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  1. Kaptajnen

    don't mock me

    HotRod's newest attempt at boatbuilding?
  2. Kaptajnen

    Robotic Marks

    I´ve worked with https://www.roboboj.com/ as OA.. and also raced on courses where they were used.. there's a number of challenges with their use.. but on deep waters, where shit is normally left on the bottom I can really see their advantages. /J
  3. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    My point was simply that the rules cover everything.. but there's a difference racing laser and J's... Time and opportunity interprets differently with different boats. And albeit I know the rules cover everything, there's always situations where it seems the rules were written for some other type of boat.
  4. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Alright spaceman, where in the RRS have you found this..
  5. Kaptajnen


    You may want to look into the differences of the two diseases.. One is very deadly, but none very contagious... The other one, slightly more lethal than the common flu, but extremely contagious, and with disease carriers infecting others, long before developing symptoms, due to a really long incubation period... The risk of attracting H1N1, was really small, but the disease was agressive.. Sars-Cov2 - we're probably all going to get it - some of us will die from that experience - how's that for perspective? You're a hard puzzle to figure out.. What suddenly changed your point of view?
  6. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    This has been posted prior.. I dont think anyone is arguing the blame according to the RRS.. But as someone mentioned, if this relates to some sort of gear failure, the insurance might think otherwise.. But then its just speculating.. again.. I fail to see the point of your post?
  7. I was ment to say social distancing then.. cause isolation is coupled with qurantine, for those who are diagnosed sick. But should also be mandated for those who have been with the person now diagnosed.. Thats the only way I can see that we can beat this. Keep ourselves from infecting each other.. If we fail to keep the number of infected down, we'll end up in an italy scenario.. With plastic surgeons and nutritional expert doctors manning the ventilators.. and with serious triage as to whom gets the ventilator, and who doesnt.
  8. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    And the rules are written for dinghys, where evasive action can be taken within seconds... But this whole anticipation thing is hard.. One has to anticipate in order to get the best possible outcome, but you cant make the rules around speculations of other boats intentions.. With my limited insight in to how a J boat handles, it seems to me that Svea, had both the time, and the opportunity, to keep clear of Topaz, when T became right of way. So either Svea should have tacked, or she should have claimed room behind the stern of Topaz from Velsheda, thus keeping a better safety distance between... Or some simple fuckup happened, as it does to all of us sometimes... Better stop armchairing this, before I make a complete fool of my self..
  9. And keep in mind, that the tests are only useable if its positive.. One can test negative today, and positive tomorrow. I would fear that people testing negative, might alter their behavior and be less isolating.
  10. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Pretty much what I expected.. That just make the mistake more peculiar to me. No I fully understand, it was more wishful thinking, than an expectation on my behalf. The protest hearing only validates the regatta, not the insurance claim, necessarily I guess
  11. Kaptajnen

    Stay, No Go

    naaa, its just a flu... so what if it offs a few million people...
  12. OP suggested aft of the companionway, and I agree with your input.. except it might cause chafing issues, with eased sheet.. If the drawing is correctly scaled, the current mainsheet setup seems ridiculously annoying.
  13. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    well i most certainly did see that... But i've never heard of the film.. so no im going to have to watch it.. i'm sure theres more gold in there!
  14. Kaptajnen

    Corona hit by Corona Virus - YCMTSU

    i know im late to the party.. but my guess would have been this
  15. Kaptajnen

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    Are the crews professional or not? Getting the guests to safety is always a good priority. I would love to hear from the porttack boat... what went wrong.. From my armchair it looks slow and easily avoidable, but experienca has taught me that its not always the case.