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  1. Craigslist Finds

    Is that a stupid question? No such thing as a stupid question. I have no idea and I am too lazy to figure it out for myself It's not an Aero hull. I think the writer of the ad just used a bunch of words he thought applied to cool boats in the hopes of selling it sooner / for more money FB- Doug Pretty sure this is an Aero 8 NS14
  2. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    Hey Joking, I've sailed mine around 8 times. How long it takes to learn I think depends on your starting point. I had no problem getting foiling my first time out and I'm just an old guy with some 29er experience, plus 2 years of frequent sailing on my RS Aero. It's still a challenge, and I'm no where near foiling gybes, or even gybes without capsizing. You'll have a harder time if you're not able to sail something like a Laser in 15+ knots and keep it flat most of the time. Leeward heel almost always leads to a capsize once you're on the foils, so first thing is to get comfortable with windward heel. Once up, at first I was making massive sheeting changes and steering corrections, like a kid on a bicycle for the first time, but after a few hours of practice (for me), I smoothed out. Downwind is harder than upwind for some reason, still figuring that out. Light wind sailing isn't much fun, but I avoid days with < 10kts no matter what I'm sailing. Jim
  3. ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I've managed 3 sailing days on mine. In the 10-15 kts wind I've had, it's easy to get foiling even for this foiling newbie. The crashes are frequent but fun, and righting the boat is easy thanks to the narrow hull. I can tell a lot of practice will be needed before I can do a foiling gybe. Mostly I just fly off the outside so far. Jim
  4. rs aero

    Chuck, That's my question as well. Even in 15 knots, the angles seem too high to justify the extra distance sailed. Unfortunately, I haven't had many boats to sail against to really figure it out. I'm pretty sure sailing directly for a down wind mark is going to win in almost all conditions. It might work in strong wind, especially if there's waves. Jim
  5. rs aero

    And here's the best picture I have of the first sail, coming in for a landing...
  6. rs aero

    Ooh, I think one of those is mine!
  7. rs aero

    Is this the link you're looking for? http://rssailing.com/uploads/files/092014/5411b3a07117491211000002/original/RS_Aero_YY_Test.pdf?1410446240
  8. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Tons 'o pictures from the inside course here: http://lemondell.com/Sabot_Nationals_080809 http://lemondell.com/Sabot_Nationals_080810 Jim