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  1. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I'll ask, but Kirk is nearly fully utilized processing orders and scheduling demos. Not sure I can add blogging to his purview without dropping our response rate. Again, I'll try. DRC
  2. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    All this stuff is just awesome! Getting my head out of the boat show grind enough to catch up on this is frosting on what has already been a cakewalk of a boat show week. On technique, I'll add a couple cents: Stay in the hiking straps, even if it's the far strap, or you will be rolled overboard. We're working on making the boat hiking-harness compatible for those who feel limited enough in the core to really resiat this suggestion. I've tried an early iteration of this and, while the athlete in me is offended, the pleasure sailor in me is elated. Perfect hiking in essentially a lawn chair. Active sheeting is your friend. Downwind: start on reaches and bring your apparent wind downwind with you once you have the speed up. You are carving towards the mark, rather than setting a course and working towards it. I'll do my level best to demonstrate and teach these things thoroughly at the UFO regatta and clinic in bristol next weekend. I'm also super excited for LCYC Wurstfest! Boat Of The Year trial tomorrow. Forecast is strong. Looking to get everybody screaming along and then finally get back to my plant. Eight days of animated discussions with customers is great, but it's time to get home and make the proverbial doughnuts. DRC
  3. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    In a miracle of last minute scheduling, the entire fleet was able to reschedule from the AYC regatta to the weekend after in Bristol. This is a huge deal. In bristol, at UFO HQ we can actually throw a fully focussed UFO regatta and clinic instead of simply having a line at AYC. Also it doesnt conflict with the Annapolis boat show, which I was planning on burning rubber to be in two places at once as much as possible. The fleet got a line at AYC and i'm obliged to be there in support to teach, troubleshoot and generally assist, but I'm also obliged to hit annapolis at 100% and try to win boat of the year. No win situation. My sales guy, kirk, in his first week on the job, looked at my schedule and said "you're crazy. This will barely work". He urged me to find a winning path in my no win situation. So I called the whole fleet one at a time and asked if people could do and would like a reschedule. It turns out to have been a "yes" on both counts for everybody involved. It even turns out that a couple people who couldnt do AYC could make it to Bristol, so the turnout is higher AND the RC will be fully dedicated to the needs, desires and development of new UFO sailors. I'm dumbfounded and relieved. DRC
  4. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    A pair of Opti sailors. Combined crew age: ~19. Combined crew weight: 190. As predicted the boat works quite well as a double-handed all-out performance boat for pre-teens and well as a single handed one for adults. I would have cleaned the whole house daily for a year to get one of these when I was a kid. DRC
  5. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    "There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing." -Norwegian Proverb I can jump in here on the topic of cold weather foiling gear, as I know a few things on the topic. Chilly Weather: Full length 5mm wetsuit. DO NOT use conventional dinghy boots. They don't work well at all with the hiking straps. Slippers like these https://www.westmarine.com/buy/ronstan--men-s-superflex-dinghy-sailing-boots--11227188?cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC%20-%20Vendors-_-11227188&product_id=11227188&adpos=1o2&creative=108421561084&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=Cj0KCQjw9afOBRDWARIsAJW4nvzbViaqGNrtF_ZvbKxUZ2JqsiiCuq8JbYFArrtI7u3w49p0Yhb-djIaAqPNEALw_wcB are far better. Frostbiting: I've been frostbiting the boat for two years now and am quite proud of how the boat is safe enough to even allow consideration of foiling frostbiting. I wouldn't dare do it in any other foiling or high performance boat. Here's the trick. Sometimes you'll get dunked and the water is going to be REALLY cold. Combat this by being so unspeakably hot that cold water is a welcome relief. Here's what you need- 1.That same 5mm full length wetsuit (which means with sleeves). I wear a Musto Foiling Thermohot Impact wetsuit, to be precise. 2.Neoprene socks inside the drysuit- I use Neosock socks, which I've had for something like a decade with seemingly zero wear https://www.seirus.com/neosock-6871.html 3.Full blown drysuit- I use a Gul Code Zero, I think. I have virtually no opinions one way or the other on the different qualities of drysuits. Just stay away from sharp objects while wearing them. 4.The same pair of Ronstan slippers over the drysuit 5. Neoprene gloves. I use Glacier Gloves http://www.glacierglove.com/perfect-curve-glove/ 6. HAT! Wind chill on a wet skull will give you brainfreeze from the outside, which feels awful and sucks the BTUs right out of you. 7. If it's really cold, throw an extra neoprene shirt on under the drysuit, tripling the protection of your core. Note: this will sacrifice some extra agility. I fully intend to continue frostbiting by UFO for a third year here in Bristol a few blocks from the Fulcrum plant. Hopefully, this year I'll get to race some other UFOs throughout. DRC
  6. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    I expect the delay will only result in higher turnout for the UFO fleet at the event
  7. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    #42 came out of the mold during overtime hours this Saturday. I'm glad to say that, after a significant struggle over rates of output, we're finally accelerating and delivered 4 boats this last week. In other news, I've hired somebody to handle communications full-time, since I figured out that I can't manage production and marketing/comms simultaneously (duh). Expect contacts and inquiries to be far more responsive in future. This brings the size of the full-tine Fulcrum staff up to six people. It's eight, if you include unpaid people like dad and I. It's nine if you include Leo, the Chief Morale Officer and full-time dog. DRC
  8. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Rinstant skiff slippers are where it's at. When you come out of a puff, head up and pump. I doubt the boat leaks, purely because it went through the leak testing station before it left the shop. There is a possibility that amendment executed were not double-checked. Maybe sand in the drain plugs? DRC
  9. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Cool! Definitely drop the ride height to 50%. That'll keep the training wheels next to the road. It's no quadfoiler. While max ride height is extremely fast, it is also the least stable orientation. We could have choked up the strut lengths and limited the max ride height by a couple feet, but we were aiming to have room for non-beginners to excel, rather than just being a boat for beginner foilers. I spend most of my time at max ride height, but when I'm putting new people in the boat, I always drop it down by half. That way you teabag but don't capsize. Any video of this outing? DRC
  10. DC Designs

    16th place, Machete, Design: SHC Crazy Ivan Build: Fulcrum Speedworks llc Mast: Composite Engineering tiraxial braid, high modulus spar (ted vandusen). Sails: Evil Empire (North Sails) Foils: Fulcrum Speedworks llc Seat: East Coast Standard Might I suggest a shared Google Sheets document? Frankly I'm getting really pumped for a surge in rig development over the next few years. Maybe I'll get a spare hour free from my peoples foilers to do something foolish next year. DRC
  11. DC Designs

    A note on this. After discussing the last few years of Machete with dad after this last event, we've concluded it hits its objective in competition, but is way too big a hassle as a box full of part. Files (build manual and hull files for a CNC machine) will be available for sale at drastically low prices from now on. I'd still be down to laminate carbon/foam plates and carve carbon Machetes but my business sucks away all of my time. Couldn't even make the event. DRC
  12. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Simple. 75% of the sailors in that video had never sailed any form of foiler before that camera started rolling. The fourth guy has about 3 hours of experience under his belt. The short wand setup is for beginner foiling, as it keeps both hulls close to the water for reserve stability. To me, a good beginner mode is about taking the danger out of wrong answers, not maximizing the output on the right answer. Over heeling to weather is just a matter of learning the roll response of the boat. When Dave Bradly made the video, I don't think he was doing it to showcase grand prix foiling capacity. In the facebook comments on this video he wrote "This was the validation that I had been looking for on the UFO. Don't need to weigh 130lbs, don't need to have cat like reflexes, don't need to be an Olympic athlete. Foiled in the first minute.". I think the video is about how consistently the boat forgives inexperience. DRC
  13. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Dolly is standard. Sailing jeans were prototypes from the Levi Strauss Watersport collection. The gromits really screw up the gelcoat, though. Levi has opted to take another year to develop before launching them. Also I haven't been on this forum for a while. Regarding some earlier questions about demo activity and how "silence speaks" on the promotional end. I'm pretty much doing zero promotional work at present until I've shipped completed boats out to my early adopters who have displayed heroic amounts of patience thus far through all the delays. Right now they are priorities 1-100 and future sales will be in the future. It would be wrong to go on a road show when I know that the shop runs faster with me in it both building and directing building. I am morally obliged to keep my head down and work round the clock on production. Or at least that's how I see it. The good news is we're steadily increasing our speed of output each week. DRC
  14. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Simply put, it's not about taking the foils off so much as gating them to "hyperplaning" mode and no further. Choking the wand up until the foils will lift no further than the planing waterline means that the foils generate a crazy amount of planing assist and then push no further upward. Taking the horizontal off makes it a very very short catamaran with a very very tall rig. Don't do it. I do not condone it. It will be far less fun than a day of planing around at about 10knots with the foil lift keeping you there and pitch-stabilizing the boat. DRC