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  1. eastern motors

    Hanse 540e

    Does this apply to the Panama Canal route?
  2. eastern motors

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    30ft tri space is crowded but the folding system on Rapidos allows in-water folded storage in a well size equal to LOA. Can"t wait to see how well it works.
  3. eastern motors

    Race to Alaska best boat

    The boats (monohulls) with more crew do well because of more pedal drives??? And more people to rotate pedaling?
  4. eastern motors

    Race to Alaska best boat

    6 people seems like too many to me. But I haven't done RtA and I don't own the boat. So ask the experts.
  5. eastern motors

    Rapido Trimarans - 2 x New Folding Models Coming !

    Rapido bought an ad in the past if they don't have one currently.
  6. eastern motors

    Nuclear Sailing

    This thing could probably do true wind speed in a hurricane. Maybe just drop it out of a plane for optimal weather routing.
  7. eastern motors

    So, I bought a boat

    Forward swept spreaders, no draft (WS), and >4 L/B. Probably does DDW quite well.
  8. eastern motors

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Is the M101 compliant with Ultime class rules or too long?
  9. eastern motors

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    I've only seen these on beachcats, like Tornadoes that you linked. Nobody leaves the sail in the bag for more than 2-3 days (1 regatta). The sail needs to be dried before storage.
  10. eastern motors

    Refurb 1988 Moody 376

    Looks like you have a good time while working on the boat...
  11. eastern motors

    Deal or no deal

    The 442 starts at $699k. The base price of $395k for the 451 is going to be pretty basic.
  12. eastern motors

    melges to quantum

    That's how the Devos clan operates too. Can't wait to be a Founders Saphire Melges 24 pusher. My Aunt definitely needs one.
  13. eastern motors

    what's wrong with it?

    What's the moorage for a 70ft well in Long Beach? Boat is just completely impractical for anything other than it's designed use, racing to Hawaii. Perfect tool for the job but not much else.
  14. eastern motors

    Ditch the rig

    Did you buy it for more in NZ and cut the beams?
  15. eastern motors

    Gunboat 80

    You would have servants on board this boat. That 78 looks like a deck sweeper. Downgrade imo