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  1. Sgt.Schultz

    Poll: Who is the America's Cup for?

    All you'd need to do is watch any US broadcast Indy 500 coverage from the last decade or so to know how untrue that statement is.
  2. Sgt.Schultz

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Probably not in the US though.
  3. Sgt.Schultz

    What was your favorite race/moment?

    Yep, that's mine by far. Seeing all the carbon fiber shedding during the high wind day was very memorable too though. Honorable mention to the first TF win as well.
  4. Sgt.Schultz

    Shed a tear for GGYC

    FWIW, quite a few of those people live around my area. Many are transplanted New Englanders with at least some connection to the Newport days, and we do tend to care a lot more than most. But as I get older, spectator sports lose more and more of their appeal, and even more so any deep emotional attachments to what are often more or less mercenary practitioners. I've always wanted to visit NZ, but frankly, for me AC36 would only add value to that if it were somehow a paying gig. Stranger things have happened though. And in any case, I don't mean to denigrate the huge cultural significance for the Kiwi followers. Hope the party and the general buzz lasts for a good long while!
  5. Sgt.Schultz

    Shed a tear for GGYC

    I doubt that, the way AC35 went down was much different than AC34. And in general, the AC is just not that big a deal over here. Whatever "mourning" I did was already over a few days ago. Besides, it's pretty windy right now and my last excuse to not get my gear out from under the house is now gone.
  6. Sgt.Schultz

    Team NZ

    Well done to the Team.
  7. Sgt.Schultz

    Live Racing Thread

    Your first Robinwidget BT1 direct link is working fine for me in the western US.
  8. Sgt.Schultz

    Live Racing Thread

    He posted somewhere in here that his accreditation came through. Pretty sure that is the jinx on Emirates that Oracle Team USA needed.
  9. Sgt.Schultz

    Let the spending begin.

    Or not, preferably.
  10. Sgt.Schultz

    Oracle Team USA

    There's no way that NBC would put the AC on on-air free TV in the US on a weekday morning.
  11. Yep. Never been all that fair, hopefully never gonna be.
  12. Sgt.Schultz

    AC35 speeds beyond comprehension?

    It's all relative. Basic production windsurfing boards have been able to top 40 mph for many years, and I've personally seen quite a few recreational sailors do just that. But I think that just makes for an even greater appreciation of what the AC35 boats are doing -- especially upwind.
  13. Sgt.Schultz

    Oracle Team USA

    Only down -1 to 0 right now. Still nothing to chirp or woof about just yet.