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  1. I guess the real question on how safe you believe this is. Would you want to drive behind this contraption for the entire journey?
  2. rd55

    If I get blood on my sail?

    Quite True I never said it was my blood! But sorry to disappoint. It was my blood.
  3. rd55

    If I get blood on my sail?

    That's awesome! I love it!
  4. rd55

    If I get blood on my sail?

    Standard Laser actually!
  5. rd55

    If I get blood on my sail?

    I stubbed my toe on the dock and then got the blood on my sail. No glory here. But I am going with distant relative.
  6. All I know is what is in the Progress Story. But apparently the flat bed wasn't the issue the way it was secured was. The town of Abbotsford isn't on the water and doesn't have a marina. Not that the boat is ready for the water, But Abbotsford isn't know for it's boat yards, either. So I am guessing they were going somewhere else to work on the boat and my guess is it wasn't gonna be a short 5 minute trip.
  7. On a overly small trailer with no brakes a sail boat is balanced on wooden pallets with straps held together with duck tape. but wait there's moreā€¦ The trailer had a handmade third axel because the load was to large to the double axel trailer! Read on: https://www.theprogress.com/news/duct-tape-used-to-haul-boat-nets-b-c-driver-hefty-fine/
  8. Can I consider it a relative? #Askingforafriend
  9. rd55

    Traffic at the Mark

    I belong to a small Laser class Sailing Club on the West Coast of Canada and recently had some frustrating experiences due to traffic at the mark. I have relied on other sailer to tell me the rules as I am newer. But I have found that I gotten into the traffic and not known what to do or not being given right instruction. Which usually results in frustration and a quite a number of bumper boats situations. I'd like to know what to do before I get into another situation. Instead of reading a rule book is there official tutorial video's or graphics that can help me out and know the proper protocol for traffic at the mark.