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  1. Shortforbob

    Ooops Looks like Trump over quoted

    Scarey..everytime i think of Trump and diplomacy this image pops up.
  2. Shortforbob

    A Nugget of Pure Gold Emerges From The Midterms

    She told her friends and her friends told the press..nice friends Like attracts like.
  3. Shortforbob

    Manwhile, in the real world

    Labor availability remains a widespread concern across both geographies and industries. Well there's a simple solution....I know where you can find several thousand hardworking people begging for a job...
  4. Shortforbob

    Ooops Looks like Trump over quoted

    Nah, most European Leaders are bigger than Trump. There'll simply be handshakes, smiles and warm Congratulations..But..The USA will never be trusted again long term...Trump's shown how very fragile diplomatic and Honorable mores are.
  5. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    Nah..we need MORE government...WA, NSW and QLD are too big..chop em in three.then we can be just like Europe half a dozen productive states supplementing the rest. Nyah
  6. Shortforbob

    Ooops Looks like Trump over quoted

    I don't actually buy the.."he thinks Nato should pay the usa more" thing. But if the EU has it's own army, how can the USA continue to justify it's defense spending and who loses $$$$$$$ always follow the money. Would a hypothetical (at this point) EU army purchase stuff from American manufacturers..or develop and use their own.......JOBS!! (for Europeans) And..there's the BRITEX thing..not sure how that would work into this senario but it would have to factor in somewhere.
  7. Shortforbob

    Ooops Looks like Trump over quoted

    the EU forming it's own army? Why would this upset trump like this, I thought he wanted them to rely on the USA less?
  8. Shortforbob

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    that's all very well and beautifully patriotic but you don't live in the 18th C anymore. This is a serious question asked in good faith so I'll ask you to answer in such. Do any of you 2A patriots ever ask yourselves just a tiny bit if your patriotism is being manipulated for less noble purposes? I ask this not as a troll, but am casting my mind to all the various other conflicts around the world, both current and historical where Good people are duped into staunchly defending something traditional or historical that actually has no substantial benefit to them anymore but certainly does to sometimes covert or overt other interests?
  9. Shortforbob

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    I like to be post me an opposing view from one of the other "founding fathers" if you'd had a few "founding mothers" in the mix 2A would never have survived the first cut
  10. Shortforbob

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    well your "well regulated militia" sounds like a Swiss army style militia was more what they had in mind, not gangs of roving vigilantes or the right to "do as you please" with your arms
  11. Shortforbob

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    It will take me a while to digest the whole thing, seems like Hamilton has a different idea on what he calls a militia though..I will read further.
  12. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    Well it might stop just about everyone else in the world laughing at us Piss off LB, I answered your question in good faith, you don't get to dictate my answers. Why you'd want some representitive of another country's monarch able to overturn our elected Governments is beyond me, unless you have no faith in Australians being grown up enough to sort out their own issues? And as for electing our own head of state, you'd think we'd have enough examples elsewhere on how to get it right. To some it's just a warm and fuzzy "lefty" others it's a matter of national pride..are you proud of your country most of the time? (patriotic) or all of the time (nationalistic) or couldn't give a rats about who ultimately has the power over the Australian people's will? I think after all the demands for answers, you have a little explaining to do yourself.......... Now watch him deflect
  13. Shortforbob

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    What I still dont understand is why 2A prevents things such as national gun licencing and registration.."well regulated" means..well .."regulated" as in "regulations"...not just regulated but WELL regulated. The fed has the power to over rule the states in constitutional matters does't it? Maybe someone with less invested opinion could answer this simply?
  14. Shortforbob

    I still call Australia home

    Hello planet earth calling Random..Hospitality workers covers anyone in the hospitality industry, cleaners, waiters, chefs etc "hostesses" in Japan covers many things from the professional Geisha often employed by businessmen's wives to chat and entertain guests both male and female to make business dinners run pleasantly, then there's the Hostesses that work in most bars whos job is similar..get men to spends money on drinks and for their talking time..this is clearly understood by japanese men, foreigners often misunderstand and think they are paying for sex later. Then there are other hostesses that make private arangements with their clients...if you want to call this prostitution? I suppose it is as we understand it but there's nothing wrong with that. As for the skimpy clothing? hell, when I worked in the hospitality industry (a long time ago) we were explicitly told to wear low tops and short skirts in some establishments "Bar maids" were and are the public face of a bar. (I told my boss to get fucked in more polite words ) You need to get out of Australia a bit more and immerse yourself in some other cultures.