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  1. From the master list, I'm seeing a BIG cluster in the northeastern United States, the second biggest in Southern California, and nuclei in the chicago and central texas areas. Besides that there smaller nuclei in Florida, the PNW and then random boats about everywhere else. The two biggest foreign powers outside the USA are Australia and Switzerland. In other news, this is what a 100% OEM UFO looks like in use. "https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Ffulcrumspeedworks%2Fvideos%2F1860507764198265%2F&show_text=0&width=560" I'm totally itching to get these things out the door to their owners. The boat took another jump forward in quality with the finalized parts. DRC
  2. Well, obviously me. Skip white (classy dude) has offered to put together a nicely accommodating fun ripper course for a fleet which will be predominantly foil racing for the first time ever. Big hint: it's a drag race. The emphasis is on fun, speed and learning. DRC Edit. To further explain, it's a strange situation since the normal old vanguard tactic is to build a private armada first, run events and then sell boats. In this case we're punching them out and shipping them away to their owners, so I've got my boat and one other to provide. So when I get the question "will the UFOs be there?" The answer is "I dunno. Depends on what the fleet wants". Skip reached out with said question and together we cooked up this proposed format for inevitably green (hah. See what I did there?) UFO pilots. Should be a blast
  3. And I didn't need to spend half a day loading up some godforsaken trailer to do it! Woohoo! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1857855214463520&id=1491450577770654 DRC
  4. If you look at their facebook feed, you'll see that they've been hyping the boat for months with a bunch of old 18 footer footage which consists entirely of people biting it and parts blowing up. I think they've rightly concluded that speed is a number and that mayhem is what primarily sells ad space. If the boat was incredibly well behaved and stable out of the box, they would have failed. DRC
  5. If you can find the right diameter cap with interior grooves, the absolute professional thing to do is glue in a cap, but thick bog will do the trick fine. DRC
  6. I remember. As a perpetually light guy I don't often feel powerless to stop people off the wind in 6-10 knots. I even felt fast with my new ultra pointy boat. It was all useless against Angel of Attack, especially with the swing jib engaged. Extra points for it looking like a carbon crossbow. DRC
  7. Its worth noting that you can probably tune the angled battens by tensioning a control line or bungee in the batten pocket against the central one. DRC
  8. To put it in frank terms, no. In our estimation, that would get rid of one of the UFOs best features. Once you're airborne, and actually a little before that, the monohull-multihull distinction stops having any meaning. Switching from a multi to a mono would just make it tippier on the water and less forgiving when it comes down from the air. Further, another singlehander is not on the cards since we're pretty confident we hit that target solidly with the UFO. We may do some other....wilder... things several years down the line once we're confident that the UFO is a strong international one-design, but none of that will be related to the UFO, for the sake of protecting the class. Other questions: #715: Very encouragingly. We're scaling up another step in a little bit to handle all this demand. With 53 boats pre-sold and a couple disturbingly large bulk orders on the horizon it looks like we need to put more hands on the production line. #711: Planning on a bunch of actual concrete comparisons in the coming months. I think we could all benefit from a lot more rigorous study of the two boats sailing against one another in a variety of conditions. #709. UHMW (and in one case polycarbonate) wear-rings are involved in nearly every place that a thing slides or rotates relative to another thing. DRC
  9. Do what we do and just have the jib made with the battens angled perpendicular to the forestay. It's the lightest, cleanest and most robust solution. Its not tuneable, but tuning isn't everything. DRC
  10. For my money, I would love it if there were essentially two skippers. One who handles the horizontal plane, and one who handles flight. That would mean that flight is truly a form of art in the same way that steering and sheeting can be art. Some people would just have a touch for it. However, I believe that what's going on is a good deal more automated than that given that the fatalities you could get from being bad at flying are no joke. The fact that Oracle claims to have about 100,000 lines of code dedicated to foil control means that there's likely a lot more going on than just pressing the Up and Down buttons on the wheel while you steer the boat. The rule states that actuation needs to be "Initiated by manual input" so I would bet you a lot that the "gearbox" of code between the control buttons and foils is pretty smart all on its own and also built with a whole library of modes to naturally target local optimums of tuning. At least, that's what you'd want to do. Maybe it's just a set of actuators wired to buttons and, so long as you're steering in a straight line, these guys have just become amazingly refined at driving the foils, but I really doubt that's the entire story. Either way the foils are being manipulated all the damn time by something. DRC
  11. Okay fuck it, it's my day off I'm going to jump in on this. Nearly all discussions about foil design for their stability charictaristics in a fixed state are irrelevant at this stage. We're looking at robotic L-foils which rely on constant rake adjustment to work in the same way that moth flaps are always working. Here's a 360 degree video from inside the oracle testbed as it flies. Watch the foils. They aren't stationary for more than .75 seconds ever. While discussions about surface piercing V foils, leeway coupling and near surface conditions are relevant for discussions of boats with less robotics on board, they have a lot less bearing here. Doug, how Up the tips are is going to be less important than the proprietary software that gears those foils. The good news for France is that programming is the easiest thing to modify. What I find pretty cool about this is that this active control regime was something that the Hydros team were trying to achieve back in 2013 with their 16-1 rope purchase driving foil rake which the crew was meant to "fly" at all times. Dicey on two counts: 1.potential user error 2. Purchases actually contain a bit of stretch in them vs worm drives or hydrolic rams, so those foils have always had a little bit more of a mind of their own. Norgador took a crack at driving the purchase with a wand on the bow but clearly felt that they hadn't got near to cracking the code ad instead just locked the foils into position for racing. The person that gets a wand drive to properly work on a small set of AC type L foils will have a seriously fast toy to play with I'm really excited to see that Groupama is tacking on the new foils, that's great news, though if you check the footage they were getting seriously near to foil tacking on their old foils a few days ago. DRC
  12. Smart guy. Plywood is very easy to work with. Excellent beginners material. DRC
  13. I have Proboat#166 with Daves article. The drawing is on page 24 and the boat is discussed as "UFO(Unidentified Foiling Object)". I was surprised that Dave would have changed it and that I didn't see it. So ,in fact, it hasn't been changed unless I missed it in some other location. To clarify, it's neither. It's the UFO. The acronym is completely secondary and can be whatever you can fit into the three letters. Most of the good names from mythology, ornithology and entomology were already played out but the modern folk myth of the UFO fit the bill perfectly. That sense of "oh my god my perception of the world is permanently changed and now I'm one of the UFO crazies" fit with the experience of foiling for the first time perfectly. It stuck like glue. To answer some other questions raised, eel grass is a thing up in RI too. You can fly with some on your foils. If you smack into a clump, you will probably land and need to reset. Still good for recreational sailing. U0001 was the most numbers we could get in the serial number system allowed. We will need to reset at the 10,000th boat. DRC
  14. Correct. I oversaw and took part in the construction of hull #1 today (hull ID # U0001). It went pretty darn smoothly, for an instructional run. Things are looking good. I'm not proud of or happy about how much time it's taken to get to where we are. To a certain degree I'm extremely embarrassed since a good deal of how slowly it's gone is entirely my fault, not for want of effort but for want of project management savvy. It turns out I'm not very bright. Nonetheless, the production line is taking shape, the big pieces are finally being built and it's getting more real by the day. Thank you all for your ongoing belief in UFOs DRC
  15. I think we can all agree that the bill is beyond stupid. It sounds like it was written by the type of person who upon hearing you say "I'm a sailor" immediately asks "what do you do about sharks?". I can't help but laugh at it, though, because the law would ban kids from sailing lasers and sunfish but allow them to sail UFOs and kiteboards. Again. Beyond stupid. DRC