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  1. I would guess Delos still has a note on the boat, they had a lot of lean years before hitting it big with the Youtube/Patreone monies.
  2. Pretty tough to beat cross cut dacron with full battens for a cruiser. It lasts a long time and will generally be 1/2 to 1/3 the price of the top end sails.
  3. Free advice is worth what you pay for it. Trusting any crowd sharing navigational advice is, to me, not trustworthy. YMMV.
  4. You have to know what is required on the front end before making the decision. List the work to be completed, get quotes for said work, add a contingency amount and then add it all up. Does the number make sense for the project you are considering? If you take on a project boat without this information you are putting all your money at risk if the project is not completed. Will you loose money on your investment? Probably but if the boat complete is within your budget and you like it then go ahead. As others have said it may better to buy something newer.
  5. DS: Does that explain the scimitar-shaped rudder. How did that evolve? GC: Red Jacket was tank-tested at Stevens Institute. The model was showing a very strong weather helm, which I couldn’t understand. So Peter Desaix said, “Why don’t you tuft the model and have a good look at the water flow?” So we tufted it with strings and so on, and it was obvious there was a strong cross flow under the counter as the boat heeled. It was from the windward side to the leeward side, because the rudder was impeding the cross flow, and the cross flow was driving the stern to leeward and the bow to windward and giving the appearance of weather helm. We took the rudder off the model, ran it again, and the cross flow was just the same, but the boat balanced fine. That told me to absolutely minimize the connection between the rudder and the hull. That’s why for years we had a scimitar-shaped rudder to minimize the breadth of rudder at the hull to allow the cross flow to pass under the counter unimpeded. http://www.proboat.com/2013/03/george-cuthbertson/
  6. Fix it as you go and funds permit, fresh water boats, no corrosion in our part of the world......... http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1981/New-York-36--3025932/Superior/WI/United-States#.WQkHV9orJPY http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1982/C%26C-Fiberglass-Sailboat-3008716/Holland/MI/United-States#.WQkIQdorJPY http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1972/Tartan-30-2937784/North-Chicago/IL/United-States#.WQkIk9orJPY http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1977/Cs-27-2753721/Etobicoke/Canada#.WQkJI9orJPY
  7. For those of us who are prone to "touch" stuff on occasion, Awlcraft is a wonderful paint.
  8. http://www.flowsystemsusa.com/water-miser-vent-cap.html
  9. I wish him all the best, "second time's a charm" right.
  10. It's very easy to make a larger displacement boat "system rich". Much as we try to keep Joli simple it's not easy because the systems requiring power create other systems and soon it becomes complicated.
  11. If that's the case it's probably best the boat is still in the barn. Big boats with complex systems can go down hill quickly if not used and maintained. Looking forward to hearing about plan B.
  12. Seeing that ND is rich, successful and busy the only scenario I see for the boat being used and maintained is a hired captain and mate. Sure it would cost a few hundred annually but money doesn't seem to be an issue for ND. How nice would it be to say to your captain have the boat in Antibe July 1st. Make arrangements for visiting such and such harbors. And really running and maintaining a 60 footer is a full time job.
  13. I really like your boat. To me the proportions look just right. Will, I agree that The Morgan 30 has nice lines. Given all the constraints of a mass-market production boat, the Morgan 30 resolves a set of aesthetic challenges. such as the need for standing headroom despite modest freeboard, and retaining visual elements of a wooden boat in a new material with very different properties . But I think that Tom's boat is a good illustration of my theory that boats are much like people: the beauty lies at least as much in the personality as in the lines. Tom's Whimsy is not just a set of lines. That boat is clearly much loved, and used. Every picture of Whimsy shows an ongoing relationship between wind, wave, hull and people, and it looks like a happy relationship. That's attractive, and it's hard to avoid thinking "I'd like to be part of that". So consider the example of Panope, whose guardian has posted many wonderful pictures. Given a drawing, would be easy to critique the lines of that boat: "the rig looks unbalanced", "the wheelhouse is too far aft", "the sheer is wildly exaggerated", and so on. There are good arguments against those aesthetic criticisms and for me, the counter-arguments would win but I think that either side of that debate misses the whole point of Panope. To my mind, the joy of watching Panope, is similar in principle to the joys of Whimsy: that Panope is superbly adapted to her purpose, and her current shape is the product of decades of love and development by the three generations of the same family. Panope is more like a living tree than a piece of construction. By contrast, Catari has lovely lines. In pure design terms, Catari is by far the most exquisite of the three. But Catari has not yet been brought to life. The master craftsmanship in her build has not yet been exposed to use and adventures, nor to neglect and mishaps redeemed by restoration and repair. She is dusty, unloved, sterile; a newly-planted tree, not yet established. So Catari has lines, but does not yet have character. Good lines are a great start ... but for me, lines lone do not create character. I am replying here to a very talented young designer, and I fear I may seem to be disparaging the importance of the designer's craft. If so, I have expressed myself badly, because what I really mean is that good lines are important, but that lines and construction are only the start of the journey. I'm afraid Catari will rot at a dock if ever launched.
  14. That's interesting Bob, thank you for asking Jim about the specifics of the power transfer. Cool set up!
  15. BJ, there are many posts here promoting something (ie boats, gear, services, charters, sailors, designs, sails..) take your pick. Some are new posters, some not, some buy adds others don't, some are interesting, some aren't worth more then a glance but if you are going to criticize one, then maybe all posters/threads involved in the marine trade should be required to "buy an add"? I wonder if a new poster popped up and posted a link to Liz Clark, would Liz Clark and the new poster be berated? After all she sails with funding provided by sponsors, is a woman, wears a bikini....... http://swellvoyage.com/ Picking one over the other doesn't make much sense to me when the reader has the ability to ignore the post or is this just "dick wagging real sailors" laughing at the newbies? Oh, one more comment. BJ I'm glad you aren't flicking them and KOHF cruising.