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  1. The great unwashed

    Dirty joke punch lines

    Now THAT is a bad joke....
  2. The great unwashed

    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    Stop and go inner city rush hour or the dreaded 4 mph creep on the freeway—better with an automatic transmission. Santa Cruz mountain roads on a weekday—much better with a manual.
  3. The great unwashed

    My Octopus Teacher on Netflix

    very cool video—just watched it last weekend. As someone from the tropics, I have a hard time imagining ever getting used to the water temperature near Cape Town.
  4. The great unwashed

    Sailing Dinghy Recommendations

    I’ve spent a lot of hours in both the 8’ and 10’ Dyer dinghies. My non-sailing wife loved the 8’ for pottering around the cove by herself. It took two 20 minute lessons for her to get self-sufficient. I’ve been out sailing on that tiny boat by myself in 20 knots (under a shore, so no seaway) and had a lot of fun. Spars store in the boat, boat can carry 3 smaller people in flat water, only 2 in any kind of seaway. We used to tow it short distances, put it on the foredeck for long distance. Never tried a motor on it. The 10 footer was a great boat for long afternoons out sailing when I was a kid, but way too heavy to lift on board. Towed ok, until the day that my grandpa (WWII Navy officer, multiple regional sailing championships, etc.) forgot to check if the painter was cleated correctly and lost the boat somewhere offshore. If I were in the market for a dinghy, I’d try to get my lazy self to build a PT-11 kit. Those boats look very good.
  5. The great unwashed

    Too far gone?

  6. The great unwashed

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Love the Swede 55. Oh, my. Anything that long and sleek and low.... The weird-ass boat upthread with the facetted masts and all those roller furling sails was a long-time fixture in the Ala Wai harbor out here in Honolulu. Trust me, it’s even odder in person.
  7. The great unwashed

    Thinking about living aboard-what to get?

    In terms of signage for heads, I’ve always liked “Men: Stand Closer; It’s Shorter Than You Think.”
  8. The great unwashed

    Astrolabe Anarchy!

    Just to be a PITA, Chaucer wasn’t born until 1343, so the chances of him having written a treatise on the astrolabe in 1309 are, well, about the same as my successfully working out a noon sight. Let’s make that 1391.
  9. Good grief. I guess center of effort was not a concern.
  10. Split rigs are, generally, not going to be as fast as sloops. Sail boats, generally, are a slow means of transportation. If you like the look of a ketch or a schooner, sacrificing half a knot of boat speed for improved aesthetics seems like a good trade. As far as sail handling, one factor to consider is sheet load. A split rig will reduce the sheet load on all 3 (or more) sails, reducing the need for big (or any) winches and increasing the likelihood that everyone on board can handle the sails. And you can fly mizzen staysails, which are immensely satisfying. On the flip side, most mizzen sails are so small as to be pointless—hence the tendency of folks like yourself to dump the mizzen mast over the side. I sailed a 27’ boat with a ketch rig, and honestly the mizzen was purely decorative.
  11. The great unwashed

    What is this boat?

    It doesn’t have a pointy bow so it can’t be fast, or even really a boat. I learned that on another thread here recently.....
  12. The great unwashed

    Pwned Passwords

    Wait—so you give this site your login info including password? Do you then get a pop up- that says “Your Password Has Just Been Stolen?”
  13. The great unwashed

    Finally a truly Accessible boat

    Accessible but undockable. Only major commercial harbors will be able to accommodate that beast, and who wants to be docked next to a container yard?
  14. The great unwashed

    what is it?

    Finally, I’ve been insulted by LB. My life is complete.
  15. The great unwashed

    what is it?

    I’m old enough to remember some of the rule-beater boats (Cascade, e.g.) made up to beat the IOR rules. Man, those boats were ugly—both the rule beaters and the pinch-ended, under-ruddered, broach-happy IOR boats they beat. This boat is being built without regard to rating rules, but instead to sail especially well under specific circumstances, rules (rating and “traditional” aesthetic) be damned. I like that. If it sails fast, it’s a success. I’d much rather look at this boat than one more goddamn euro-style deck salon clone from one of the major builders.