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  1. KC375

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Don't think so but I'm sure they found something looney toons to get active about....
  2. KC375


    Depending on where you live... Some societies have shown themselves capable of putting the common good ahead of short term self interest...and as a result have better served self interest as well...kind of cool that, be considerate of others and you yourself benefit
  3. It is interesting to think about what happens as a greater share of work becomes less location dependent. Many in the “developed” world may not like the answer. Global wage rates will converge. At the turn of the century as outsourcing and offshoring were taking off I had a few thousand employees in India. They did as good or better work than the people they displaced in the UK and North America and they did it for a lot less. As the developed world was at full employment that trend reduced inflation rather than reduced wages there. In India wages were going up 15% annually for higher skill jobs (average Indian wage rate is expected to rise 9% in 2020). In a situation of greater work portability and lower employment rates (say coming out of Covid 19 maybe) then you might see lower inflation rates in low cost labour markets and deflation rates in labour markets in the developed world. So if you have very specialized and rare skills (think graduate level education etc.) then you may do better and get to be anywhere you want. If you have merely college graduate level skill sets and your work is not location dependent...then you may need to live on a boat as it will get harder to pay the mortgage on a house.
  4. KC375


    No, but I go through life with my eyes open observing my surroundings.
  5. KC375


    Surrendering my membership would cause me no angst but unfortunately a high share of the remaining membership would still act like jerks.... Take masks for example my recent survey of the local grocery store ~ 1/3 of the patrons where men, ~80% of the maskless were men.
  6. KC375

    DIY butane torch?

    I would have thought so... But if I'm reading this right the entire country imported $6,000 worth of welding equipment in 2018...which seems low for a country of half a million...that would put it a few spots ahead of Belize where I know you could rustle up a torch.
  7. KC375


    My fellow men make me embarrassed to be a man. (not embarrassed enough to transition, but embarrassed all the same).
  8. KC375

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    I agree much higher than 80% except for a few wingnuts like Letitia Montana At least our civil disorder doesn't involve guns, littering, or other impolite behaviour
  9. KC375

    CANADA-US COVID difference

    This "truther" (wingnut) Letitia Montana also joined a group without masks riding the subway to protest. She compared the municipal bylaw to the worst authoritarianism of the 20th century. I’m sure the next edition of the Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl, will include an annotation as to how lucky Anne was to not have to have ridden public transit in Toronto while wearing a mask.
  10. KC375

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    And half a country away Toronto and Peel made masks in indoor public places obligatory today.
  11. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Roundstone Harbour, Connemara, Galway, Ireland September 2004 The final photo is a fake. Only one wrecker went in the drink.
  12. KC375

    American Dumbass

    Once again Canadian training falls down...you need to know the right questions to ask...you need the follow on questions like and any other explosive devices or weapons of war or mass destruction...
  13. KC375

    American Dumbass

    “For when you go fishing”...I kid you not. Not long after moving to a largish city south of the mason-dixie line I learned why (at least some) Americans have guns. Lying in bed a weekend morning I’d red a stat (I think in the Sunday NY Times...remember that?) about the staggering proportion of US households with children under the age of 8 that had a loaded side arm in the home – typically in the bedside table. At the time we had three girls that could still go in the stroller so that factoid really stuck with me. Being new in town we were hosting and being hosted for dinners in an effort to integrate. Thanks to day care and the like this was mostly with folks who had kids. That evening we were being hosted along with four other couples. A jolly evening of food and drink, good cheer and good conversation. At some point, given our common demographic, I happened to mention the absurd stat I’d read about loaded guns in households with children...the silence was truly deafening. As I began to taste shoe leather, I thought well lets see if I can fit a second shoe in my mouth. So I asked who at the table had a loaded gun at home. Well, my wife and I were the only exceptions. Since I was doing such a good job ingratiating myself into the ‘hood, I kept on going by asking "Why, Why do you feel the need for a side arm". The gentile, soft spoken banker across the table gave a slight sigh at my stupidity, before going on to explain “for when I go fishing”. The image was clear...out there in the waders, your go-to hand tied fly just not working, in frustration you draw your 38 and plug a few trout. I ask again slightly furtively “for fishing?” to which: “Of course!...you’ve seen the movie deliverance... I’m not going into those hills without a sidearm to make sure I can get back out.” That evening my wife and I concluded we were never really going to fit in.
  14. KC375

    American Dumbass

    I like your approach to teaching anchor etiquette.
  15. KC375

    American Dumbass

    Yes but if the French have rafted up they may well share (a sometimes remarkably good) bottle with you.