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  1. Costro

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Some of us have been drone chasing the kiwis for ages... but loyalties don’t allow us to share the footage openly. Wait until the yanks get out there, I promise to show a lot more footage from those guys.
  2. Costro

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The team are back on the water!
  3. Costro

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    If you had ever seen this boat in action with your own eyes you would know she was tip-toeing through that fleet. She looks a lot more hectic when she’s wound up and has no issue getting through the manoeuvres dry. It’s easy when the computer does all the flying for you.
  4. Costro

    Team NYYC

    So this place is now completely irrelevant. It’s really sad to see. This forum used to be a place of debate and informative discussion. Thanks to one poster it has now become a giant whiny bitchfest. What a waste of time. It seems anyone with any actual knowledge has left. Well done dickhead! Is there another place where the real discussion has moved? PM me if you’re in the know.
  5. Costro

    Who goes over first?

    I’ve seen these boats power up from a standstill, they aren’t the impossible prospect that some here paint them as. It’s just going to take some serious skill and seamanship to get the best out of them. Hmmm, sounds like sailing eh. Last I looked, AC was loaded with some of the best sailors in the world across all teams. I think this iteration will not only do just fine, in my opinion it is already the most enjoyable, fascinating AC in decades.
  6. Costro

    Who goes over first?

    I think it sounds damn exciting. Force your opponent off the foils, gain massive advantage. Great! I’m going to choose to believe Gashby over someone who spends too much time smoking Smack out of daddy Larry’s glass pipe, when GA says they will be the best boats ever for match racing starts. Don’t know about the rest of you, but GA has just a bit more credibility than old trolldaddy here. also, have you seen these fuckin boats! They are grand, fast, sexy and sleek. Turn on a dime and maintain their speed through the manoeuvre. Not sure what more you want from match racing in the 21st century bro? Slow boats doing 12 knots and only inches of advantage bow to bow? That shit was exciting, loved it, those days are gone for the pinnacle of our sport. Plenty of other places you can get that if that’s what you want, but by definition there can be only one pinnacle, for our sport that is AC. Not about to change anytime soon and that’s just fine.
  7. Costro

    Team NYYC

    That port foil is crazy looking. Looks a very small area.... Super-cav? Could be what defines this cup?
  8. Costro

    Foil Arms

    This should be here. First arms seen hanging in the wild.
  9. Yeah mate for sure. Way too far fetched. You’re talking about a whole different ballgame. Also... S&S are a two boat challenge, don’t underestimate them.
  10. What about a shuttle ballast/shuttle keel? Lead weight with an embedded electric motor running on an internal track. It would keep the bulb out of the air/water flow. It could run on a track with a rack and pinion system, travel out into deck spreaders at its furthest extension and down into the bottom of the hull for stability when the boat isn't powered up. The track would be essentially V shaped. It could bring some of the benefits (perhaps not all) of a canting keel without much of the drag... It would require fairly sizable bulbous wings(or could be incorporated into hull shape perhaps) but would allow the shifting of lead ballast without dragging it through the water, allowing the possibility of maneuvering whilst foiling??? Thoughts?
  11. Who wants slow motion match racing? High speed match racing is far more relevant in 2017/2021. The difference will be the sailors will be sailing instead of pumping oil. Trimming sails, hoisting/dropping sails. Crew work that real people can identify with. I enjoyed the super fast cats, don't get me wrong. But having Olympic level sailing talent reduced to power generators was an embarrassment for the sport.
  12. I asked several ETNZ team members after the win what the next boat would look like. They pretty much came out and said it would be a foiling mono. Fully foiling for that matter. Minimum 60ft, soft sails with at least 10 sailors actually sailing, not cycloring. I asked the question, how could you tack/gybe and stay on the foils or even stay fast if you had to swing a canting keel around the place??? The answer surprised me. "If we're smart, we could do it without the lead!" ie. No canting keel! What would this look like?... Maybe in ten years we will all need double wide births for our triangle shaped monos? Who knows... This is what we are going to see I think. And it is going to surprise the sailing world. After all, they want to push the sport forward, and by doing it in a mono, it might actually trickle down to the rest of us real world sailors. Given the designers working on this concept and some of their recent work, I have total faith that it is going to be an amazing class. I have a feeling it's going to be a monster! Can't wait to geek out on the details with all you shmucks!
  13. Costro

    Oracle Team USA

    Crickets are chirping in here.
  14. Costro

    Oracle Team USA

    Jimmy left half his ego on shore, massive gains in making the boat lighter.