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  1. Did anyone try the "GO JIMMY" promo?
  2. Yes they counted, because if it was aired, it was an official race. Too bad for NZ for the only race that was not counted on Saturday with their one and only dominant finish. Sorry there wasn't a delay today for that one to count.
  3. I suspect that with some teams will be well off in Bermuda by their own construction, but I agree Chicago was not too shabby. Granted Chicago Navy Pier is really not set up for the America's Cup; the site, of the no longer Strictly Sail, was about as good as it can get for the AC45 setup and storage. The course was limited by the breakwall, but overall, everything worked out ok, thanks to the wind gods. Ok, Saturday was a total bust, but Friday was fantastic and Sunday was good enough even though ETNZ had bad days both days. When the weather can change in 40 minutes in Chicago, we were fairly lucky.
  4. The VIP boat got a big boo from the fans when it moved forward and caused Oracle to pinch above it. And it wasn't a small move forward, you could see the wake from it. It was a stupid thing to have on the race course in the first place, but this was a recoup costs / make money from the fans regatta and everything was for sale.
  5. They ran a substitute race in NY as well on Saturday after the broadcast slot finished. That race was not needed for the Sunday broadcast. Prior to any sailing on Friday, they announced there would be two practice races, three practice match races and a substitute race. Having six races in good wind was a very pleasant surprise and most people missed it because Navy Pier was not crowded at all. The substitute race was well announced and all participants knew of the significance.
  6. Because of the wind delay they needed a filler for the broadcast, which caused it to count. They announced at Navy Pier before the replay that it would count, which surprised me because I thought there had to be no races at all for it to count. This 1:30-3:00pm schedule is so messed up.
  7. Very frustrating day watching the wind trying to fill in from the lake battle it out with wind trying to fill in from the shore with the race course right in between. Even more frustrating was watching the approach of 3:00pm knowing that the broadcast timeslot (f'ing Larry) would prevent any official race. We had a weak northeastern come in over the night and hopefully the wind stays up, but usually the wind drops about 5 knots on the first day of a NE between the morning and the afternoon. The Crib has 16-17 knots right now. Hopefully, it doesn't drop too much over the next 9 hours, but that's a long time with such a weak system that is suppose to last only 24 hours. My best guess, it will be 12-15 at race time, races get off on time and yesterday's unofficial race will be tossed. I've already paid for the app so I can't test this, but the broadcasters keep promoting access to the app by entering GO JIMMY (not sure if there is a space or not).
  8. I wonder if the Sweepstakes winner for the AC45 ride is SOL as their ride was suppose to happen today. And here I stayed around the home phone yesterday waiting for that important call that I won the ride. All I got was an unrelated robo call.
  9. Looks like it is not going to be bench seating, which will certainly be a lot nicer.
  10. Wow, what a disconnect between WGN and Weather Underground. WU has a cold front coming in Saturday night with a Sunday high of 74. It was forecasted 70-72 yesterday. The marine forecast is agreeing with WU. That would be ideal because the wind will have little disturbance and would provide the best racing.
  11. And trying to stay on topic, who's going to the ACWS Chicago? My wife and I will be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Navy Pier in the grandstand. Working with the train and bus schedule, we'll get there Friday around 11:15 am and try to check out if there is any setup action still going on the north side of the pier. And then get a lay of the land, find a cold beer, maybe lunch and then watch some practice races.
  12. Believe me, I'm not happy with what Larry has done to the AC. Fitting sailboat racing into a 1.5 hour timeslot is one of the stupidest things ever. Its not like Larry can negotiate with God and buy the wind, but it would be no surprise if he tried. And after the wind cancellation in NY, there was no reason to turn off all of the cameras to exclude the exhibition race, but time exceeded 1.5 hours and off the cameras went. As for the masses, it just not going to happen. I knew we were in trouble a long time ago when Versus (or whatever the name was) preempted wind-delayed AC racing for prerecorded bass fishing. And NBC Sports is not doing much better when they have a program of commercials interlaced with an incoherent sequence of sailboats filling the commercial gaps. Hopefully, the coverage is better this weekend with the 1.5 hour recaps for each day, but I see that NBC Sports preempted live racing on Sunday for wrestling instead. So the pecking order is bass fishing, wrestling, anything but sailing, and then sailing. I too long for the good old days, but those days are gone.
  13. I think I may have my iphone fuzziness solution. I suspect the AC Settings "Video Bitrate" is not set correctly or that "Auto" is defaulting to 500k instead of 4100k. Can't verify as I can't get my hands on my wife's phone right now, but I did change the ipad to 500k and it looked identical to the iphone fuzziness.
  14. And this is one of the reasons why I don't cheer for the US. The sooner it gets out of Larry's and Russell's hands, the better. Go ETNZ!
  15. I tried my best to hold off purchasing the app as a symbolic gesture of my disapproval of having to pay for it, unlike in 2013. But the 12-13 day late recap of Oman's 6 races jammed in a commercial filled hour with significant chunks of racing being displaced forced me to break down and purchase the app. I wish I had done that last year. Except for the occasional pause in the transmission, I find nothing wrong with it and the best part it is commercial free!!! I even re-watched the previous year's racing for $3. My best option is to hook up my ipad to the TV. The iphone display is a little fuzzy. I'm hoping that AC+ supports apple TV (gen 4) in the near future, which should give the best quality display. I find a commercial free broadcast is worth the money. It wouldn't be so important if NBC waited until between races to put in the commercials, but as with the NY broadcast, it was reported they put the commercials right over parts of the races including a finish. At this point, I don't want live NBC coverage because the app will be blocked out for the US as they do in other countries that have live coverage. Even though I'm disgrunted having to pay for the app, it is soooooooo much better than NBC.