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  1. You guys are mean! I would have no trouble divng on a B.S. boat. The lack of frames make it much safer to dive!
  2. I bought a Catalina 22 thru an online auction with no trailer. When I was looking, I found that people selling boat trailers wanted a lot more for them than people selling junk boats on trailers. I ended up buying a gutted bass boat on a trailer for $150. It cost me another $15 or so to pull it off at the dump but I was still money ahead. Building the bunks up was a little bit of a pain but worth the money savings.
  3. There is a video on YouTube of a Junk being built. The built 2 brick chimneys with a steel box on top. The bottom of the box was higher than the top of the keel. They filled up the boxes with 10,000 lbs of lead ingots and lit fires underneath. The bottom side of the box had a steel pipe coming out and running down hill maybe 20* or so and into the top of the keel. They preheated the pipe with a torch and as the lead started to melt it just flowed down hill and filled the keel . This was a wooden Junk with a timber keel beam. They had run bronze bolts thru the timber and then bolted on a plate steel box. Once the lead had cooled they dropped the steel box and they had a finished lead keel bolted to the bottom. Not quite the same as yours but its always interesting to see how other people do it.
  4. It would be cool to see him finish the boat!
  5. That is one extremely cluttered foredeck, a problem that a stainless A frame bowsprit goes along way to alleviate. One can walk down the floats of may marinas, and find fine stainless A frame bowsprits, which are far lighter, cheaper, more practical , and nowhere near as butt ugly as that over priced, overweight contraption. If you need a tab, or anything added, you simply weld it on, in minutes. That chain dragging thru that tube will wear thru it quickly . Nice winches! One should be careful using manufactured anchor winches, many of which are batteries of mixed metals , bronze gypsy , with galvanized chain on it, on a stainless shaft, in an aluminium housing ,with an aluminium drum , mild steel keys etc etc. Putting cone shapes in the bottom of that chain locker makes the chain pile neatly, eliminating jams when a cone shaped pile falls over. I guess this is one of those random act of kindness that gets you thru the day!
  6. The new boat looks fantastic! The old one isn't to shabby either. I think having the experience of your current boat has to be invalueable in guiding your decisions on the new build. It looks very well thought out.
  7. Not to worried about the cold or outfitting the trip. I've rafted the Alsek river with ice bergs as well 8 Grand Canyon Trips. One Grand trip was over Christmas and New Years. Out of 25 days we had maybe 6 were it didn't snow on us. My wife is an open water swimmer as well as a rafter so she's pretty good with cold water as well. We already have drysuits and layers of poly. Biggest issue is finding somebody with enough sailing experience. We both have some and plan on sailing a bunch this winter but the R2AK vetting process determined and I quote "in rafting, climbing , and Search and Rescue your bad asses but you don't have enough sailing experience". I understand the decision but wouldn't have entered if I wasn't sure we could make it happen. So anyway I would be open to 1 or possible 2 other team mates. Not sure if 4 would be to crowded or not? It would make it easier to take rowing shifts. I plan on 1 set in the cockpit and I think I can attach another set on the front deck. On the bright side, all my new standing rigging is here and my new Harkin self tailing winches just got delivered!
  8. Boat? Can you please be just a bit more specific? I was rather vague because I didn't want to spell out the long list of things I'm doing to make the boat safer and more suitable for the race. Its a Catalina 22 with a fin keel, currently undergoing lots of modifications. Mostly things I wanted to do anyway to make it a better boat for doing more than day sailing. The only thing I'm not going to do until I'm committed to the race is the oar set up. Being and Avid whitewater rafter I already have plenty of oars to choose from. I just don't want to drill the cockpit coaming if I'm never going to row it.
  9. I've followed this race since the beginning and am contemplating 2017. I have a boat and the time with lots of adventure experience including lots of rowing but short on sailboat racing experience. I would be willing to discuss teaming up with an interested party with a good sailing resume. Interested parties can shoot me an email. Insanitypierre@gmail.com
  10. An "Open Water Wanker" cert is useless when it comes down to professional type of wanking. You need to know how to use special tools "AKA" other parts of the body! This is offically the dumbest thread ever!
  11. Red wood deck off of their previous house "Double wide"