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  1. Good shot . Even now 30 years later. , it's amazing to see its keel . I feel like it should be a secret . It's suspected that Liberty sank off Japan . The other four Stars and Stripes are all over the World . US 42 ( the first America II , Lego ) was the third placed boat in the 1986 World Championships . KZ 5 was second . Australia III won the regatta . Gosh the where great days ! The build up to the 87 Americas Cup was very exciting ! Well , it was to this ten year old anyway ......
  2. US 42 - Newport , US 44 seems to be in Hawaii and US 46 is in New York City . I have read that Heart of America sank off Turkey and that Eagle was a bare hull . The first USA ( E 1 ) was cut up R 2 is still sailing . I read that Defender is being restored . Do any of you guys know where Clipper is ? Does anyone have a clear pic of Stars and Stripes 87s keel ?
  3. RImike is Challenge 12 in Newport ?
  4. Wikipedia has a good listing of all the IACC boats . I have never actually seen one . I imagine them to be a bigger more modern type of 12 meter. If anyone is interested you can walk around Fishing Boat Harbour in Freo and there are markers stating where each syndicate was based. On google maps you can see where kookaburra was( their is advertising painted on the roof a faded 7 from their sponsor tv network , network 7 ) and where Crusader was a faded British airways ad on the roof .
  5. I don't think any of the Aussie 12s will make it to the worlds . The only three sailing 12s in Australia are owned by charities . The cost of shipping alone is horrendous . Ironically Perth ( where I am ) where 9 of the 15 Aussie 12s where built and hosted the AC has no sailing 12s at all .
  6. KA 1 - Gretel , last I heard she was in a German shipyard who where looking for someone to buy her and finance a restoration KA 2 - Dame Pattie , converted to a cruising yacht and is somewhere in the Mediterranean . KA 3 - Gretel 2 , beautifully restored and living in Sydney KA 4 - Southern Cross , a day charter boat in far North Queensland KA 5 - Australia , in Sydney owned by the Australian 12 meter trust KA 6 - Australia II , in Fremantle as an exhibit in the WA maritime museum. KA 7 - Advance broken up in late 2000s in the USA KA 8 - South Australia , in Britain with a new sympathetic owner KA 9 - Australia III renamed Bengal II rotting away in Malaysia KA 10 - Challenge 12 I think in the USA . Has been restored and was for sale KA 11 - Kookaburra , in Melbourne where she is regularly sailed KA 12 - Kookaburra II ,in Italy I think , is sailed in European 12 meter events KA 14 - Steak n Kidney ( Sydney ) in Sydney with the Aust 12 meter trust KA 15 - Kookaburra III was in France but was recently listed for sale in Spain . KA 16 - Australia IV , renamed Bengal III rotting next to her sister Australia III at Miri Marina , Malaysia Some of the boats look very differ now to their heyday . Australia I has striping that copies Australia II and not the original . Kookaburra I is now white and Kookaburra II is sky blue . Southern Cross is dark blue and Dame Pattie has a cockpit and is a cruising yacht . A3 and A4 are red and renamed . Pictures of these boats are on the net . There was no KA 13 . Challenge 12 was issued with the sail number KA 10 which was out of numerical order . She should have been KA 7 or 8 . Trying to track down Australian IACC boats is harder . We know where the second OneAustralia is - at the bottom of the Pacific .