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  1. KC375

    the shower creep

    The image of the article looks credible. However there are good reasons to be sceptical. 1. The inability to find the information on search engines May 3 when the “shower spy” posting was first made on SA...that is less than a month after the reputed publication on April 9. That would be a staggering fast turnaround for a right to erasure/right to be forgotten request. 2. If this article is true then a request for “right to erasure” would probably be refused as it is recent, newsworthy and in the public interest. At the very least it would take an extended period to process/grant the request. Requests can be refused for a range of reasons: “decisions not to delist pages include the existence of alternative solutions, technical reasons, or duplicate URLs. We may also determine that the page contains information which is strongly in the public interest. Determining whether content is in the public interest is complex and may mean considering many diverse factors, including—but not limited to—whether the content relates to the requester’s professional life, a past crime, political office, position in public life, or whether the content is self-authored content, consists of government documents, or is journalistic in nature.” 3. A successful request for erasure would probably not affect the ability to find the article on the website of the actual publication.
  2. KC375

    Dodger or no?

    What are the benefits of a seahood? Is it to make the hatch more weather proof?
  3. KC375

    Jzerro wins Regatta al Sol with Colligo Marine

    Or did you mean ®? If so, hold down alt key and type 0174
  4. Blunted I’m surprised you did not touch on the joys of docking an engineless 8 while facing stinkpots in the lagoon, helmed by people who believe they can drive a car and thus can drive a boat and act as if the highway traffic act applies. I remember watching some remarkable boat handling by the 8s...and an occasional gentle grounding when a motor boat drawing 24 inches would not yield the channel.
  5. KC375

    captains license question

    Calling a revenue a donation does not make it voluntary unless it is truly at the participants' choice. What of people who wish to participate in your organizations activities but don’t choose not to make a donation? Are they permitted to participate? ...if you don’t have any history of people participating without donating you will have a hard time making the case the donations are voluntary. (e.g. Entrance to the Met in New York is based on voluntary donations. There is a recommended donation. Many people give more, some give none, all are welcomed in. That is a donation.)
  6. KC375

    Coolboats to admire

    Long history of sailboats with good elevated viewing platforms.
  7. KC375

    Kleen Breeze

    I agree it would be unwise to assume any untested design is a good blue water boat. Best to proceed with caution. Kleen Breeze seems to have some drawbacks as is...like ease of tripping overboard. As to the suitability of a proa for blue water. I’ve heard enough from enthusiasts to be open minded about a well-designed one handling blue water well. I’ve seen enough “tradition” or other reasons like who wants to be the first production builder of a boat that no one knows will sell, or for that matter who wants to buy a boat that no one knows what the resell will be ...etc. to view the absence as determinative. The thread “Wide or Deep, Choosing the best cruiser for Scotland and Scandinavia”...pointed out all sorts of reasons why some well established boats I would choose for blue water would not be found in some waters. I’m intrigued by proas. I hope to learn more first hand – starting small enough and cheap enough that at worst I’ll have limited regrets. Like any type of general design there may be some well done and some “not safe at any speed”. There are certainly many monohulls I’d not go offshore in. Even if you are comfortable with the general category an untested design should be approached with caution. I hope Kleen Breeze works out for Solarbri ...for his sake and so we can learn through his experience. It sounds like he may be able to structure arrangements so even if the boat turns out poorly it might not be too painful. A year in Portugal with limited outlay might not be the worst experience.
  8. KC375

    Kleen Breeze

    I have no idea if Kleen Breeze would be a suitable blue water boat. However I don’t find it a compelling argument that since “the ocean is not full of these designs nowadays” they must not be fit for purpose. That may be the case but it could equally easily be that traditions, conservativism, and installed base of traditional designs is an equally strong reason that proas aren’t more popular. Humans tend to find symmetry attractive and proas aren’t symmetrical in a traditional boat way (at least outside the pacific). That whole shunting thing seems weird to many (myself included). Nathaniel Herreshoff’s catamaran Amaryllis clobbered all comers at the NYYC regatta in 1876. The reaction was not “oh lets adopt this clearly superior technology” instead it was to ban catamaran’s from competing. Forty years ago catamarans were not common in the charter trade...that’s clearly changed. (Those condomarans are not to my taste but not that long ago you could have said gee if cats where any good for chartering how come there aren’t any).
  9. KC375

    Kleen Breeze

    Imagine if the Polynesians hadn’t been limited to proas. They might have made open water passages rather than being restricted to the shallow sheltered waters of the Pacific.
  10. KC375

    Atomic 4 Wanted

    Buy the boat and keep the motor: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/mississauga-peel-region/28-aloha-great-sailing-boat/1324638549?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  11. KC375

    Bavaria in administration

    per google translation Bavaria Insolvent Fridtjof Gunkel on 20.04.2018 The former largest German shipyard has filed for bankruptcy - According to information available to the boat magazine investors have withdrawn their capital Difficult weeks lie ahead of the employees of the once largest German sports boatyard. As the boat magazine learned from reliable sources, the shareholders of Oaktree and Anchorage filed for bankruptcy. They do not want to provide any further capital for the maintenance of the business. This is over-indebted on the balance sheet. The liabilities amount to several hundred million euros. Before that, the shipyard and managing director Lutz Henkel , who had been employed since the beginning of 2015 , reportedly parted ways : whether this was for his financial benefit with a severance payment or as a consequence of the unsuccessful effort to bring the company out of the red in the long term. is unclear. Both news come as a surprise, after all, Bavaria had attracted attention with a brilliant appearance at the boot Düsseldorf ("Bavaria World") as well as various innovations and demonstrated its strength to the outside world. Too much of the good and the big? There are some reasons for that. For Henkel's strategy meant a repositioning of Bavaria against the better-placed competition. And internally there were apparently problems. Insiders reported serious production and delivery issues last year after the proven assembly line method had been modified. The takeover of the French catamaran brand Nautitech in 2014, however, is rated as a success. Given the continued booming cat market and the location of the La Rochelle shipyard on the French Atlantic coast, this piece of meat from the company is likely to be a well-to-sell part of Bavaria if no buyer is found for the entire company construct. An official statement of the shipyard is in preparation, as well as the appointment of the insolvency administrator.
  12. KC375

    Bavaria in administration

  13. KC375

    Banque Pop capsize

    Interesting technique. More nuanced than just pulling on port hull. Drape the righting lines from the port side across to the starboard side then weight the lines with massive (I think they said 5 tonnes) chain laid out so it submerges the starboard hull. Chain released over a distance so it would have developed some momentum before pulling directly down on the starboard hull.
  14. KC375

    post removed

    Very Good (nice looking boat)