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  1. Modern rigging for bobstays

    Fixed or extendable sprit?
  2. Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    more Curve at *'leaiding' edge of mainsail.. more forestay curve... more power in the sail... See the rigtune for a Melges 24 if you need comparison...
  3. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Is yellow the common colour for the negative on your side of the pond?
  4. Ambivalent.... And I completely agree!!!
  5. Unbelievable... I still don't approve of his actions, but glad the sea didn't claim another life.. and especially that no one else risked their own wellbeing to try and rescue him..
  6. As much as I loathe him for the stupidity and bad reputation he brings to 'sailing' with his ridiculous endeavors.. the silence saddens me more than I had imagined... And I might be a pussy for saying this, but the jokes of his demise and the eagerness to settle the bet is a bit distasteful... I'm all for discussing of the possible scenarios, but unless he's been swept overboard, he's still well within a surviving timeframe... Drift on you stupid imbecile fuck!
  7. Hanks vs Luff Tape

    Could you combine the 2? Soft Hanks, spaced further apart than normal, and closed around the foil? Just to insure the sail stayed on board... Or would that just complicate things.. Thereby you get the benefit of the foil and lufftape without having to deal with possible drogue issues? If not, please someone enlighten me.
  8. True?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lighthouse_and_naval_vessel_urban_legend Though also not true, the wording and arrogance in this one is better... I find..
  9. True?

    This shit again...
  10. Where did this 'glasses' thing originate? Funny that Rimas should start talking about this just after it's been discussed on Facebook.. And how does the guy read email if he can't read his own messages... Puzzled...
  11. mayday

    22. juli 2017. Aktuelt Av Bjørn Jarle Åmlid S/Y RESTLESS Press Release – update no 1 JRCC Southern-Norway contacted S/Y RESTLESS at time 1745 local Norwegian time: The situation is stable. RESTLESS is still taking on water, but are able to handle the water with one bilge pump. Due to the weather, they are not able to further repair the damage. The wind is 10-12 m/s and it is raining. Any further repair will be by swimming/ diving. The MV OBERON is heading for Auckland New Zealand are currently 500 nautical miles away. MV OBERON contacted JRCC STAVANGER and informed that they will have a close CPA to the SY RESTLESS after 24 hours. JRCC STAVANGER will keep OBERON updated about the situation, and OBERON can assist RESTLESS if needed
  12. Can you link to the FB page please?
  13. Boots

    I subscribe to YW and I find that their gear test are highly inadequate... Tested for a couple of months by a helmsman sailing primarily coastal doesn't tell you shit... When I'm spending the amount of money the manufacturers wants for this kind of footwear I need a test that describes long term durability and how they wear on a working crew position... My latest boot is the zhik with the gaiter, on its third season, and as said above is warm due neoprene and wool insulation and the fact that it's non breathable, it is however DRY.. I've had the Hpx with gaiter, back when before the switched membrane to something other than Gore-Tex (i know they've changed back).. got then replaced 3 times in 4 seasons.. 4 pair started leaking just after the 2 year complaint period ran out... Would never sail/buy a boot without a gaiter.. the idea of having one to take off and on like the guy cotten one seems all right..
  14. mayday

    The Norwegian CG press release https://www.hovedredningssentralen.no/seilbat-restless/ Basically says as above, situation under control, will continue repair-effort come daylight. Ingress under control atm, continuing towards marqueasas at 3kts, ~1500 NM to go.. Mrcc Peru is coordinating