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  1. Bryanjb

    Caribbean 600

    Sometimes multihulls just get blown over, even with the world's best sailors aboard. No one's fault it's the nature of the beast.
  2. More cackling from the head hen, carry on chicken little.
  3. You all sound like a bunch of women discussing a soap.
  4. Bryanjb

    My newest project

    Awesome Ed! Congratulations
  5. 24 foot? It's the nut on the end of the tiller that's responsible for time and distance, digging the hole and being on the line on time and at speed. If you're over or in the cheap seats it's on you, not another crew member. And get the guy off the bow!
  6. Bryanjb

    Coolboats to admire

    CL, congrats on your sweet new ride, she looks like a beautiful boat. I'm afraid it's going to be a long winter for you.
  7. Bryanjb

    Coolboats to admire

    Kris, congrats on your GOB article, well done!
  8. Bryanjb

    Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Didn't go on any multi's but the HH66 looked interesting, I still like the Outbound 46.
  9. Bryanjb

    Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    After touring the Annapolis Boat Show docks I would say that multihulls have taken the world by storm.
  10. Now that's some funny shit. Most don't even know where they are or care. Hell, people buy really expensive boats sporting through hull skin fittings with mismatched threaded brass valves. I'm kind of surprised more don't sink.
  11. Bryanjb

    My newest project

    It always looks wrong to me when sails have no sail numbers, too many years on race course, maybe add a 1? But, the boat looks marvelous!
  12. Bryanjb

    Coolboats to admire

    Very nice Rasp!
  13. Bryanjb

    Coolboats to admire

    Your boat looks fantastic KDH and having work done on the boat by professionals is often part of maintaining a boat. Especially if the time, skill set or facilities are beyond our abilities or are unavailable.
  14. Bryanjb

    My newest project

    Best picture