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  1. We're pretty use to writing checks with this boat, it'll be ok but thanks. Maybe I need a go fund me? I'll bet Jack and LB will throw in big $$'s.
  2. Very nice, what a pretty boat!
  3. Out of the water for the season. Keel off (leaking keel bolt) and spar at the shop for refit
  4. Very cool, thank you for sharing that detail.
  5. Chris, do you have a crank for the outhual?
  6. Thrusters?
  7. I would love to sail aboard FL, it must be fantastic, but it won't load up, it'll just go faster. But loads won't be that high.
  8. Weight is power. Going from 10,000#'s to 65,000's is a lesson in power. I'ld listen to Bob.
  9. Very nice workmanship!
  10. Just testing the electric winches out
  11. I've heard they tend to hang and hinge Rasp.
  12. I've had trouble with SLA's when used to make prototype investment castings. I've found it to be cheaper and faster to simply hard tool from 3D data and pour conventionally at my Chinese suppliers. Hard tooling is only aluminum. YMMV
  13. Speaking of lead, ours is off. I assume there are ballast pockets for changing the trim but haven't specifically looked. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1CJVaSGOyq1OGQxZUUxc1Q3VXc
  14. You're right Rasp, I was thinking it wouldn't be in draw but seeing pictures it's ok to remove from the mold.