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  1. KC375

    Australian Sailing

    As I think about what AS might have learned from reading The Prince...it strikes me this might not be accidental. AS will make sure they have bullet proof D&O insurance to protect themselves, and will develop expertise in liability insurance and incident response. AS will become essential protective cover for now overly exposed yacht club boards. To some extent the importance of the American Medical Association and the Canadian Medical Association went up as malpractice cases and settlements went up. No Canadian Dr would practice without coverage from the Canadian Medical Protective Association...the CMA sinecures are guaranteed for life (in fact I think you can now will them on to your grandchildren). (OK maybe the paranoia is acting up again, must medicate)
  2. KC375

    Using your new anchor with kinetic rope

    The premise of the thread as worded by original poster" would you consider using a new-gen light anchor with 10-meter chain and the rest of the rode be a kinetic Nylon rope that can be stretched? " So 33 feet of chain and then "kinetic nylon"....
  3. KC375

    Australian Sailing

    I'm no lawyer (as will be obvious to the lawyers) but it seems to me AS has just ensured that AS and club flag officers will now be automatically named as defendants in a bunch of "duty of care" suits. If the culture at the top has responsibility then I'd expect Ben Houston and Daniel Belcher to feature on those filings. If you thought you had a hard time recruiting the best flag officers...that just got harder. If I were on a Australian yacht club board I'd be thinking hard about resigning to limit my exposure.
  4. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    “As the world changes we must move with it. Our Integrated Review launching today will ensure British foreign policy is rooted firmly in our national interests, now and in the decades ahead.” – PM @BorisJohnson That will be interesting reading...will it go in the fiction or nonfiction section....
  5. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Maybe prions have been hiding in the secret passageway in Westminster palace.
  6. KC375

    International 14 Info

    Your boat will be earlier than 1984. It sounds much like mine (a Kirby V) from the late 70s. The UK 14 association has a decent history section... you are pre twin trap so pre 1984 but probably post sail area increase in 1975. You are not racing, but you can have a lot of fun, so pick up any sail that will fit and go sailing. You don't necessarily need an I14 sail sized from the era...the move to twin traps was in response to the sail area increase in 1975 producing a bit more than one on the wire could tame. If you want to indulge get a local loft to make something up for you.
  7. KC375


    Time to turn the c600 into a Claiming Race?
  8. KC375

    Using your new anchor with kinetic rope

    The links are a dead giveaway this is cut and past from Cruisers & Sailing Forums... which it is https://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f118/using-your-new-anchor-with-kinetic-rope-230839.html Generally that thread also has no idea what the OP is on about that would be different from SOP
  9. KC375

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    If you can still run the power boat then that it is soft water season. A little colder comes the hard water season when you can go fast - 5 times wind speed. You know it’s gotten cold when you don’t need any math to convert between Celsius and Fahrenheit (-40)...that’s also when the ice stops being slippery (or at least less slippery)...time to go in for hot coco or go to the ski hills as there won’t be any lift lines.
  10. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    I don’t understand what is taking so long. It’s clear the UK wants to be free of all that binds or subverts. Don’t see the need to paper anything (as that would bind or subvert)...maybe trade on WTO terms but even WTO has (or hopes to have) a dispute settlement mechanism which by it’s nature implies some surrender of absolute sovereignty. Did I miss something? What’s left to talk about? Stop the faffing about and time wasting.
  11. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    Indicative of life post Brexit. 1. UK firm was not price competitive; 2. Post Brexit Her Majesty’s government will clearly favour UK firms; 3. UK firms with little domestic competition, like De La Rue, will feel no need to constrain their prices; so 4. Brits will have the pleasure of paying more, possibly for less.
  12. KC375

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    design for the light and reef for the rest
  13. KC375

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    at least the wind picks up in October...
  14. KC375

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    Kingston has a pretty consistent thermal effect that makes for good sailing, the other end of the lake (Toronto)...less so.
  15. KC375

    Brexit WTF, WTF

    UK company tendered but did not get the business. So that suggests the French company was superior on another bid spec like price, quality, safety... So UK had to go with French as EU procurement rules still applied... Just my reading of the factoids....