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  1. Dennis Pontificates

    Love his comments about the French and team sports - "You don't see France with teams of 15 guys all working together to get across the line" Except the fact that Rugby is one of the most popular and richest sports in France and is exactly that. Amusing ramblings of an old man indeed.
  2. Ask Grant. The Clean-up innerview

    Was the 'A' wing that got smashed in the capsize really effectively the same as the 'B' wing, or did it have some extra goodies in there? Was Pete given coaching in how to say lots of words, but effectively say nothing, in the press conferences? Did he have a play book in terms of how to not engage in verbal sparring with Jimmy during the Press Conferences? Prior to The Match, did you know you would have that much of a speed edge over OTUSA? How immensely satisfying was it to get the the end of the first weekend 4-0 up and doing it pretty easily? I just want to see the look on his face How much was Pete sand-bagging the starts up until the match? Every boat I've ever seen Glenn sail on has always looked fast (whether it's going the same speed as other boats, 0.1kts faster, or 10kts faster, they always look fast). Grant's been around a lot of high performance sailors in his time, just how good does he thing Glenn is?
  3. Team NZ

    It's just the stitching on the 360 video. The 360 videos are made from several cameras and then stitched together. Sometimes it can be a bit off and you get a misalignment.
  4. The Presser

    Pete has been very careful to never mention a specific person on the other team in his answers. He's always said 'they' or 'them' or 'Oracle'. I think this is a deliberate tactic to play the team, not the man and not engage with Jimmy in any press room banter. It's a well known tactic. John Bertrand used to talk about 'the ugly red boat' and shied away from mentioning Liberty or Dennis Connor by name.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    I wonder if the wing video posted the other day was them Oracle-ifying the Softbank wing?
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Could they be trying out techniques on OR-JPN while the 'A' boat is still in the shed being tinkered with?
  7. I agree. Control-wise, this, and possibly a game boy controller for Kyle to control the wing, are where I reckon they'll head. This will mean that Slingsby might need to stay on the Pedal station all around the course though rather than just the downwinds. I think they might revisit the control systems in their wing too. From all reports there seems to be a lot going on inside the ETNZ wing. If OTUSA think that might be a point of difference then they might rip the skin off and upgrade some components in there. .... and then they'll likely run out of oil during some key maneuver and put it in the piss. I think they'll make some gains, but don't think they'll find a silver bullet of boat speed like they did last time.
  8. Team NZ

    One thing it would be really nice to know is how long it was until the start when the contact happened. 1s? 5s? 45s? Might be useful to inform everyone on what the tactics might have been at the time.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    Exactly my first thoughts. The first capsize was exactly the same problem. My only theory is that possibly the rudder somehow stalled and they were just passengers. Once they went up they dumped the wing but the jib was still cranked right in. The sheer amount of air trying to go through the slot between the jib and wing is what did them in as this is what was backwinding the wing. Surprised they don't have a big red 'dump everything' button which would have dumped the jib too.
  10. Team NZ

    The penny has finally dropped and I now understand the Torpedo7 sponsorship
  11. Artemis?

    Aspect ratio looks somewhere in between ETNZ/LR's skinny ones and OR's stodgy looking overlapping triangles. The tack looks a long way forward on the boat, but Clifford looked the same. What caught my attention was the second line coming from just under the Swedish flag and passes to the rear of the jib head. Halyard? Baby-stay?