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  1. True that mate...I mean if you had a IT rebuild budget of 70 million and it blew out to 150 million, your shareholders would be buzzing they saved so much because it didn't blow out to 1billion...oh wait...anyway they would just be wrapped they could now book swimming lessons online..oh and they could register their dog online as well. And then if you decided to buy a multi story building so you could have flash new offices and then a week after taking ownership you discovered the granite was falling off the exterior and you had to tip in 30 million for a reclad...well the the shareholders would just say thats so cool, due diligence is so over rated. In fact the shareholders would just say fuck it why don't we whack up the rates to recover our losses on appalling fiscal management, oh and why don't we cut back our core services to save a few bucks..our clients won't care if we tell em to go fuck themselves.
  2. So true, imagine how much easier life would be if they worked in the private sector and were accountable for their decisions.
  3. That explains why ETNZ had me on edge of seat this morning wondering why they were tacking and gybing at 16 knots while Team Mercenary were travelling at up to 20 knots in theirs, just seemed wrong.
  4. Yeah, 30 million recladding the new /old ACC building which was a dodgy purchase to start with, that deal stinks to high heaven. 100k on a curtain for a library, gold plated secret bathrooms, endless junkets overseas and then the ACC says it doesn't have much money...tossers the lot of them
  5. Massive respect to all the ETNZ team. GD, congrats for your tenacity through years of adversity. San Fran was an awesome venue and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see huge wingsail cats battling from the comfort of a sidewalk so no regrets over our loss. Bermuda was just to hard to get to and the pitiful spectator turnout was a damn shame for Bermuda. Anyone remember the AC spectator fleet on the Waitemata?, it was huge. And now we can do it all over again. So looking forward to seeing you all on the water again in a few years. .
  6. Suggest an appropriate theme tune for any Team Oracle footage would be " Money can't buy me love"
  7. I understood the race day dock out's were cancelled because there weren't any Oracle supporters apart from a small a rent-a-crowd.
  8. Thats appalling sportsmanship, Oracle are really showing themselves as a corrupt organisation with a piss poor culture. What do you mean its not sportsmanship like to throw a bit of lead into a one design boat, I mean who's gonna notice!. Hey there's not a lot of wiggle room for cheating in this AC round why don't we steal some shit instead from ETNZ supporters, that'll make us feel like winners. No wonder they dont have time to sort out their on board software, they're to busy planning their next corner shop burglary. Tossers.
  9. That LE could not tip more into Ashby to secure him is not something I'm buying, Ashby must have had a team preference on top of the coin.
  10. Only thing he has demonstrated is he can be paid at top level.
  11. Thats bang on, but like I said..the fucking media perpetuated the no more money for ETNZ spin. I only personally know a few handfuls of people who were given a massive leg up into the marine industry when the cup was in NZ in the 90's. Those opportunities were non existent before the Cup was in Auckland. We all went on to make very large sums working for foreign coin. USD which was promptly sent home and invested right back into the NZ economy. And I only know a few of those folk, there are definitely more. And there will be truck loads of opportunity if the Cup comes back to NZ.
  12. A few comments and praises. A big thanks to those who helped me set up camp in San Fran AC34 and also for the ETNZ base tour, most excellent experience. I have never seen such a piss poor spectator turnout as AC35 presents us with. Made me realise perhaps the largest AC supporters group always comes from NZ, therefore turnout in BDA is not great cause frankly its a pita to get to from down under. That Ken Read fella doing the commentary, he might be a clever dude round sailing in general but he is sorely lacking in AC 35 knowledge, viewers are getting crap info from him and coming away thinking they learned something when in fact what they are really getting is a crap input/ crap output scenario. Spithill seems to have made it all about himself. Live by the sword, die by the sword I suppose.Suspect he will fall hard if he is crushed this weekend. PB, I would prefer if you didn't keep stopping on the final leg to put the kettle on. Finally to all the NZ media that put the boot into ETNZ last year with the angle the NZ taxpayer should not be tipping more money into ETNZ. You all really piss me off with your recent patriotic support saying bring it home boys, NZ is with you.
  13. Thanks! Added to my "Loyal" mix I'm jamming to today... So wish they had brought the Feelers over to play at AC park, awesome music and would have really rarked up the Kiwi crowd
  14. Depends on the VOC content, a good bit of that mass is supposed to go into the air as it cures. Yea well, i am not buying that HR lined up over 22 x 44 gallon drums of epoxy resin and smothered his boat in the stuff...i mean if you were going to use that much resin wouldn't you do the smart thing and actually build it out of glass and resin...8000 lbs of resin would be enough for a 60ft cat with out the construction ply rotting away under it..
  15. 1000 gallons of resin by my rough maths is approx 8000 lbs ..really HR??...