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  1. sousou

    VOR Leg 9 Newport to Cardiff

    I think is also helps to have a good sea state to minimize submarine action... according to one of the videos.
  2. sousou

    VOR Leg 8 ItajaĆ­ to Newport

    As I was trolling through the raw feed, i noticed noticeably less content coming from Brunel than in previous legs. Dee and BB used to be the most prolific writers. Then I caught this tidbit at the end of his last blog. Sound like they may have discovered a trick on the last leg and are in full exploitation mode! "We have a good trick, not sharing this right now, as it seems we did all right during the night and made some gains again.."
  3. sousou

    Fast "safe" boat....

    Of all forums to call "PC" it's funny that you applied that label to SA. Somewhere in your development you've become confused about the difference between being a decent human and being 'overly pc.' Also, money might be able to buy a porche but it can't buy intelligence. And seriously, who the fuck talks about SAT scores?
  4. sousou

    RS 21

    Kinda has that Moore 24 ugly beauty.
  5. sousou

    VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Can everyone give it a fucking break. Feels like i'm in a salt mining forum. Down here, Salt is a way of life.
  6. sousou

    Pac Cup 2018

    Would it count as a "OD class" given the boats would likely carry more than 2 fractionals #1 & #3? Maybe they'll agree upon some rules at Nationals this weekend.
  7. Time & Money are what keeps folks out of sailing once they learn about it, but how do you even get involved in the first place? Barrier to Entry: If you don't have a friend with a boat, the barrier to entry is extremely high. Even if your friend races on someone else's boat, it's hard to bring along your wife / gf / friend unless they have experience. There's always the exceptional skipper who loves taking new crew out (bless them), but that's not the standard. It's not like you can head down to REI to pick up a $400 dinghy (think stand up paddle board) and head to the ocean with a few friends. For those that didn't grow up with sailing, how did you get into it as a 20s something?
  8. sousou

    Shipping Containers

    Got a lot of reserve buoyancy up front. Should plane in right conditions, but the rivets might interfere with flow.
  9. sousou


    Thank you for the reply. Was also curious how much heat / energy leached out of earth (if any at all). And then the follow on, would a series of very large storms remove enough energy from the ocean to have any impact on future storms. Seems like it does in the immediate aftermath based on the "cold trail" that follows storms like Irma.
  10. sousou


    But what happens to the energy, MAN? Where does the energy go?
  11. sousou


    I actually have a question related to the very first post in this thread. In the case of a storm like Irma, how much energy is "removed" from from the oceans and dissapated through the atmosphere? Or is that not even the correct way to think about it? Maybe the question is... where does all the energy go in a storm like Irma?
  12. sousou

    cool or horrifying?

    Is this Moore planing or hauling ass?
  13. Either. Trying to determine what a J/24 cost relative to median income at the time versus Median income today ($57K) and what the modern equivalent would be for a keel / sport boat.
  14. For some perspective, can anyone share what a j/24 was brand new in late 70's early 80's?
  15. sousou

    Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Quoting Clean from stopover thread when people commented to Multis showing off during the in port: "As for the 'jump on another's train' or 'cheap show-off' comments, that's more than a little naive. Sailing is big business in France, the water is free for all to enjoy, and there is a long tradition of bringing sponsored boats to big events for spectating while getting some sponsor exposure. Plus, the sooner the VOR is multihull, the better, and anything the French can do to help move that along, they do. Showing how comparatively cumbersome and slow the VOR boats are does that nicely." Great exposure and they certainly demonstrated how something was cumbersome!