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  1. Bryanjb

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Currently sailing where the showers are brief and warm. Photo of Caribbean foul weather gear.
  2. Bryanjb

    Show your boat sailing thread

    We dropped the hook just inside the break wall of Cape Henlopen, not a lot of water there. The next day we caught the tide and progressed to an anchorage in the northern Chesapeake. That's another area we want to explore but not with a boat that draws 9'. The northern Chesapeake is beautiful.
  3. Bryanjb

    Show your boat sailing thread

    The photo is a day sail from Sandy Hook Bay to Cape Henlopen. No stops, there is really no where on the NJ coast we fit. One day when we've gone to the dark side, power boat, we'll spend some time there. It looks like a great area to cruise. Just pulled up the track info: September 24, 2019. 130 miles, top speed 15.1 knots, average speed, 8 knots anchor up to anchor down.
  4. Bryanjb

    Full batten main with swept spreaders?

    We like our full length battens, the main is quieter and the sail more stable. We have in line spreaders though so deep reefing is a non issue. We're cruisers, the main is about 1,000 sq ft, with Batt Cars and easily reefed and unreefed using slab reefing.
  5. Bryanjb

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    We have two Solbian panels, they are excellent, you'll really like them.
  6. Bryanjb

    Retirement Planning

    Hang in there and keep your dobber up guys. Do what you gotta do and keep a positive attitude. I'm a stage 3 survivor, was supposed to be on the Bermuda race with another poster here but got sliced and diced and irradiated instead.
  7. Bryanjb

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Off NJ coastline
  8. The IRS does allow annuity style withdrawals from pretax savings without penalty. You would need to discuss those options with your accountant.
  9. Enough to sell it without leaving to much on the table. You'll know the number better than anyone else. But if it sells quick you'll think, damnit I'm to low, if it doesn't sell...well....
  10. Bryanjb

    Retirement Planning

    CL, from what I've seen you've done it right, you're enjoying life tremendously and from what I've seen of KDH's posts he's in the same boat "so to speak". The missus and I have always wanted to cruise so this is a fantastic opportunity for us. We're having fun and will continue on untill it's time to do some thing else. I've always believed choices are give and get, not really right or wrong. Just a fork in the road kind of thing.
  11. The market for used mono's is pretty tough right now. We're seeing 10 year old high quality boats listed for 25 percent of their original sale price. Everyone wants a cat, well we don't, but everyone else does. You might come out ahead financially to list it at a much reduced price and be done with it rather then spending time and money for "hopefully" a better sale price.
  12. Bryanjb

    Retirement Planning

    It would be good if Keith popped in and commented, I believe he worked with Bogle. Keith is the pro here.
  13. Bryanjb

    Retirement Planning

    Yes, very true, it's best to have a broad income stream and cash reserves so investments aren't required anytime soon. There are many good web sites to help those planning retirement or nearing retirement. Bucket strategies, withdrawal strategies, savings strategies... And if you can work with a good tax accountant and investment advisor cruising should be doable for those that want to do it.
  14. Bryanjb

    Retirement Planning

    BJ, all the program tries to do is calculate your income from most sources minus taxes based on your declared residency. It doesn't care if you live in Dominica or Denver. It sounded like you would be living a domestic nomadic life rather than an international nomadic life. Either way you'll need a declared state for residency. Florida works for us, federal taxes don't change but it's good to be finished with state and local taxes. Anyway, good luck with your new adventure.
  15. Bryanjb

    Waquiez Gladiator

    Father in law sailed a Pretorian for 20 years, fantastic boats. Hard to go wrong with an older Wauqiez (sp?)