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  1. when he was 5
  2. You are probably right..It's going to be chaos everywhere if other places have the gall to tiffer though
  3. This makes Visiting the USA, even a fly though really something "everyone else" is going to start thinking about. EG If I want to visit Cuba, I have to go through LA, Stopover in Mexico?..If I've been to one of those countries..I may get through LA on the way to Cuba, but stopped on the way back.? This sort of thing would do real damage to the USA..Not just tourism but business too. A Question..is it recorded on any international data base if you are denied entry to another country?
  4. Guess who's coming to Dinner (at the WH) Is it my eyes or is this an all white team?
  5. Thank you Lefty..I was wondering about that...You Know..IMHO..this once again is all about Trump. Remember how he didn't put his hand over his heart during the anthem a couple of times.?? Well, I suspect Trump thinks that people sing the Anthem to HIM personally. He stands there looking as it he's taking a personal accolade. . If Trump thinks this is disrespectful..I'm pretty sure He'll call out the national guard when people start turning their backs on HIM.
  6. If this catches on..Trump will start knighting people
  7. Ha, I know what's making Dotard so antsy..Melania's looking happy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4914096/Melania-Trump-Justin-Trudeau-s-familiar-greeting.html
  8. Bloody amazing, Puerto Rico destroyed, Florida and Texas swamped, and he's spitting the dummy about football.
  9. This is the way the world ends? Maybe someone should ask Putin to step in he's got more bombs than trump. http://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/north-korea-hit-by-34-magnitude-earthquake/news-story/d1cfbdfeda7bf8f1fab86411c6c78e7b Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 6h6 hours ago More Just heard Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U.N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer! Historians will have fun..If there's any left to write about it. May as well laugh about it
  10. Nah..I was just wondering if the great libertarian expects other people to pay for his freedom to be negligent.
  11. I loath Rum...prolly due to the habit of all my fathers aunts competing to make the best "rum butter" and forcing it upon our young selves lathered on slices of slightly stale "Mothers Pride"
  12. I taught my kids to whistle...
  13. Well not all sailors are as EF as you two.. I wonder how enviro friendly those reusable bags are though. My new car has one of those annoying boot opener buttons on the key..I'm always accidentally pushing it. Last week I was down in Docklands..parked on the Quay..wind blowing almost a hurricane..accidentally opened the boot..all 5 heavy duty plastic bags sailed out of the boot..landed guess where
  14. That's crabbynuts to you.:)
  15. As a sailor I though you'd be all for banning those fish choking, propeller jamming things? I first came across this in The Netherlands 20 years ago when they charged a whole Guilder (.80au) for a reusable plastic bag..I too wondered what I was going to line my kitchen bin with...I bought bin liners. I have to say that logic tells me, using 2 new bin liners a week that were guaranteed by their very nature to end up in landfill, was a hell of a lot better than getting 15 small bags at the supermarket..If you need 15 supermarket bags a week for your rubbish?? what happens to the rest? Of course seeing the blue & white stripey things being flushed out of the canals every tuesday morning was a pretty good incentive to remember to re use my 80c bags...I still had them 3 years later..good for the sand pit toys.