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  1. Shortforbob


    Not to mention the child kidnapping, child rape and child murder in some of those SA mining camps. But we digress. Idiots like Warbling bird like to cling to that myth that Billionaire earn their money. What they do is enable the theft and the crime that underpins almost ALL of those billionairs in one way or another with their vote.
  2. Shortforbob

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    He he did, he posted a copy of a graduation thingy,, with the name redacted
  3. Shortforbob

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    Yes, it's a tragedy really. When I joined this place Obama was President and SA had the reputation of being a haven of eruditity (is that a word?) among other sailing forums.
  4. Shortforbob

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    Oooo that's a but worrisome, I though Jack's turn in the barrel meant something quite different amongst sailing folk? Or is that over a barrel?
  5. Shortforbob

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    or perhaps sitting ducks? HJ sure as hell couldn't hit a moving target.. Wall ducks maybe?
  6. Shortforbob

    Australian Fire rating

    Here is an outstanding 3D visualisation of the fires in Australia by Anthony Hearsey – 3D visualization of the fires in Australia. Image is based on NASA data and produced by Anthony Hearsey.
  7. Shortforbob

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    Um, isn't it fish one shoots in a barrel?
  8. Shortforbob


    Pre Davos OxFam report' s out. Staggering. The report found the richest 22 men in the world own more wealth than all the women in Africa. Just think about that for a moment. Oxfam said taxing an additional 0.5 per cent of the wealth of the richest 1 per cent over the next 10 years is equal to investments needed to create 117 million jobs in education, health, elderly care and other sectors to close care deficits. Ms Morgain said Oxfam had calculated that developing countries lose an estimated $US100 billion a year in tax revenue as a result of tax avoidance by multinational corporations.
  9. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    Um lessee... HJ has a new sock.
  10. Shortforbob

    Meanwhile in the world outside impeachment...

    I had school lunches in the UK when I was a kid. Best thing ever, all kids got the same meal, no choice no distivction between poor kids or not so poor kids. We ate what was on our plates or didn't leave the table. sausages and mash and peas. Steak and kidny pie or pudding with mash and carrots Beef stew guessed. sometimes steamed cod ...with mash and peas. Desserts were OK, lots of jam, pastry and custard, suet puddings and dried fruits Fairly standard english food of the 1960's. We complained of the lumpy mash with potato eyes. (black bit) we complained about the fat on the meat, we complained about the coarse cut bitter marmalade in the pudding. But we ate it because it was all we got between breakfast and tea, (dinner) and for some kids I suspect it was their first meal of the day. (apart from 1/3 pint free milk in the morning (no cookies) I have no patience with brats that won't eat what they are given, especially as they have choices.
  11. Shortforbob

    Australian Gators???

    Lee Moran is English. We seem to be having a little amusement with O/S Journos to take the pressure off the fires floods and Loquats .
  12. Shortforbob

    Freedom Of and Freedom From Religion

    And Betsy couldn't even bother to remember the boy's name.
  13. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    They let you back in then?
  14. Shortforbob

    Freedom Of and Freedom From Religion

    Probably not, they are probably told they can't pray where they'll be inconveniencing others. And though it was resolved a year ago. Trump brings it up as if it were news I suspect she may have been told she can't gather in the canteen while others are eating, and conduct a prayer meeting there, or in the classrooms or library while others are working. There's places in schools where students can do their thing and those who don't care to listen can move away. they are called shared spaces. She was very careful not to give any information that can be checked.
  15. Shortforbob

    Freedom Of and Freedom From Religion

    I suspect there is more to the story.