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  1. I liked my tablet as an alternative to my below-deck chartplotter until a night race a couple months ago. Heading downwind in 20-25 kts under the kite, we were surfing but got a fluke wave that crashed over the transom, soaking me and the tablet to the bone. I dried off and kept working, the tablet didn't. We're in the process of upgrading and I was toying with the idea of casting the chartplotter to the tablet on deck, but now think I'm just going to move the chartplotter or get a new one and start upgrading the old electronics into an N2k network. If we weren't an open-cockpit racer/cruiser maybe I'd feel different but for now will pay the extra couple hundred bucks for a midrange chart plotter and live without the frills a tablet gives me on the deck.
  2. This. Ask a couple of them even. I did and am on Trinidad Pro and really liking it for staying clean and being a reasonably hard go-fast paint. Doesn't like being out of the water for an extended period of time, tho. YMMV based on your region. Pretty sure Jamestown Distributors that polls sailors about what they are using and results in a given area. Worth checking too.
  3. Or with another half ton of meat on the rail. Helps a lot of square assed sport boats go upwind.
  4. Was that container 40' x 8'6", or was it 8'6" x 40'? Just curious which kind of container it was.
  5. Ah. Reducing legal billings resulting from auto-discovery creating a huge pile of meaningless (to the litigation) posts about Fort Mywhores from the forums, which would in turn have to be reviewed at a few hundred bucks an hour by a junior associate, I'm guessing. Interesting. Surprised then we can post about the Marblehead race without that word being altered to Martha's Bed or something.
  6. Yeah, this. All credit and kudos for getting out in the weather, chaps, and for tossing your video pearls among us forum swine, but that excursion was *way* more exciting than sailing in 30 kts wind needs to be and burying the rail made it slower than it had to be. Next time it's a little sporty out, drag an experienced guy out to show you how to trim and drive it better. You'll have a smoother ride that goes faster, and the poor bastard working the low side of the boat will be dryer and warmer, plus it won't endanger your expensive gear.<--- voice of sad experience there. And take more great video and report back.
  7. Cherry picking? If I concede on that point, I have to accept that the US was just super lucky for the last >11 years in not seeing landfall of any major storms... but the weather of the last couple weeks proves your theory that warming oceans ->more frequent higher intensity storms.
  8. Weather =/= Climate. Until this little outburst by Angry Mother Gaia (she is angry because we used disposable water bottles during the last regatta, I presume) we were daily setting the record for most days in between major (Cat 3 & above) hurricane landfalls in the US. One could look at this chart of the periods between the last 90 major hurricanes to hit the US and conclude that the incidence of major hurricane landfalls is somewhat stochastic and perhaps not particularly indicative of anything. It seems like the droughts should be getting a lot shorter in between high intensity storms if the oceans are warming and that warming causes more high intensity storms. Unless of course we've had major warming as a consequence of the severely overheated political rhetoric of the last year. Apologies. Comment edited to include this link to the article [https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/08/25/harvey-will-probably-make-landfall-as-a-major-hurricane-heres-what-that-means/?utm_term=.17a223d4ffe6] that I pulled the graphic from.
  9. Damn Christian, always loved competing against you guys on that boat and just seeing Wanda out there. Love me a sport boat, and the fish always made me smile. I am so sorry Wanda is toast, glad you and the crew are okay though.
  10. Got a buddy in Anguila. He's survived a couple Cat 4s down there. His house is reinforced concrete on 2x6 framing, including the roof. He's a little nervous about this one though. Local authorities have been buttoning up for 4-5 days, some of the utilities went down late yesterday. Last I heard from my friend was around 6:00 AM, he Fb'ed that it was getting real frickin' interesting. Haven't heard from him since that time, but am not freaking out - suspect the cell service has been knocked off line, the wall-of-the-eye was hitting Anguila by 8:00. Hoping for the best for him and his wife. For people that may have pals down that way I'll post up if I hear anything on conditions. I'm not a big fan of people who aren't on the spot suffering vicariously through people they've never met but I've got a few pals in the Island and many family/friends in South FL. Very concerned for them.
  11. I know you have bitc at times quipped that your retirement fund can only handle so much of this boat stuff. But at this point, I think you could start referring to the collect ion your fleet as "my retirement investments" or "my actual retirement fund." Sure, that isn't true and doesn't make it any better but if you say it often enough you may start believing it, and then you feel better, and if there's anything the internet teaches us, it's that what you feel is the most important thing... Nice dinghy, BTW.
  12. For reasons that aren't entirely clear to me, I'm recalling a training film the Army showed us In Basic.
  13. "Fully equeipt sailboat with instruments and safefty" I read that and just assumed it was Snaggy's boat.
  14. Hah, you found a picture of her. That boat always caused me a smile and giggle. Lotta racing miles passed under that one's keel. Heard she was for sale.
  15. He could then name it Air Mail. Works great... at least as a West Coast name. Man, I am full of new ideas this morning.