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  1. Yeah, if you're young, there's a rule that you have to be a dumbass. But I've noticed most middle aged and older people like to abide by that rule as well. And for the record, I'm a big fan of the JP- family of fuels. I used to go camping a lot and I'd wake up to that smell and know it was time to put boots on, and fill my canteen cup with water and stick it on the back deck of an M-1A1 to make my morning cocoa. See, they used to run the water heater / stove on those things for a half hour every morning, and the 1800 degree exhaust would heat up the back deck enough to cook pretty much anything on it, and if we'd brought enough gear we could could cook bacon and eggs in a skillet. So burnt JP 4, 5, 6 or 8 smells like good times to me, though running the water heater / stove combo unit cost the taxpayers a couple hundred bucks every morning. Camping isn't as much fun now that I do it with my family and a Coleman stove.
  2. Whipped & melted them. Took about 5 minutes per end, as Gouv said. The ends (and the bowlines) held up fine in 25 kt conditions today. And looked pro. Thanks for the pointers.
  3. I'm replacing the genoa sheets on my J/35 with 3/8 Maxibraid Plus. It's reputedly low stretch, with a coated Spectra core, has a nice hand feel, doesn't tangle on everything, etc. I would ask it on a date if I weren't married already, just based on what people say. But what to do with the bitter ends - melt or whip? The #1 sail (155%) puts a big load on the sheets, and they are constantly being handled quite hard. They are polyethylene so they'll melt just fine but I suspect that whipping is required to avoid cover creep (and because the default answer on a sailboat is generally "whatever is harder to do and requires more skill" and because it looks pro). But I would like confirmation on this before I repeatedly stab myself in the left hand tomorrow whipping them up.
  4. Best bet is to sell the boat to somebody who likes the smell of diesel. You could advertise at truck stops, and in online forums for huffers.
  5. Apparently, this app translates English into Snaggle-ese. AFAIK, there is nothing out there that translates Snaggle-ese into English. You are on your own for that. https://spellfucker.com/
  6. As long as you are going through relatively calm water, 8 or 9 HP will definitely get you up to hull speed. 30 additional horsepower won't make it noticeably faster though the strain from the bigger engine could conceivably rip a big chunk out of the transom. Please post up and let us know how this epic delivery works out.
  7. So which religion is better?
  8. @HHN92 - Haven't signed up yet but Maggie will be there. The Program Director has budgeted $.04 for delivery costs - Whitehall Creek to Green #9 or thereabouts. Bought her last summer from the estimable prior owner, this will be our first season of steady racing on this boat, mostly new crew, etc. Looking forward to mixing it up. Even if we wind up fighting over scraps.
  9. Which yard? Inquiring minds & etc.
  10. Gouv, thanks tons! Always appreciate your opinion on this sort of stuff. "At least 50 boats" - that's a pretty good sample. I'm going to count that as confirmation that Trinidad will work over Baltoplate. What's your surface prep for the pre-existing Baltoplate - 120 grit light sand followed by solvent wipe down?
  11. I have a race bottom with Baltoplate that has turned into a slime farm: properly faired, burnished, etc. The diver tells me that the last 2-3 years in our part of the Chesapeake, Baltoplate (and the VC equivalent - offshore?) have turned into a slimy disaster - nothing to do with the paint and everything to do with conditions in the bay. He said he's doing some fast boats that use Trinidad Pro, and that a light sand right before it goes into the water produces a fast bottom that stays a lot cleaner and buffs out nicely with weekly or semi-weekly dives. He named a couple of the local boats with that bottom and they are indeed successful - but a good sailor with mediocre bottom can crush a bunch of mediocre sailors with great bottoms, so your mileage may vary. I asked about whether removing the Baltoplate is necessary since I've seen conflicting compatibility sheets on that - one says remove, one says rough sand the Baltoplate - and he claims that with a rough sand the Trinidad Pro adheres just fine, and he works in a yard that paints when he isn't diving boats. We're going to be working up into being a competitive OD program but it's going to take a couple years before shiny new sails and mega smooth bottoms pay off for us, since the top of our class is damned good the money would be wasted on the pro prepped racing bottom. (That money's going to go to go-fast school instead...) Questions for the peanut gallery: 1) Is anybody using Trinidad Pro, and in your estimation, does it sand (and buff during the course of a season's dives) into an acceptable racing bottom? And, 2) Any insight as to whether I need to remove the Baltoplate and redo the whole interprotect buildup before applying Trinidad Pro? Got conflicting answers on that and a second opinion would be helpful. Bonus question - is two coats of Trinidad Pro atop ~4 Interprotect layers sufficient?
  12. Dark & Stormy > Kryptonite. Except after exposure to Dark & Stormys, you still feel like you're Superman.
  13. So Ajax, how'd the burrito taste? My most recent purchase was a very well kept racer-cruiser. The prior owner was about as Bristol as a real racing owner ever gets, so I haven't found anything unusual on the boat. Aging burritos and cans of beer weigh too much, you see, and if they aren't in just the right spot in the boat they mess up the balance... well kept boat. Our last sailboat before this one, on the other hand, apparently harbored some fishermen who liked to smoke. Lots. Rusting filet / bait cutting knives, low quality chopping boards, and many, many cigarette butts would appear from behind every stray corner, in the bilge, tucked under random bits of gear and so on. Rusty bottle tops from unidentifiable brands of now-defunct beer, empty match books... You name it. After the first rusty and still-scaly filet knife I encountered, I became very cautious about sticking my hands into dark little nooks and crannies.
  14. Slick, a (82?) Beneteau First 38 circumnavigated without too many issues, except for some osmosis that had to be dealt with in Turkey, typical of that era I'm told. Decent enough web site chronicling the whole adventure, Hardly Anything Works.
  15. Let me know how it goes, Ajax. I have a smaller (~12") Bomar hatch that the interior dog has broken off of, at the plexiglass. The dog doesn't appear to go through, but has a sort of cap on the outside. I have not a clue how to replace the thing short of buying a new hatch ($250) that I'd rather put toward the bottom job. If I find any resources on it I'll let you know.