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  1. Speaking of lead, ours is off. I assume there are ballast pockets for changing the trim but haven't specifically looked. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1CJVaSGOyq1OGQxZUUxc1Q3VXc
  2. You're right Rasp, I was thinking it wouldn't be in draw but seeing pictures it's ok to remove from the mold.
  3. Just drill a few holes if there is access?
  4. They probably cast it with the bottom of the mold parallel to the horizon, hence the top of the casting is not tapered (unless they machine it).
  5. So, if we're going to get "coached" up where do we find the "bona fides" of the RYA instructor?
  6. Take the dinghy.
  7. I'll check around and see if any of the fabricators have a Niton to determine the alloy. The cap pins are 1", the chain plates are 1" thick. The weldment is 1" by 6"? in a T that is maybe 2' long. The weldment is hardcoat anodized by the looks of it. The weldment has been there for a lotta years and has been through a lot of sailing. I just want to duplicate what has worked through many years of service.
  8. I'll be at the spar maker in a week or two and will ask what alloy they use for the trucks. The current aluminum chainplates have been in the boat for 25~30 years and our previous boat had aluminum chainplates too. 7075 has about the same tensile (83ksi) as 316 SS (84ksi), 6061 is about 45ksi. Everything on the boat is sized for the aluminum chainplates so I would like to keep them the same and since they are weldments I don't want to go the titanium route.
  9. Getting ready to replace existing aluminum chainplates with new aluminum chainplates, anyone know which alloy should be specified? 2024? 7075? The current chainplates were fabricated by Palmer Johnson during the last refit, they seem to be out of the business.........
  10. Nothing wrong with drilling and tapping carbon fiber and nothing wrong with drilling and tapping a G10 plate then bonding it to carbon fiber. Bonding a tapped G10 plate to our carbon fiber dodger is what we did since the carbon skins were fairly thin. I believe the tracks for Battcars and such are simply bolted to a tapped carbon fiber spar.
  11. I also know guys with an extensive body of knowledge who exhibit no skill. Kind of works both ways.
  12. Experience isn't coursework. Nothing wrong with course work but if you want to be proficient you have to have time on the water.
  13. Very cool Bull, very cool!
  14. Set up with a continuous zipper the mainsail cover can be closed from the back of the boom rather than up by the gooseneck and the main halyard can live on the headboard. No reason to reach the top of the main.
  15. I'm glad there are schools out there but like Dylan I have no desire to hold any certs. I'm not in the industry and don't want to be, this is my hobby not my vocation.