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  1. Definitely get a beach cat. Which one really just depends on what's on craigslist in your area. Hobie 16's commonly go for $1k with trailer. Maybe get a nicer one with newer sails given your intended use. Lots of youtube videos of beach cat camping trips.
  2. eastern motors

    Farr 36 - Toy Story

    Why not just buy a Farr 40 for same or less?
  3. eastern motors

    J 70 PHRF

    No J/70 experience. But other J sprit boats are not great at W/L phrf racing in my experience. I would not consider a sprit boat for W/L unless you can not get/train a bow person for sym chutes. If you must have an asym boat, Vipers and Melges 24s are less than half the price.
  4. eastern motors

    Dragonfly 40

    Cutting 1/3 of the weight won't be cheap if it's possible at all. How much is "Cost much less than $1M. "?
  5. eastern motors

    Urgent ideas needed for bow/rode lead question

    GMiller, What setup did you use? What size anchor?
  6. eastern motors

    Dragonfly 40

    Are those trapeze wires?
  7. eastern motors

    Sun Fast 3600

    Looks like a lot of ratings games.
  8. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    This is the IMOCA thread.
  9. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    Correct. But righting moment (from the keel) isn't as important with the advent of giant foils.
  10. eastern motors

    Dragonfly 40

    The 40' is probably $1mm ready to go. I don't think they need a very big market.
  11. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    Why would you need two wheels on a kite yacht?
  12. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    It's certainly not declined.
  13. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    Any word on the keel pin incline angle?
  14. eastern motors

    Dragonfly 40

    5000kg is about the weight of a Farr 40. Does seem heavy for a trimaran. I'm guessing the stern folds down to make a swim platform. It does look weird but that's great feature
  15. eastern motors

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    Since all the F18 people are in this thread, how much would you pay for a Hobie Tiger? I want to get into the F18 fleet and hoping I can get an off season deal from someone who views the Tiger as a non-competitive boat.