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  1. JxD

    Sail or Bail?

    weird sounding email.. but goes along great with the generel theme
  2. JxD

    Overlap Question

    Good luck with that at the windward mark... thx
  3. JxD

    Overlap Question

    What difference does that make? If they are inside overlapped at 3 big lengths, they would still be that or ahead at three small lengths? And how is the rule again? 3 boat lenghts of the biggest boat in the rounding, or 3 boat lenghts of the boat closest to the mark.
  4. JxD

    Overlap Question

    Not if class rules say otherwise.. for instance in the melges24, you can not extend your sprit if you're not hoisting your kite. And sprit must be fully retracted when stowed. I guess it is erto avoid hard to call overlaps, or to make sure you can't establish an overlap by shooting out the prod in a close situation. If there's overlap at the zone, there's mark room, if there's contact, mark room wasn't given..
  5. JxD

    Live on FB, NOW

    Nascar.. Exciting? Haven't watched sailGP, but would take formula 1 over Nascar any day... Lousy comparison at best.. excitement doesn't necessarily come with numbers of and closeness of competitors IMHO. (And yes I got here via the frontpage, and yes there is a front page)
  6. JxD

    Chalk control

    Chalk? Wash it in something without chalk like rainwater.. or saltwater.. how do you get chalk onboard? In my experience that comes from washing or hosing...
  7. JxD

    leaky cracked water tanks

    Thx.. didn't know that.. I wouldn't use "normal" epoxy for at permanent repair even if the gflex for instance might be up to task..
  8. JxD

    leaky cracked water tanks

    U can't (as far as I know) use epoxy for food items, as it's not good grade, so might want to hold back if u consume that water.
  9. The footchucks might make her somewhat comfortable.. but the knee jam looks really crappy.. nicely spotted! And why's the throttle in forward?
  10. JxD

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Surely.. but just to attest that its not impossible for it to happen... Not sure it was related to the jammer, but just to give you an idea that it was in the middle of the spar between base and deck
  11. JxD

    VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    I've had a keel stepped mast collapse under deck..(where the main jammer attached to the mast) The Vang fixation hindered it's travel south, but with that kind of leverage I suspect it could easily have torn a rather large hole in boat.
  12. JxD

    Modern rigging for bobstays

    Fixed or extendable sprit?
  13. JxD

    Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    more Curve at *'leaiding' edge of mainsail.. more forestay curve... more power in the sail... See the rigtune for a Melges 24 if you need comparison...