months? How long has ETNZ been working on this? Nearly 2 years right? That's 2 years on the technology AND physical training.