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  1. I won't call the ETNZombies here a reflection on Kiwiland. Every country's got yobs and a small number just happen to have made camp on this forum. What's interesting is that not many Kiwi's are really interested in the America's Cup. They care far more about who's going to be voted off X-Factor or whether Shortland's Chris and Rachel will get back together.
  2. The umpire chairs are copied from the London Games. Had you been at the London Games or the busier days at the park you would have understood how effective they are at directing the crowds to entrances and exits. Slow down on the "Haterade".
  3. Don't bring "single use plastic water bottles". Don't bring outside liquids Don't bring guns. Don't bring knives over 4 inches. Not ACEA rule. Port of San Francisco rules. If you want to get a good cheap meal, go to Red's Java House next to the ETNZ/Luna Rossa base. Bottle of Steinlager - $4.00 http://www.yelp.com/biz/reds-java-house-san-francisco If you have some money, go to the Waiheke Island Yacht Club. http://www.yelp.com/biz/waiheke-island-yacht-club-san-francisco The snack bars are shit. So shit that they no longer provide the staff lunches. Best food at the venue is the staff box lunch, I think they're made by the chefs in the VIP lounge.
  4. I don't want to imply that Kiwis are a nation of sheep shaggers. They also shag cows.
  5. Nice one mate. Looking forward to seeing the All Blacks visiting San Fran. But I hope all the Kiwis don't bring their girlfriends because they'll eat all the grass.
  6. Prada shop alright but like the Louis Vuitton uses local talent so you get some 6/10's and7/10's and Swishies. ETNZ "Flying On Water" is a fun virtual reality sailing race. The booth is staffed with Emirates flight attendants. The Eastern Europeans are quite pleasant to look at even when all covered up . The Kiwi girls are also quite pleasant viewing but like all Kiwi girls can be a bit manly at times.
  7. If you've got $950 a day, you can get driven around the race in these. For that price, I hope you get to keep the foulies or at least they'll wash them after each use. I think they're also using these to transport VIP's from the team bases to the AC park for parties.
  8. Fuck you pants are pants in fuck you colours, ie pink, lime green, baby blue or super white white. Or fuck you embroidery like whales, fish, lobsters, dogs and other stupid shit. You know like "Fuck you! I really don't give a shit. I'm rich, bitch."
  9. Millionaires, Billionaires, VIP's and Business Partners. So it's been a week since the opening ceremony and event has been going really well. Probably not well enough to satisfy all of you here, but certainly well for those that really matter. I learned a long time ago that the target audience for the America's Cup are the VIP's and the business partners. Why? 1. They're the friends and acquaintances of the guys who own the teams. 2. They're the ones with the MONEY The boat race is just so much window dressing and you and me just provide the background. Since Opening Day, it has been pretty much dinners and parties every night. Even Artemis, which doesn't even have a boat on the water, is having parties. And guess what? According to both the Prada and Artemis people, if they withdraw, the parties will still go on. Figure that one out. Speaking of parties, at the black tie events you can always tell the sailors. Besides being the tallest and biggest fuckers there, they're the one's wearing the rentals. So let's say you come to the AC Park, how can you tell who are the one's that really matter. Well the quickest way to find out is to try to get inside the America's Cup Club. If your name is on the list...you matter. If not...back to the unwashed masses. If you really really really matter, you get to go on Larry's "Asahi" during races. What's another way? Golf carts. If you matter, no walking for you. You get a chauffeured golf cart. But even that has a hierarchy. Lowly corporate types get an uncovered six seater driven by a volunteer. Corporate executives, business partners and other assorted VIP's get a covered 4 seater driven by a hospitality girl. Rich friends and sponsors of teams get a 4 seater driven by a team hospitality girl. By the way, media walks. Unless it's media day, then a six seater. Finally, you can spot the VIP's by the clothes. When we go to the park it's trainers and backpacks. When they come to the park, the men wear "fuck you" pants and the women wear heels and carry purses that cost more than our mortgage payments. The only variant are the Japanese. Panasonic and Yanmar wear corporate logo shirts. By the way, the Louis Vuitton Cup Store is doing very well, thank you very much. And Puma is selling quite a few $650 Gore Tex Oracle parkas. I very much doubt the hoi polli are the cause of all this. So in conclusion, the rich are really happier than you but there is one downside. The rich have to live with the other rich.
  10. Artemis hired mostly local talent, which has been pretty picked clean by Oracle and AC.
  11. Even worse I think they're not employees but girlfriends of team and staff members. I'll take some but I've got to be discrete because I don't want to be escorted off premises for being pervy.
  12. Now for something really important. Battle of the Hospitality Babes. Best looking. 1. ETNZ 2. Oracle 3. ACEA 4. Artemis 5. Luna Rossa Most Bitchy 1. Luna Rossa 2. ETNZ 3. Oracle 4. Artemis 5. ACEA
  13. Musings of a AC volunteer- July 4th 1. Iwent off ok. First day, what do you expect. 2. The AC gave us a bunch of clothes and gears. Shirts, t-shirts, hat, backpack, umbrella (?), water bottle, shoes. All going on EBay after AC. 3. Nice Lunch and as much Red Bull as you can pour down your gullet. 4. Most of the Volunteers don't know shit about sailing let alone AC. But enough of me. 1. There is a crap load of people and the venues are gianormous. 2. Best Team turn out ETNZ. Everybody including wives kids girlfriend were in full gear. They were even passing out hats if you showed up without it. 3. Nobody even recognized any of the sailors. 4. Coolest guy was Loik Peyron. Made jokes. Said hi. Shook hand. Thank volunteers. Man is a stud. 5. Sort of weird seeing sailor with their families doing family things 6. Two most popular things. Drinking booze and shopping. Bunch of ladies walking out with Louis Vuitton bags. 7. There are some Fine Ass women! I've been to some big time regatta. But this has them all beat. Like a Victoria Secret Model convention. Packs running around on the hunt. 8. Biggest aggro is plastic single use bottles. Security confiscating at gate. Easier getting crack or gun in. "You just want to make money." Trust me Larry don't need your money. Environmental BS from Port of SF. That's it.