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    Polish or fine sanding?

    Ok I buy ratio of speed rather than range. Even an SR 71 would only get you to about 1:14. (and god bless you if you can hang in there at .5 knots...I give up and go have a beer...so my range is narrower) And I'm sure there is some adjustments to be made for the different fluids so I agree the aero comparisons are not really on the money.
  2. KC375

    Polish or fine sanding?

    I'll give you at least half that... Crappy surface prep is no substitute for carefully chosen surface condition... Having seen a few times the installation of vortex generators on both planes and race cars I would say the theory is carefully developed and scientifically based....the actual applications often enough are ... a bit more haphazard and seat of the pants but the pilots (airborne or not) claim they make a meaningful difference. aeroplane wings over narrow range of speed??? - Two prop planes Helios - pretty famous stol (cia used in vietnam) - sub 30 knots to 150 knots; Socata turboprop TBM...65 to 330 knots
  3. KC375

    well this is bullshit

    CDC director, Dr. Robert Redfield, One of the [pieces of] information that we have pretty much confirmed now is that a significant number of individuals that are infected actually remain asymptomatic. That may be as many as 25%. That's important, because now you have individuals that may not have any symptoms that can contribute to transmission, and we have learned that in fact they do contribute to transmission.
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    Some people aren’t getting it

    So call me naive....(I assure you I’ve been called much worse) but I don’t believe fighting deceit with deceit an effective strategy. Using deceit to attack the deceptive merely removes your legitimacy. A more effective approach is ridicule. Why Dictators Don’t Like Jokes Ridicule as a Weapon pdf By J. Michael Waller Annenberg Professor of International Communication The Institute of World Politics Skewering dictators Laugh them out of power Poking fun at power: Why dictators and despots hate political cartoonists
  5. KC375

    Polish or fine sanding?

    I think of it as horses for courses.... STOL aircraft where maintaining lift / avoiding stall at high angles of attack matters a lot you will often see vortex generators on the wing. (Even better is a leading edge slot...) In high performance sail planes lift to drag matters more so they go for laminar flow to the point of keeping wings really clean to the point of having bug wipers to clean bug splatter off in flight. Optimize for lift to drag or simply minimizing drag - go laminar Optimize to delay stall/maximum angle of attack - go for turbulent I'm not trying to turn this into popular aviation web site....just seems to be easier to find images/quotes from that world...fluid over foils
  6. More from Venezuelan Navy POV And the oil slick left all that's left from the big grey boat
  7. Well now that you mention it, I have no experience as a deck officer of a 400’ 8,500 ton vessel – nor any role on such a vessel. But I believe some of the members of SA have some level of experience with vessels in that range so I was hoping someone with personal experience might share how common or uncommon such behaviour was.
  8. I asked up thread if it was a practice with large ships to lollygag around doing routine maintenance or would it be more common to maintain way (other engine operational) or to go to port if only a few hours away. Clean made the entirely plausible observation that if the routine maintenance might lead to illegal discharge some might try to do it where it might not be noticed. Any other plausible and benign reasons for Resolute’s behaviour?
  9. All the more reason to question the wisdom of choosing that spot to spent 24 hours bobbing around doing routine maintenance
  10. The video would have way more credibility if it was not so heavily edited. IF a big heavy ice reinforced cruise ship had just rammed a another smaller lighter boat would the cruise ship be bobbing there more or less motionless in the water immediately after contact...I’m thinking the momentum would keep it in contact and moving forward. That video looks to me more consistent with the Venezuelan navy ship running into the cruise ship. A pretty poorly chosen maneuver badly executed.
  11. I think we can be sceptical of even "on one engine"
  12. KC375

    help a brother out?

    I'm a big fan of the Nonsuch, especially for less adept sailors. If you keep the aft rail clean and master the Hudson river gybe even zig zagging downwind becomes easy. A few issues with the Nonsuch. The balsa core including below the water line can be a big issue. Many fittings installed without properly removing the core and back filling with less rot prone material. In some of them the two part mast seems a bit prone to failure. A strong following / fan base typically keeps their prices up. (bad when buying, good when selling). Some of the Freedom line seem better priced / less prone to hulls rotting from the inside out. I’m particularly attracted to the cat ketch models, but don’t have enough first hand experience with them to make meaningful comment. But in any case I’m skeptical the person this thread is reputedly aimed at will either actually benefit from the thread or will successfully put to sea.
  13. Friedrich Nietzsche: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger." I think the challenge of rebuilding Zingaro will fall into the kill category...or the failure of the rebuild will later put you in that category.
  14. KC375

    Polish or fine sanding?

    I don't think in any situation you want the fulid to "cling" to the surface. If you want minimum drag then you want laminar flow. If you are looking to push the limits of lift and avoid stall a turbulent layer delays stall at the expense of greater drag...a turbulent layer may therefore be usefull on a foil. It seems laminar flow may be more usefull on surfaces you want to minimize drag but not generate lift. From an MIT report on airfoils Boundary layers: Viscosity is responsible for the formation of the region of flow called the boundary layer. There are two types of boundary layers: Laminar Turbulent In a laminar boundary layer, the fluid molecules closest to the surface will slow down a great deal, and appear to have zero velocity because of the fluid viscosity. In turn, these surface molecules create a drag on the particles flowing above them and slow these particles down. The effect of the surface on the movement of the fluid molecules eventually dissipates with distance from the surface. The area where these viscous effects are significant is called the boundary layer. In a turbulent boundary layer, eddies, which are larger than the molecules, form. The slower eddies close to the surface mix with the faster moving masses of air above. As a result, the air molecules next to the wing surface in a turbulent boundary layer move faster than in a laminar boundary layer (for the same flow characteristics). A turbulent boundary layer has the following properties over a laminar boundary layer: The drag is higher, and The turbulent boundary layer is not as susceptible to flow separation. The two types of boundary layers may thus be manipulated to favor these properties.
  15. KC375

    help a brother out?

    They may or may not have been the "first" but they certainly predate someone alive today, and their history is well know to most people who would claim qualified to provide objective reporting from the middle east. (but what would I know I've never kayaked up a mountain nor seen the use of open water swimming in leading alpine expeditions...well and I’ve never really though of the UK as an “alpine” country or union of countries)
  16. Witness said two ships were passing when freighter tipped over in St. Simons Sound
  17. KC375

    Some people aren’t getting it

    Looking for a moderator, I bet Sabra Intelligence Solutions, can offer one who will get results.
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    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    little k little l little l a n g
  19. OMG How could I have missed that when it was in theatres; What's not like about a theme song called America Fuck Yeah!
  20. Who knows what moves the folks in Langley. They might do it because it’s unexpected. They might do it for shits and giggles or for variety. If you want proof of the CIA’s sense of humour, desire to innovate, and inability to shoot straight you might want to watch... The above comments mostly in jest. As I said previously you don’t need to actually have some imagined conspiracy involving the RESOLUTE to have predicted the Venezuelan reaction given the context of Guido, general isolation of Venezuela (except for China, Cuba, and Russia), Trump and Pompeo’s recent announcements. Dictators on the ropes ...you should expect them to do some expected and some unexpected and illegal shit in order to stay in power. Look at Assad...and it seems to have worked for him.
  21. you are right if the location was as described the navy ship did a no no...fortunately I can't think of any other country's armed services or other arms of government that ever overstep their authority.