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  1. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    What is written on the side of the hull??? Kinda looks like someone was marooned on a desserted island and forced to make the best boat possible out of the contents of a conference room. It really looks like the result of some odd team building exercise. Sorry about the Mac, but that album I linked is far from exhausted. Bolger to the rescue again! I don't know what it is, but it's gotta be by Bolger, right?Hmmm. Be interesting to see what would happen in the even of a Chinese gybe. Or even going about and heading back upwind.
  2. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Put that on land and add a slide and it would be a neat jungle gym for the kiddos
  3. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Cute as its original incarnation as a sandbox for kids. A safety hazard as it now stands.
  4. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Oh look at his blog Weirdest weather description ever"I was in 30 or so knot winds facing steep and frequent wind waves and an offset swell. I also experienced a train of breaking waves, the first of which broke over my bow, knocking my very large (50 plants) onion planter off my saloon. "
  5. Non-Fiction Sailing Books

    Fastnet force ten although do not lend to your mother who is weather nervous anyway when out sailing and reading books Tall Ship down- I am currently reading this. Great Nautical Histiory The War for all the Oceans- One of my all time favorite books lengthy but wonderful. The Proving Ground- Another one about racing disaster but with lessons built in Endurance- This is the story of the shakelton expedition,. Totally one of the best ever true sea tales makes you want to curl up in a warm blanket and read about exploration.
  6. Rebel Heart, rescue underway

    Wait he saved a bottle of Dom from his boat??? I like champange but that is not what I bring in my bug out bag.
  7. Rebel Heart, rescue underway

    First you stop the leak but after that you could remove 70 gallons a day with the basic manual pump
  8. Mini tug project...

    As this is Sailing anarchy maybe you should do a mini version of Norfolk Rebel the tugentine out of Norfolk VA.
  9. All-time Boat Names

    Titanic Oracle Bounty Shamrock Endeavor Constitution Constellation President Congress United States All classic names not to be taken. Names I just love Molto bene - a benetau means very good in Italian Hydrophilic- my dad's boat he is a chemist it is scientific for water loving Aunt jean - a boat that races on Chesapeake where aunt Jean's will allowed them to buy the boat. I hope my neices and nephew would honor me that way. Gum runner- a former candy store owners boat. Any boat with a great story as to why the boat is named such. Overdone names Willy t Jackpot Jubilee Island girl
  10. The Zombie Fleet

    This is why belonging to a sailing club is great. I belong to one club in Baltimore that for about 800 a year and proving you are safe you can daysail j22s and cruise on a fleet of cruisers. Not to mention race on Thursday nights all summer. Since a ton of the work is volunteer driven if you want to learn something there is always a boat that needs that repair and someone who has done a bunch who can teach. When i wanted to learn about wiring a boat i helped a memwber who is a master electrician rewire one of the cruisers. You get a huge group of sailing biddies to sail with and social aspects. I do not own my own boat yet nor do I intend to until fiscally ready to race a top notch race program. But in the mean time I sailed over 100 days so far this year between racing and cruising. My point is those zombie boats are too much for any one person but put them into a groups hands and get people out on the water.