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  1. http://newimages.yachtworld.com/resize/1/20/2/4352002_20130430104746336_1_XLARGE.jpg?f=/1/20/2/4352002_20130430104746336_1_XLARGE.jpg&w=924&h=693&t=1367347666000 1984 MELROSE MARINE Crowther 44
  2. To that end, Richardson said, warships will increase their use of the AIS anti-collision system, required of commercial ships but rarely used by cautious U.S. Navy skippers. "We had, I think, a distorted perception of operational security that we kept that system secure – off – on our warships," Richardson said, according to USNI News. "One of the immediate actions following these incidents – particularly in heavily trafficked areas we're just going to turn it on."
  3. I was indifferent to them as they had nothing to offer. Then someone earlier (I think in this thread) drew attention to their stealing from another sailboat…episode 18. They came across an inverted cat – not abandoned, not a case of salvage the boat was attached to a mooring. They entered it rummaged around and made off with a number of items before they where shooed away by someone they thought was saying “it was his boat”. Rather than apologizing and returning the items they plundered they made off in the dingy. Not only where they so self centered as to rob from an unfortunate other sailor they where clueless enough as to include it in their video. That moved me from indifferent to definitely hostile to them.
  4. Marc as you enjoy math you will enjoy this article "How Things Float" assuming uniform density (i.e. empty no flooring) then the answer will depend on density of the container - there will be multiple equilibrium orientations - one for each symetrical axis of rotation with that axis verticle...but they may or may not be stable equilibrium.
  5. If uniform and symmetrical (i.e. 8 by 8 by 40 or by 20) then not sure how it would float. However even empty it is not uniform as the flooring weights a surprising amount so that would encourage it to float “upright”.
  6. Is it possible that USSailing is confusing level raising with one design? Two different concepts. 1. Level racing (finish order is finish order) vs handicap racing (finish order is finish time adjusted by some algorithm usually a source of ongoing debate and argument); and 2. One design (essentially identical boats) vs development class (different boats all meeting the same design "rules").
  7. I’m confused (an admittedly common state for me). I always distinguished between development classes and one design classes. I used to sail an international 14 – clearly a development class. The USSailing list of one design classes includes the I-14 with a link to the class association. On the class association web site the first two sentences of intro includes: being a development class, there is always something new in hull or rig to record. Change in fact, is what Fourteening is, and always will be, about. So when did development classes become one design? When did one design become about “always something new in hull or rig”?
  8. It seems the problem is that variation in production means some boats conforming to the class rules (i.e. no modifications) are faster than others conforming to the class rules. That would be a problem originating with the manufacturer. To fix that by allowing post production optimization of correction seems entirely the wrong approach. Instead of building a cheap boat that requires expensive post production work why not build a boat that is consistent.
  9. In the 80s Japanese auto manufacturers demonstrated that consistency and quality lowered manufacturing costs. US auto manufacturers have caught, up time for boat builders to learn the same lesson.
  10. In Turks and Caicos not only were they not kicking people out...they refused to let them leave! Air Canada flew in 58 electricians on Sunday. Air Canada understood they would be able to use the return flight to evacuate 95 Canadians but Turks and Caicos authorities refused to allow them to board. The evacuation is now scheduled for today - two unnecessary days with an extra hundred people in discomfort and putting additional strain on limited facilities in Turks and Caicos. Not really how you encourage additional aid in time of need. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/turks-caicos-canada-evacuation-global-affairs-1.4283514
  11. Tampa bay
  12. image of Tortola from BBC - I think the north east end of Paraquita bay which has already featured above
  13. that certainly seems more dramatic than the webcams I found for key west e.g. http://www.liveduvalstreet.com/cam-2/ http://keywestharborside.com/#webcam?utm_source=Fla-Keys.com&utm_medium=WebcamLink&utm_campaign=StreamingLink
  14. per CIA factbook US is 169 out of 225 in infant mortality (at 5.8 per 1000 live births - Monaco best at 1.8 and number 1 is Afghanistan at 112.8 per 1000)...or 56 in infant survival https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2091rank.html#us