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  1. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Was selling your soul to the Italians worth it? What's it like having a two year head start on the monohull rule that you and your chums cooked up? How did you keep a straight face when telling people that boat type hadn't been decided after you won the cup? any kiwis being offended please calm down I am just messing. at least the boats sound like there is room to be pretty cool and till keeping the traditionalists happy too
  2. Guillaume Verdier interview

    It may come to light that TNZ got shafted by Prada hardest of all in return for the pilot
  3. Clean Interview of GA

    So you can't actually engage in a discussion without throwing insults? my last paragraph was a genuine question. You not interested in offering an answer?
  4. Clean Interview of GA

    Telling me to bring facts, and yet you don't? Awesome logic. the 30 mil is what's in the Italian media and only counts IF they doubt give them the clad boats Prada want. parting with the data to fuck over another billionaire was fucking cheap! At the time there was an article on here putting the. Hasn't sornt in development if the 62program at 5mil. He had enough grievance to close his operation so getting the end result with no more work was win win, all it took was the agreement to sacrifice or make concessions to the COR to get it, greed and revenge was a powerful motivator, again Glen eludes to the fire in the belly and laying ghosts to rest. when down and out and on theEdge of closing the doors it must have seemed the only option. Accept the offer... the two years is going on Glens own chat with clean, i ain't winging about bar they know they had failings, show me a cup team that hasn't? IF it's all bullshit how do you explain the rumours? How do you explain Max turning up with containers of gear, the COR all of it?
  5. Guillaume Verdier interview

    No one paid attention, with exception of the one team that quit and then gifted what they knew
  6. Guillaume Verdier interview

    Yep it's called residency rules... 3 years and your in, here is your ticket
  7. Guillaume Verdier interview

    Prefuckingcisely! the poor me poor me narrative from TNZ needs to be given a rest. what they gave up/traded for the help is the real question. your interview with glen he stated the huge research that was done into jib less sailing, the only team that had done that on any significant level was Prada, photos and vids exist to back it up, the same boat with the same pods for data then turns up still in its silver wrapping as the TNZ test boat... but hey the hardcore would havevyou believe they did it all on their lonesome.
  8. Guillaume Verdier interview

    Some of the best designers from those respective countries working for TNZ, or spread around the other teams perhaps? or not being gifted two years worth of tech and development by the Italians? you do wonder should Prada have stayed the course would they be the ones with the cup? Clearly no one else had the same system as they had developed, would that have proved the difference? where would TNZ have been without the assistance?
  9. Clean Interview of GA

    I got shot down by Indio for daring to suggest that might have got a little leg up from their Italian chums a while back, seems I wasn't the only one knowing they had help. kinda funny for an underfunded team, stick 30 million on their budget and they don't look the poor relation any more do they, I mean that's if they upset Prada and they get the bill for the tech and help. glen says the team was buried in 2015, they must have received a fuck load of tech, about 30 million worth, to suddenly less than two years later nail the most complex and advanced boat out of all the teams I guess losing the choice of boat to the COR must have been a price worth paying eh?
  10. How long before TNZ is denounced as evil?

    Don't drink the koolade..
  11. How long before TNZ is denounced as evil?

    Ah that explains it then... what they achieved with that bike was incredible but again it's not in the same ball park as what just happened winning the cup back. the level of competition in the cup being so much higher
  12. How long before TNZ is denounced as evil?

    there is no helping you is there? the bit about Prada and monos was tongue in cheek, although the Cosy Cor arrangement may well prove how close it all was in the long run. your seriously telling me that the campaign was cobbled together on a shoestring, they produced one of the most technically advanced sailing boats ever and it was all on a tiny budget just scraping by? if anything GD does dis-service to the skilled builders designers innovators that were involved, be proud of what they achieved rather than selling it cheap and playing the poor me card. if you can't take some well meaning words and praise without resorting to throwing your toys it's a shame
  13. How long before TNZ is denounced as evil?

    As long as it takes for the extent of Pradas help and support to become public knowledge, a transition to monohulls should do it too. Alsoit would go amiss that despite the poor underfunded/resourced team chat that GD is spouting there was always some seriously large numbers being put into that team. You don't develop and build that boat on a shoestring, ingenuity might let you think of the idea, cold hard cash makes it reality. not bashing the team just saying the idea that the project was built on angels wings and fairy dust is fanciful.
  14. Bye bye Fuck face
  15. The Presser

    Sorry, you spoke to designers were shocked that no one other than TNZ split foil duties from the drivers? clearly not a designer from ANY of the other cup teams then? what your saying makes no sense unless your now cosy with TNZ design guys? A point about the split duties though, it would have been a contributory factor in the PP against BAR as the split second reaction wasn't there as it's two individuals reaction rather than one its great while the boat is in sync but when it got out of control it's harder to regain the co ordination between the helm wing and foils