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  1. eastern motors

    Ultimate Cruiser? Route 66 Is For Sale

    $1.2mm doesn't seem that cheap for a 28 year old 70 footer. That's Swan money. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1993/nautor-swan--swan-68-2828282/
  2. eastern motors

    Another Pipedream to take on Buckos Foiler

    You can read the Alex Thompson foils lawsuit decision if you really care to understand why they cost that much.
  3. eastern motors

    Economics of owning a trailer

    Only another 1000 miles to Chicago.
  4. eastern motors

    European Yacht of the Year 2021

    Rapido 50 is cheaper, faster, and obviously more space.
  5. eastern motors

    2021 TBF - singlehanded only. 125 boat limit

    Sailors are already viewed as rich out of touch people by non-sailors. Better to avoid the negative press regardless of the actual circumstances.
  6. eastern motors

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    Same here. If you see a post about the new J/45 etc... make sure to remind everyone that a Rapido 50 is comparable on price.
  7. eastern motors

    Trumpist comment bombing tiny sailing film about scotland

    They could refuse to provide security. Good luck Donny.
  8. eastern motors

    Transpac 2021

    Hawaii could have shut down the publicly owned airports. That would have kept out all but sailors and ultra rich people with private jets/airports. They absolutely can not tell other Americans not to come to Hawaii.
  9. eastern motors

    Transpac 2021

    Right to travel between American states is constitutionally guaranteed (unlike Australia) and I just don't think this will be voluntarily cancelled. Port Huron to Mackinac race (~250 miles) went on this year after the organizing club put out some ridiculous recommendations like everyone quarantine for two weeks before hand and sleep on deck. Chicago to Mackinac race was cancelled because the marinas in Chicago are largely government owned and they didn't put the boats in the water.
  10. eastern motors

    Hughes/Perry 63 tri

  11. eastern motors

    Hughes/Perry 63 tri

    Bob Perry posted somewhere that this is boat is almost all his work. He's super active on Facebook and I think there was a thread about this boat at one point. Lots of people around here know more than I do but Hawaii seems like a terrible place to sell a boat, especially now.
  12. eastern motors

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Based on 5 min of googling, Acciona is a 2012 build with a keel stepped mast. So grandfathered in before the one design mast and non-rotating because it's keep stepped. Based on the "ghetto project" idea I'd have to assume it's taller than the one design mast and replacing it with the same size but stronger/thicker would be legal?
  13. eastern motors

    Hughes/Perry 63 tri

    I don't think the boat is the problem here. You either have to ship a mast to Hawaii or motor 2500 miles upwind. Boat will sell once the price reflects this reality.
  14. eastern motors

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Does the VG still have a limited number of entries and finishers from the previous race are guaranteed a spot?
  15. eastern motors

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Am I missing something about the helm? Only way to drive is looking through two windows? Not sure what to think about 125hp turbo diesels either.