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  1. Yeah mate for sure. Way too far fetched. You’re talking about a whole different ballgame. Also... S&S are a two boat challenge, don’t underestimate them.
  2. What about a shuttle ballast/shuttle keel? Lead weight with an embedded electric motor running on an internal track. It would keep the bulb out of the air/water flow. It could run on a track with a rack and pinion system, travel out into deck spreaders at its furthest extension and down into the bottom of the hull for stability when the boat isn't powered up. The track would be essentially V shaped. It could bring some of the benefits (perhaps not all) of a canting keel without much of the drag... It would require fairly sizable bulbous wings(or could be incorporated into hull shape perhaps) but would allow the shifting of lead ballast without dragging it through the water, allowing the possibility of maneuvering whilst foiling??? Thoughts?
  3. Who wants slow motion match racing? High speed match racing is far more relevant in 2017/2021. The difference will be the sailors will be sailing instead of pumping oil. Trimming sails, hoisting/dropping sails. Crew work that real people can identify with. I enjoyed the super fast cats, don't get me wrong. But having Olympic level sailing talent reduced to power generators was an embarrassment for the sport.
  4. Costro

    Team NZ

    I'm thinking back to 2007/03/00, there are plenty of potential challengers that might turn up for some true AC mono action. Only now fully foiling! Hurry up and give us the class rule!!!! BA will be there, looking all sad and dejected. Telling everyone how he is going to bring it home to the UK, while all the time knowing deep down that it won't happen
  5. I asked several ETNZ team members after the win what the next boat would look like. They pretty much came out and said it would be a foiling mono. Fully foiling for that matter. Minimum 60ft, soft sails with at least 10 sailors actually sailing, not cycloring. I asked the question, how could you tack/gybe and stay on the foils or even stay fast if you had to swing a canting keel around the place??? The answer surprised me. "If we're smart, we could do it without the lead!" ie. No canting keel! What would this look like?... Maybe in ten years we will all need double wide births for our triangle shaped monos? Who knows... This is what we are going to see I think. And it is going to surprise the sailing world. After all, they want to push the sport forward, and by doing it in a mono, it might actually trickle down to the rest of us real world sailors. Given the designers working on this concept and some of their recent work, I have total faith that it is going to be an amazing class. I have a feeling it's going to be a monster! Can't wait to geek out on the details with all you shmucks!
  6. Costro

    Team NZ

    You can clearly see how much larger the font has gotten. It grows with the ego of the billionaires engraving it.
  7. Costro

    Team NZ

    Those first couple days were def on the batwing foils. Yup. Watching her foil day one, you could feel she was a special machine. Ah, fond memories now...
  8. Costro

    Team NZ

    Haha, that model has just shown me what a geek I am! I would love to have one as I loved that boat. But the slight (glaring) inaccuracies in rudders, boards, aero package, attitude etc. It would drive me mad! Haha
  9. Costro

    Team NZ

    Day 2 LV final. Races 4,5,6.
  10. Costro

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    WTF do I know. I'm only going on what I was told by Glen, Ray D, Kevin S and Dan B etc. The direction is known. The details are not.
  11. Costro

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    Because they have had preliminary discussions with LR about what comes next isn't unfair. They have had similar discussions with all the other potential challengers as well. Nothing is decided or designed yet! Far out stinger! All you're going on is pure speculation, I can tell you unequivocally, you're dead wrong!
  12. Costro

    Poll: Next AC Boat

    ETNZ have definitely not started dev on new boat. They have some ideas, the general direction is starting to solidify. But they haven't even started negotiation with COR yet. It will be a sailors boat. And we will see many more than two or three guys sailing the thing. Outside of that, it's all still up in the air.
  13. Costro

    Team NZ

    I know what the rudders were made of, can we say?
  14. Costro

    Anyone heard from Deano??

    One thing you can count on, the protocol will be written, and that's it. It will stand unchanged until the AC is won. That's about as fair as you can ask for in the AC.