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  1. MarcusJtown

    North American Mini Fleet

    I trailered 574 from New Jersey to Rhode Island a few years ago. I had the keel off which made it easier, but I was definitely over width and illegal. It was hard to fit through the toll lanes on the highway. I also had an old Australian plate on the trailer, so I was definitely taking my chances. ive also moved it around town locally with the keel on. It feels really sketchy, but it works. I wouldnt go too far. But it fits under power lines.
  2. MarcusJtown

    Race boat flooring

    I had to replace one and got the material from Rock West Composites had to cut to fit and fill the edges to protect the core. Prices are on the site. It’s not cheap.
  3. MarcusJtown

    Race boat flooring

    Mine are carbon skin with a nomex honeycomb core. Very light and strong.
  4. MarcusJtown

    North American Mini Fleet

    Yup, I’ll be there.
  5. MarcusJtown

    North American Mini Fleet

    Nope, she's in Charleston, SC right now. After I sailed her in the 2017 1-2, the owner donated her to the USMMA foundation. I think some guys from MIT had her for a while with intentions of going out west, but it doesn't seem like anything happened, and now the Warriors have her.
  6. MarcusJtown

    North American Mini Fleet

    574 was donated to the Warrior Sailing Program, and is planning on the 1-2. Not sure if she’s on here or not, but the skipper seems switched on and ambitious, and will have one of he Warrior veterans as crew for the return. Her YouTube channel:
  7. MarcusJtown

    Flying with Spinlock Deckvest S-Cutter: carry on?

    I didn’t even think of it at the time, but I flew back from Bermuda last year with mine in the carry-on. Maybe the shape of it doesn’t look like a blade?? Nobody blinked an eye at security.