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  1. Man Overboard

    AC36 - The Venue

    ^ that happens to be the best movie ever made.
  2. Man Overboard

    AC36 - The Venue

    Dalton is successful. Blake was successful and endeared himself to a nation. Big difference. Dalton needs to stop being a dick before he'll get the credit his success deserves. His post Match performance the other day was spiteful and embarrassing. But on topic. The next Cup should be in the Bay of Islands. Why? I have a place on Flagstaff Hill with great views. I can walk to the Duke in 10 mins. Getting home takes a little bit longer. No other reason.
  3. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Seems so.
  4. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Does this work?
  5. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Have you given them your foil design? Seems like that would help.
  6. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Yes, I understood you perfectly. Unfortunately the person that took the time to reply to you with nice cropped and annotated photos presented the other side of the boat... Seems like everybody but me missed it but I thought it was amusing that you'd tried quite hard to be clear which side you were talking about (starboard) and his pics were of the port side of the boat.
  7. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Okay... Yup. Why we say 'port' and 'starboard' in real life.
  8. Man Overboard

    Oracle Team USA

    I very much doubt such shenanigans would bother ETNZ, I suspect they're intended to whip the NZ media and public into a frenzy. If that's the case then score (another) one to OTUSA. Bravo, an entire country trolled.
  9. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Same as the local NZ prices?
  10. Man Overboard

    How to watch live races?

    Just announced by SKY NZ: Following LIVE coverage on SKY Sport from 5am, the 35th America’s Cup will also be broadcast on Prime free-to-air from 6.30am each match day. “Congratulations to the outstanding Emirates Team New Zealand for navigating their way through the round robin and now winning the Louis Vuitton Challenger Series. Plenty of SKY Sport customers nationwide have loved the thrill of the, at times, heart-stopping racing over the past couple of weeks,” says Richard Last, Director of Sport. “As we all now know, Emirates Team New Zealand was this morning confirmed as the contender to face Team Oracle in the 35th America’s Cup. This is an incredible achievement. As excitement builds across the country, we are pleased to let New Zealanders know this event will be available to watch not only LIVE on SKY Sport from 5am but also on Prime free-to-air from 6.30am each match day. We are in for an exciting few days.” Wow, giving something back...
  11. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    So, the USCG apparently operate the service in Bermuda. Changes to the Class Rule on safety grounds anyone? Perhaps no racing in less than 10 knots?
  12. Man Overboard


    Congrats guys, that's one quick boat well sailed!
  13. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Quality. Although I'm not prepared to be that presumptuous. I'm building a wider fence, the one I'm sitting on is becoming uncomfortable.
  14. Man Overboard

    Team NZ

    Rather than repairing the damage 'like-for-like' they also incorporated improvements.