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  1. V70 -> V65 -> V????? What should come next

    If the boats are not significantly faster than IMOCA 60s then the race will be less and less important with each edition. A 60ft OD trimaran could be cheaper and faster than an IMOCA 60 with canting keel, dali foils, deck spreaders, etc... Any kinds of box rule or development class would be cool. Just doesn't seem like the money is there.
  2. Olson 40 For Single Handed Blue Water Sailing

    A Class 40 with water balast would be a lot better.
  3. Hallberg Rassy Launched a new 57 Footer

    Doesn't look like a hull that would normally have dual rudders.
  4. Anyone know this cat?

    Either a Neel salesman or non-sailor.
  5. My Next Boat

    Catalina 30 seems like a lot of boat for a guy that wants minimal systems, an outboard, and to sleep on the boat once a year. Great boats for the money though. I think you could single hand it since they all seem to have roller furling headsails and halyards to the cockpit. Some have "tall rigs".
  6. Paul, Did you ever post drawings of the "Extreme weather cruiser" version? You know CA loves a good pilothouse.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Anywhere to watch the start replay? Youtube says the PGA European tour has claimed copyright violation. WTF
  8. Chris Craft for Sale (Wilmington)

    Would have skipped the text if you put the pics first. Boat is ugly AF.
  9. Banque Populaire IX

    How does BPIX get 33% more upwind sail area out of 1m taller mast? I think Gitana has a bunch of ultime class-illegal hydraulics. That might be the weight difference. Either way, the SA/D differential is pretty notable.
  10. underwater swordfight - what is it?

    Different boats is too much of a gimmick. Doesn't seem like a serious race. The problem is the ocean racing boats are 60ft monohulls, making this race clearly secondary to the IMOCA races. Should have picked something different like trimarans.
  11. Wahine 26

    The Homer
  12. Wahine 26

    Electric Windlass on a 26' boat. WTF
  13. Andrews 80 Donnybrook

    What's it rate? Donnybrook was 1.650 IRC at 2016 Carribean 600.
  14. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Does not seem to be class legal and has a "two piece" mast. They would be lucky to get $50k imo.
  15. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Didn't you put a 15ft sprit on the Olson 40?