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  1. A nice Story

    For a change, http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-24/homeless-man-shares-last-20-with-stranded-driver/9190132 A fund set up to raise money for a homeless man who used his last $20 to help a woman when her car ran out of petrol has collected more than $US280,000 ($367,000).
  2. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-11-25/how-a-love-of-sailing-helped-einstien-explain-the-universe/9190970 http://www.einstein-website.de/z_biography/tuemmler-e.html enjoy
  3. The Ashes 2017

    I LIKE the ABC commentary.. But this is good for who's who ..... double http://www.espncricinfo.com/australia/content/player/261230.html Not an Affiwhatsit..Wish I knew more than I do..love the language..fielding placement..never heard this one used..cow corner ?
  4. The Ashes 2017

    "Broad to bowl "what should be the last over of the day", he said knowingly. Marsh happy to play with caution here. Broad sends down a bouncer which Marsh evades. YORKER! Marsh digs it out. One ball to come. Last ball drifts down the leg side - Marsh follows it, but doesn't make contact. Thankfully. Marsh is scampering off the field because THAT IS STUMPS." 4 for 165..looks like it's going to be a good season
  5. The Ashes 2017

    dreads didn't mention the urn or ashes though..really want to mystify the seppos' C&P bits of the ABC live blog "OH HO HO HO! Anderson gets Smith right in the exact place you do not want to get hit. Smith is on his haunches, doing some heavy breathing and trying to put on a brave face. FOUR! Smith recovers from his brush with crotchal agony to drive off the back foot, beautifully through the gap at cover." " Ali to Smith, who gets through a maiden over. Detaiils scant on that over because there was a BIT OF BIFFO IN THE STANDS right beneath the media centre! Every journo and producer rushed to the window to see a bunch of scrappers laying into each other, punches flying, beers thrown, and police called in. It was ... dramatic."
  6. The Ashes 2017

    because when Australia first beat England on their home ground, they took the bails (the little sticks that must not fall off the upright sticks (stumps) while the ball in "in play" ) Burned them and placed the ashes in an old tatty soccer trophy that someone found lying around..that same little old trophy filled with burned bails is what they still battle over..though no doubt due to it's fragility, it never actually leaves england.. It's kept at Lords... or so I've heard..It's all a bit mysterious
  7. Puerto Rico

    5. Will this crisis change how the US treats Puerto Rico? Pedro Caban, a professor at SUNY-Albany, thinks that the appalling aftermath of Hurricane Maria could improve Puerto Rico’s political status, moving the needle on longstanding harmful American policies. Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territorial possession of the United States, meaning that the Puerto Rican government exercises only those powers that the Congress allows. “In other words,” says Caban, “it is still a colony.” The humanitarian crisis there has prompted the Puerto Rican diaspora in the U.S. to fight for their island. They are actively lobbying against some of the most restrictive colonial policies, among them the Jones Act and the oversight board that has controlled Puerto Rico’s budget since it declared bankruptcy earlier this year. This could be a “watershed moment that redefines U.S. treatment of Puerto Rico,” writes Caban. https://theconversation.com/puerto-rico-two-months-after-maria-5-essential-reads-87409
  8. mass beatings, rape and murder

    I'm glad you are not an employee of mine. Project management might not be your strong point.
  9. Frontline: US Poor Documentary

    you mean this one Gov ? https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/poverty-politics-and-profit/ Not available in oz this one is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87ksbjShqms
  10. What IS harrassment?

    Stick to complimenting a new hair cut and you'll be right..lets face it..men generally don't comment on nice clothes..any comment will be seen as "he's up to something" But haircuts are safe.
  11. I agree with the sentiment, you shouldn't make your kids hug anyone they don't want to. When they are a bit older you can explain that auntie joan is rolling in it and has no heirs..
  12. mass beatings, rape and murder

    Have you ever considerered that if the world works toward ending violence and economic abuse against women..all women..us being a bit more that half the worlds population, many of those things you mention..both at home and abroad will improve? Think about it.
  13. mass beatings, rape and murder

    economic sanctions ended apartheid in South Africa. It's not a matter of colonialism or interference, It's a matter of insisting that the world start exerting economic pressure on countries that treat one section of the community with brutality and enforced servitude...in this case that section of the community is defined by their gender rather than race or religion. The world is pretty good at "fixing" things if there is a profit to be made..but the same tools can be used for humanitarian purposes too. Anyway, I have to go to work.
  14. mass beatings, rape and murder

    My position on recolonisation is that it's kind of obsolete. We don't actually have to build a tea plantation or two to "rule" a country anymore. Every day economically powerful countries exert pressure on other counties in trade matters..often unfairly and to their detriment. You don't seem to think of this as is being a bad thing.