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  1. Thanks! Added to my "Loyal" mix I'm jamming to today... So wish they had brought the Feelers over to play at AC park, awesome music and would have really rarked up the Kiwi crowd
  2. Depends on the VOC content, a good bit of that mass is supposed to go into the air as it cures. Yea well, i am not buying that HR lined up over 22 x 44 gallon drums of epoxy resin and smothered his boat in the stuff...i mean if you were going to use that much resin wouldn't you do the smart thing and actually build it out of glass and resin...8000 lbs of resin would be enough for a 60ft cat with out the construction ply rotting away under it..
  3. 1000 gallons of resin by my rough maths is approx 8000 lbs ..really HR??...
  4. Truer words have never been spoken
  5. Been at the same spot every race since last sunday...midpoint foreshore of eastern bleachers...the most unobstructed view out to start box and bottom mark...just cannot see the top mark or finish line but the big screens either side of bleachers means nothing is missed...crowds are sure getting bigger since last weekend...definitely a truck load more kiwis there today...perfect weather again...does it ever rain in SF?. Love the SF people ..really nice folks round these parts, friendly, helpful and nothing but good to say about them really...but boy they are sure are septic about LE...they just do not like him but when questioned why they are vague about the rational....also its really nice how many support NZ taking the cup...oddly enough especially all the staff at various shops and restaurants in little Italy. Rented a few bikes and rode over GG bridge to Sausilito...well worth the pain...and man it was cold on that bridge...but Sausilito is a very nice little town...reminds me of a much bigger version of Russell...quaint and small town on the water...catching a ferry back to SF sucked big time...over an hour in a massive cue of bikes waiting to get a ferry...they tell me its been crazy busy like that all summer. Some nice ETNZ folks handed our group some free NZ flags earlier in the week down at Marina green, they told me that Steven Tindal had 10,000 to give away and they were helping out, which was kinda amusing as one of the last things i did before leaving NZ was go the big red shed to buy a bunch only to be told they had nothing in stock. Got up to our condo in Northbeach to find a NZ flag hanging from the top floor window of an apartment 3 doors along...not to be out done i hung two flags out our day an apartment 10 doors along has a massive Kiwi flag hanging out there window as well. As a venue for the AC72's SF is the best i have ever be able to watch from the shore of a city is priceless and the winds are incredibly reliable...but racing smaller cats or monos here would be fact if it was not for the foiling multi spectacle i would not have come and i know others i have met feel the same. Finally, got a tour of ETNZ base earlier this week, Renmaus was there with her friends as well..that was just a awesome experience..could have just sat there for hours looking down at B2 in the shed.... Wing's in the other shed... just wow..seeing is believing..the tech in the to hand it to GD...the campaign he has put together is many facets he has brought together in such a seamless piece of engineered brilliance.....i do not know if there are many people in NZ who could have reached the point he has with the campaign.
  6. Haven't watched from there, but have heard that the viewing is good. There is equally good viewing (IMO) for free further west, but that gets you farther from the Bart. Fastest way to get from AC Park is probably still just walking. Or maybe a rickshaw. As has been suggested before, cabs are not always the best option in SF. Download Lyft and Uber and consider those as your way to get around. In fact, that might be better than Bart if you are tight on time. Or, I will likely be up there Saturday for the races and heading back down to SJ right after. Happy to drop off a few Anarchists at the airport on my way back down. PM if interested. Cheers. Thanks for the offer Chauch, but were heading to OAK. And thanks for the tips, Asy, TK et al. Sounds like the options abound. Tow last questions... How long does the dock out take, and is it practical to see the guys leave and still make it west to view the race? Dock out to marina green-Yep its doable, We did it last race day easily.Get on the street car from AC park to the end of line (up around pier 47) will cost you $2 and take 5 minutes, then walk the rest will take another 30 minutes. You just want to leaving the AC park by 12.20.
  7. Related to this--if there are Anarchists in town who are largely immobile and have special needs/requests that can't be found easily within the City, I will be coming up in my car from San Jose tomorrow and am happy to stop by a Sporting Goods store or otherwise and deliver it to you. I draw the line at hookers and blow, though. In seriousness, if you are in a pinch and need something, PM me. Many thanks Krispy and Chauch for your kind offers and advice ....the locals here are amazing..within 1 hour of a few neighbours hearing of my bino problem i had two pairs delivered to my door for loan until my new ones arrived via USPS on Thursday....only catch is they want to join the kiwi supporters for weekend of racewatching and celebration beersies this weekend ...should be fun.
  8. I'll repeat - DO NOT USE CABS in SF. They are beserk, never on time, and will rip you off. Use ride share services. Very civil, clean cars, know where they are going, and the drivers (and occasional other passengers) are always interesting. Download the apps from iTunes and Google Play and book them from your phone. Thanks Krispy, actually i did hear you the first time but arrived into SF exhausted after a 12 hour flight jam packed into a 737 filled to capacity with no leg room for someone over 6" and on top of that i had a very grumpy 4 y/o boy with me...just wanted to get to a-b quickly, and we did but i am pretty sure our driver had mental health issues and was taking them out on anyone in his path or even alongside our path. Will go with your suggestions now our feet are on the ground.. went down to Bay street today to visit scope city to buy a few sets of Bino's at the address as listed in their website,...turns out they closed down a year ago ../want to buy steiners marine models so looks like i am going to have to head out of town maybe to a hunting shop so will look for a share car solution. Checked out the superyacht race today from fishermans wharf..3 or 4 yachts tacking up the harbour , quite impressive..shame there were not more of a couple of nice pics of OR out practising with the big yachts in the background.
  9. Arrived arrived in SF yesterday, forgot how huge customs cues can be at US airports..finally got through and into a cab..driver was absolutely nuts..plain outright dangerous.....$50 and 30 minutes later we arrive in North beach..great area..plenty great food options and supermarkets.. Bring on Tuesday...
  10. Thanks to all taking the time to offer some local knowledge, we are arriving from NZ on Sunday midday so hope to catch the second race at least. The tips above have really helped to make a plan that'll fly.
  11. Thanks for the the link, have dropped them a email, only problem is the AC will likely be all but over by the 14th.
  12. I don't know SF harbour well, but given FH is swinging on a 30lb anchor attached to 3/8 chain I would be picking that on the next big blow on a ebb tide FH is heading out to sea with or without the Hot Rod.
  13. Apologies if this question has been posed elsewhere...just trying to understand how my trip dates to SF are best placed ( cannot come for more than 8 days in Sept). As understand it the AC is best of 17 races and I believe it is likely that the same boat will smoke the other in every race Of course gear failure could be the deciding factor in some races but lets assume there aren't any snapped shackles or broken bits of string. Would this mean that racing would be all over on the 14th September?..and if this did come to pass then on what date would the closing ceremony and cup handover ( or not) take place?. Oh and one more question...the superyacht regatta's scheduled in mid Sept...are these really gonna happen? far I am seeing only a couple of big wind bludgers stern to in SF?. .
  14. No danger of that, I hear you fellas smoked it all in the 60's.
  15. try this Great site thanks, just been on it for the first time and within a few minutes found a couple of really good apartments, just now have to figure if any are in good or bad hoods...