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  1. The AC app may be blocked in Japan because it is being televised on SportsNavi Live. But Japan is not on the exclusion list: The America's Cup Mobile App (iOS & Android) and Online If there is no broadcast arrangement in your country, live coverage is available to subscribers ONLINE and via the America's Cup App. (subject to territorial restrictions). *PLEASE NOTE: For the following countries there will be no live video coverage on the AC App United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Monaco, Australia, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Netherlands, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela Looks like you will need someone to chime in from Japan or you'll need to experiment.
  2. Played around and found today's YAC icon and by selecting it, I could find yesterday's. Not sure how I'll find them tomorrow, but hopefully it shouldn't be a problem. Now another set of races I'll have to go on a news blackout so I don't know the results before watching.
  3. I downloaded the Red Bull app onto my AppleTV, but all I get is what they are currently showing, ie. skateboarding. Is there anyway to replay the Youth America's Cup?
  4. I know that there are multiple ways to watch NBCSN, ie. TV, Web, Roko, AppleTV, etc. My question is, are any commercial free during the LV Finals? I know all streams were commercial free during the semi's and I can state that AppleTV has commercials (none during the races), and new now, in between race commentary with Todd Harris. Just seeing if everyone sees the same thing using NBCSN.
  5. How do I benefit? I will need a login to cable with NBCSN to do that and then have to get my computer hooked up to a TV. The app does the same thing and is meant to play on a TV.
  6. Could understand problems with long pauses in real time, but I've watched all of the races except for three days as being replayed. Works well. Had some problems fast forwarding as it wants to jump back to the last pause or ff. But AppleTV 4 remote scrolls ff fairly well, but granted I've only tried the AppleTV remote with the commercial free semi's. I'll have a better sense of what happens when commercials return on Saturday.
  7. No, I don't have an account but I do have friends. Sent you a PM with instructions. All the replays are available as well as live.
  8. Surprised they didn't do the same for me as I was in contact with support as well for at least a year. Even went through the trouble to send them sample code (which they didn't use) to support Ipad to external 16:9 display. The CDN feed resolved that problem, until they outdated my Ipad 3. On the positive side, I don't appear to be blacklisted anymore. This gave me a chance to compare streaming quality of AppleTV against Iphone's lightning to HDMI and AppleTV is the clear winner, literally. Airplay was the worst of my three viewing options. It's too bad AC refuses to release the AppleTV version of the app because that would be ideal. I offered to beta test it, but that never happened.
  9. You should consider yourself lucky you got 17 good years. That is extremely uncommon in a dog that size.
  10. He was a sweetheart but the gal to the left was my favorite.
  11. Not happy about that one either. I have the Ipad 3, which is stuck at iOS 9.3.5. In trying to install the app update, I deleted the old app and now I have nothing. Did the app developers really have to screw everyone that is limited to iOS 9? Was working great with the March update and the CDN feeds. Now forced to use the wife's iPhone with the $50 lightning to HDMI adapter and it is definitely fuzzier than the NBCSN app on the AppleTV. Going to try the iPhone with Airplay and see if that is any better, but in the past, AC on Airplay was jumpy. I'll probably have to have both apps running simultaneously and flip to the AC app during commercials.
  12. What tricks for the AC app are you using because of the USA restrictions? I tried several tricks but at the most got the replays of RR1, which are no longer available. I may be blacklisted at this point. I have the NBCSN app, but annoyed by the occasional commercial that takes out a leg. On the positive, at least NBCSN offers an app for my hardwired AppleTV which seams to stream cleaner than an Iphone with the HDMI adapter.
  13. Download the NBCSN App, which is also available for AppleTV. You will need to prove you (or a friend) have NBCSN on your (their) cable/etc. Because the semi-finals are not being broadcasted, the live and replays are commercial free.
  14. Did anyone try the "GO JIMMY" promo?
  15. Yes they counted, because if it was aired, it was an official race. Too bad for NZ for the only race that was not counted on Saturday with their one and only dominant finish. Sorry there wasn't a delay today for that one to count.