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  1. 1) In the last year the world has been terrified by that idiot in chief of yours, never knowing what the moron will do next. 2) The world has trundled along with NK and their antics for years 3) Quick fix solutions rarely end well 4) yes, get rid on the moronic bloated braggart and we can all go back to normal and NK can do what it's done for years..nothing.
  2. The Tom Ray Thread

    I think you are being a little paranoid..I engage you in other topics.
  3. What is a Libertarian?

    so. why is Johnson in the right wing libertarian quarter? I think you are missing the point of this quiz, It doesn't have the American LP in mind . It's using Libertarian and Authoritarian as political discriptors rather than liberal or conservative as those terms mean very differeent things in different countries. If you look on the left side. you can place leading political parties from many countries in the same 4 quarters That's what the OP was about...What is a libertarian? like I said..its interesting that the French President and Gary Johnson apparently share a political outlook. The quiz places people on a broader political perspective than just the USA..I'm quite surprised at some results here. So go on tom, play the game and see where you sit
  4. Will Cohen Flip?

  5. What is a Libertarian?

    I suspect Tom is a lot more left wing than he may wish to admit to..Apart from his gun position he surprises me that he lumps himself in with the american Libertarian party..who are right wing libertarians . Odd that the French elect a RW Libertarian yet Gary Johnson can't muster 2%
  6. Dogs not misbehaving

    Why we love dogs http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-21/max-blue-heeler-leads-rescuers-to-missing-girl-night-in-bush/9683494
  7. What is a Libertarian?

    Still waiting for Tom and Jeff I'm not being nosy, I'm just interested in how the Quiz pans out with people who actually call themselves "Libertarian"
  8. What is a Libertarian?

    These are even more fun
  9. Drip Drip Drip

    That's about the stupidest thing I've ever seen a political party do. Though it may be perfectly true that the Russians interfered and the Trump campaign colluded what a slippery slope taking the opposition to court is. as if our parties needed even more contempt from the electorate.
  10. What is a Libertarian?

    Yeah, but how would you know that Libertarian airlines was less safe? The trouble with the fad for cutting regulations just means the consumer has to spend hours researching everything they buy..right down to a can of Tuna...where did it come from? how was it caught? what's the meat to water ratio? And imagine trying to buy safe cleaning products? what's in it? will it kill the biological system in your septic tank?
  11. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    Well, from the 1st July Australia had banned "single use" plastic bags . This really annoys me. Our plastic bags were all re used to pick up the Boo poo or reline the kitchen bin. Now I have to actually buy more plastiv bags for this purpose or am reduced to stealing a bunch of small plastic bags from the green grocery section. You can buy a heavy duty reusable plastic bag for...wait for it...a whole 15c So now I have about 30 heavy duty plastic bags in my kitchen draw. I'm hopeless at remembering to put the bags back in the car... 20 years ago the supermarkets in Holland charged $1.50 per bag..we sure as hell remembered to put those on the car. This is just tokenism and the 15c bags are harder to reuse...they should have just banned to lot.
  12. What is a Libertarian?

    I don't think the questions are skewed so much as how you interpret them..The eye for an eye question..logically follows "a life for a life" so I voted strongly disagree" There's others that have no neutral position so you have to pick the closest, you may find yourself agreeing with something you actually feel neutral about. I really would be interested on where Tom and Jeff fall, Im guessing Tom would be in the Libertarian left quarter and Jeff in the Authoritarian right .
  13. The recycling house of cards collapses.

    You can buy a big crock with a limestone filter to sit on the kitchen bench.
  14. Black in America

    . Did the management actually ask these guys to leave before they called the cops? I don't think they did. So how can this be trespass?