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  1. Lex Teredo

    DQOD - Kevlar jib

    What Longy said. The Kevlar should last a long time. I have a woven Kevlar #3. It is stout, in great shape, and possibly older than my youngest crewman, who is in high school. Sailmaker always looks at my sails, says I need X, Y and Z, and then, "but that #3 [that we beat the living piss out of and sometimes use for deliveries too if the weather is bad enough] is in amazing shape." Woven Kevlar cloth FTW. On the other hand, I have some laminate sails with Kevlar tape covered with, who knows, heat shrink Saran Wrap or something similar. They lose about 25% of their racing utility after one season of "big events only" use, then last a couple more years before the laminate gets so fragile that a small gust will bust holes in it. A 4 year old laminate Kevlar sail is probably next to worthless. It is a rare one that holds up nicely over time with UV and Ozone exposure, plus regular wear and tear.
  2. Lex Teredo

    DQOTD: Answered. Parachute flares.

    Well, thank God sailboats aren't considered a mode of transportation. Otherwise you'd be required to keep those blocks on there.
  3. Lex Teredo


    Amazing, awesome work. Fair winds!
  4. Lex Teredo

    Alberg 30

    Oh, you're going to have to buy us a pitcher of beer and sit for a while to have this conversation.
  5. Lex Teredo

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    I had no idea you were a psychiatrist treating the criminally insane. Cool gig.
  6. Lex Teredo

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    I had no idea you were a psychiatrist. Cool.
  7. Lex Teredo

    "BucketLust" - beware

    So, you'd treat it like an ordinary day, pretty much.
  8. Lex Teredo

    Upcoming GPS Outage

    And this is why I generally stick to posting facetious shit.
  9. Lex Teredo

    Upcoming GPS Outage

    Get out your sextants... GPS may be compromised over the Southeast US and Caribbean during upcoming military exercises if this is to be believed. Train like you might have to fight... It isn't clear to me how bad the diminution of service will be but thought it prudent to pass along this advisory. I expect the USCG may issue a similar warning if they haven't already. On a related subject, there are ongoing discussions in D.C. led by the Department of Transportation pursuant to the LoBiondo Act, on a replacement for Loran / backup capability for GPS. It's needed due to the fragility of the satellite ecosystem and its vulnerability to solar and terrestrial events, and military action. I'm not sure about the current status of the new system but know that it is in the works.
  10. Lex Teredo

    Ulman Sails - Wally Cross - System Sailing

    Mockup for a new online service - Popup ads on a site featuring boat porn. Call it Sailhub. "Hot local pro racing sailors in your neighborhood are eager to coach you..." [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] Chad, 26 Mark O., 46 Ian, 40 Rimas, 56 Newport Great Lakes Sidney Everywhere It can't miss.
  11. Lex Teredo

    What defines a true circumnavigation?

    I only count the circumnavigations that start at the north or south pole, go to the opposite pole and return, with an optional layover to get hammered in McSorley's in lower Manhattan. Anything else is just pretend circumnavigation, if you ask me.
  12. Lex Teredo

    Jane You Ignorant Strut...

    I need to put on a new prop shaft coupler, install a dripless shaft seal in place of the old stuffing box, and re-bed the strut. It's a J/35, FWIW. For a few years I have papered over cracks around the strut with thickened West Epoxy / 406, and while it's still bedded in really solid, the cracking around the strut on the outside of the hull is a little more extensive this year - which maybe has something to do with 3-4 years of accumulating sealing/fairing material or maybe the strut is a little loose - it isn't loose but flexes a bit, maybe .05" with a really firm push. So as part of the general tinkering with the ass end of the boat, I am thinking about re-bedding the strut. Anybody got any tips on the procedure here? Also, knowing the importance of keeping the prop shaft more or less perfectly aligned, is this a better job for the yard than for a semi-skilled amateur? I'm going to have the yard replace the coupler as the old one is rusty and I don't have time for that PITA, and I'd rather their insurance cover any bad outcomes from the new seal, than mine. Thoughts?
  13. Lex Teredo

    Greta Rides Again?

    I can't believe the awful things you people post about this beautiful (not said in a creepy way at all) and mildly disabled young lady who only takes heat because she *cares* so damn deeply about various things. Between that, the profanity, the libel, the litigation and subsequent awkward posts about prominent sailors, bankers, wankers and YC commodores' wives, and the near pornography on this site (which admittedly is pretty sweet, not that I'm going to admit it in public), I am appalled. You people (and a local yacht broker) have stolen the early portion of my midlife crisis from me and should be ashamed of yourselves.
  14. Lex Teredo

    Halyard slips in clutch?

    What he said. Doubly true if you are using some silky, slippery high tech line rather than some salt-infused, sandpapery cruising line like Stayset X. ["Oh, so that's why you racers have all those cabin top winches..."]
  15. Lex Teredo

    Deck & Topsides Paint - Help!

    I used the Rustoleum topside and deck paint on an old Catalina 27 that had a bit too much crazing on the non-skid. It was inexpensive, $175 for enough paint to cover the deck bow to stern, and produced a 2010 job... at 20 feet, it was a 10, if you didn't look too close. It wasn't very easy to keep clean but that may have been due to aged gel coat. I would call it a good workboat quality finish. It was fine on a boat worth less than $5k. It looked good compared to most of the $5k boats, and who am I kidding, I paid $2.5k for that boat. I wouldn't put it on my current ride though, which is more of a $20k boat.