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  1. Were they hitching to a town they just sailed past? Seems a little shady but I'm not familiar with the area.
  2. eastern motors

    what is it?

    It's been for sale almost since it was launched. Something didn't go according to plan
  3. eastern motors

    Gitana Maxi 17

    Are there any Ultime class rules about foils? Or link to rules in english?
  4. eastern motors

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    Buying a 30 year old cored hull without hauling it seems like a bad idea. I might consider it on a solid glass cruiser but probably not when the owner appears to be hiding something.
  5. eastern motors

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    I would tell him to have a friend move the boat. If he refuses that, he doesn't really want to sell. What kind of boat is this?
  6. eastern motors

    Corsair 970

    Multihulls direct doesn't count as a production builder? They have built 20+ of the same boat. Before Ian's death, he posted that they were going to start building the F22 as well. So I think we can assume Ian was happy with their build quality.
  7. eastern motors

    bad penny - Hancock on VOR

    They gybe like once a day, not once an hour. IDEC Sport had 6 aboard for the current RTW record. EDIT: I have not "done distance racing over 2,000 nm in a similar sized boat."
  8. eastern motors

    bad penny - Hancock on VOR

    "the next VOR should be raced in turbo-charged IMOCA 60’s. Add a more powerful sail plan" This makes me think Hancock is clueless, although I know he isn't. Bigger rig would be worthless for 90% of the course. Trying to add more righting moment would change the whole boat. IMO, one design trimarans offer the best speed/cost ratio. A new MOD70 was 3mm Euro which I think is less than a new custom IMOCA with canting keel and dali foils. The Volvo 65s were supposedly 4.5mm euro "ready to sail". So 85ft OD trimarans should be doable for $5-6mm if they can spread the design/tools across 8+ boats. Would only need 5 crew. What am I missing?
  9. eastern motors

    Olson 30 on FB

    How well does an Olson 30 go with no rail meat?
  10. eastern motors

    US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    They don't think two Olympic athletes can handle a spin and traps? Probably just wanted a JAM class to appeal to people that know nothings about sailing.
  11. eastern motors

    Banque Populaire IX

    They had 1 reef in main + jib in 40--45knots wind. No one on deck. Seems aggressive for a delivery.
  12. eastern motors

    New imoca boats

    Did they eliminate the tiller?
  13. I would definitely prefer either of these to a Catalina 30 for ocean crossing. Catalina 30 is a good option if you are island hopping.
  14. eastern motors

    Sailing around the world (Galleon replica)

    Lots of tumblehome...
  15. eastern motors

    Sundeer 60 vs Catana 471

    Seems like it has all the drawbacks of a cat while managing to have the accomodation of 40fter in a 60ft hull. I would want at least 3 cabins for a family of 4. The ugly hard dodger seems like a pretty good feature for world cruising.