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  1. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    He has been more right so far than the naysayers
  2. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    Anyone want to carry on slagging off Tony Dexter?
  3. JALhazmat

    AC TV Coverage

    Think he is starting fuck Ken off now, he is getting shorter with him every time he has one of his over pronounced whimsical diatribes, or talks over the comms on the boats. there is so little coming off the boats that when there is, especially in a tactical tense race and he jabbers over the top of it it’s fucking irritating
  4. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    Until the obnoxious drunk stumbles in.. I am expecting the “advice” to kick in around week three for the USA, allowing for translation and build time/accusations of copying or cheating to crop up
  5. JALhazmat

    The Choke continues...

    Tend to agree with ^ (on this)
  6. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    The deformation comment was from Shirley, found when they tested after the Xmas racing and it pinpointed what needed fixing. not allowed surface finishes/coatings films etc, has to be from a commercially available product not prototype or development it's a different colour, that’s all
  7. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

  8. JALhazmat

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    So the little bump tail bit in the center that appeared in the INEOS foils after modification appears here too. Certainly the GMT first pic looks like it but the subsequent ones show it as almost the bottom of the foil arm. Does that mean the foils are more forward in their positioning? still not sure how the foil change happens though? I thought they were locked in with one set? if Prada have moved to their biggest foils and are now on them ( locked in) for tomorrow’s breeze that could be a bit of a test if it blows through
  9. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    Ah no worries, yes there is a very tight link between the organisations Jim put a lot of Millions into the F1 team a while back and the doubled down with the partnership/ownership move recently. the manufacturing and tech that tie up brings is massive when applied correctly. Clearly there was an issue with the foils apparently distorting initially in the Xmas cup and very fast turnaround and fix has been applied I think Ken Read in commentary referenced Mercedes being able to do that in such a short space of time
  10. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    In other news. INEOS slow dog sticky hull can’t foil hull won’t release. where is everyone with that now? Asking for a friend..;-)
  11. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    ? Merc have been involved with INEOS AC campaign for well over a year, with 12 full time engineers based in Portsmouth and now out In NZ Ratcliffe owns the AC team, he also owns 30% of the F1 team, with Toto owning another 30% i don’t know why you think Toto would be refusing hanging up on them. Especially as the current race foils were built by Mercedes
  12. JALhazmat

    Prada Cup

    Fixed the foils that were suffering deformation, was mentioned again in comms, potentially with Mercedes input and manufacturing to get it turned around so fast pkud the rig mast and sails etc. or if you believe the tin foil idiots, they just did a deal with the kiwis and that sorted it..
  13. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    Who was the lion again? ;-)
  14. JALhazmat

    INEOS Team GB

    Oh really? It’s funny they managed to put it over in a far less snide manner. I wonder how they managed that?
  15. JALhazmat

    Prada Cup

    Yes that’s literally the only explanation isn’t it. not even 24hrs before the bullshit stars with main sail herbie, secret deals buying kiwi tech..