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  1. TheDeerHunter

    Who is snaggletooth

    He as always given clues to who he is, rumor has it that he is a guy that has a web business and has lots of free time. think he sailed a farr 39
  2. TheDeerHunter

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Just the same BS, sore looser stuff. You beat me..... wahhh, wahhh, wahhh, The H is the best sailed 29 out there and there will be haters. If the racing was close the protest would be valid, but even if you gave the H a hit it would not have made a difference. If he really thinks he is that good, Tommy should race one design and see where he stacks up. Something tells me it would be a shot stack though.
  3. TheDeerHunter

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    We got out old slug bast 10 kts, which might be a record. The tris were flying through the fleet. My gues is they were hiting 20+, but one of them will have to confirm. We took more abuse motering out to the course than we did during the race.
  4. TheDeerHunter

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    Kevin I assume you were the 26 footer with the yellow sail. If so, wow is your judgement and memory flawed, the tri never altered course, you both decided to pass a slower boat, the tri went below the boat who heated up slightly to protect on you, while you decided to go above the slower boat. You put yourself closer to the rock by going above the slower boat. You then decided you wanted to go lower, trying to force the tri to alter course. You actually at that point approached her from winward as the overlap was broken. I heard them tell you not to sail down on them and you still tried. Finally, I think their crew said call the proper rule and we will jybe away. You called an obstruction you jybed as they jybed. I sailed on for another minute 20 yards to winward of your postion before the jybe, so not only did you violate rule 17, but you called for an obstruction when it wasn't needed. Now if you kept the seperation and didn't sail down on her, you could have jybed behind her way before you put yourself near the obstruction, but you chose the lets try to force her out of our way tactic while screaming and they will move. Must have worked for you in the past, but your luck ran out. Most people would man up to their mistake and say sorry or withdraw, but it seems like the only way you will learn is in the protest room. Sadly we only do this race now, but I am sure others will be on the look out for you.
  5. TheDeerHunter

    Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    The M32 was super fast on Friday and well sailed. Sat the seas made it a pound fest even the N36 was hating life. I am sure some boats had some broken parts in those seas. The best action was watching two boats fight with each other a big tri and a GP26. We had a front row seat in 5Kts of breeze. The smaller boat had a bunch of screaming dicks aboard was winward sailing down on the tri and calling for water room, yet we draw more and were inside of him. Just a winey punk that didn't get his way. Greatest sight was when a small puff came through and the tri was gone like a rocket. Justice served.
  6. TheDeerHunter

    espo is a dick

    Espo races bikes now...everyone should just leave him alone. Pedal or motor? I'd pay to see the Hustler motorcycle gang doin circles on the AYC lawn ... It is pedal. Neil is the only one that has power and he falls at slow speeds.