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  1. Visiting glamour

    Cool background stories on the yacht.
  2. Tell me about Cape Dory Typhoons

    It is a sure footed little keelboat, not fast but stable, responsive but not nervous, with a simple rig. Pleasant to sail. I had my first lessons on one in Buzzard's Bay. I wouldn't turn down a ride in one today...
  3. Caption Contest

    "Despite parking the boat on a starboard tack, Carl still didn't earn right of way in line at the bar."
  4. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    You're selling our friends and their embarrassingly good partying abilities short. How short? Real short. Real, awful short. Admittedly, when the media is discussing a Royal Navy officer having a big bump, it seems to involve only cocaine, and not hitting Asian cargo vessels. But still.
  5. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    True, the Royal Navy doesn't operate this way. But in the wake of the Fat Leonard procurement scandal, the US Navy doesn't have cash on hand - and it would take cash, no checks permitted - to pull of Royal Navy-style morale boosting activities.
  6. I like older R&B but tend to lean towards the roots music side of it. Robert Cray is really good, Dr. John is excellent. If you like the Alabama Shakes, you might like Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. They do a range of stuff, some of which probably fits into the louder class of R&B, some of which is primitive blues. For some good Review style R&B - thing Blues Brothers, big brass section - search YouTube for Little Georgie and the Shufflin' Hungarians. They did a couple albums in the 1990's, the lead singer shut it down to work in NOLA for about ten years, had some mental problems, and is working on another album with the group. It was a 10-12 piece R&B review, pretty amazing. Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias (produced by the same guy, George Rossi) are really good too.
  7. Whiskey Anarchy

    Hah. Being around other people is pretty good for that too, which is why I drink.
  8. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Did I hear that right in this morning's interview, that they now claim to have been turned away from Christmas Island? Their nav track is a little confusing to me... Motored to near Tahiti with a broken mast, drifted to Wake Island, drifted to Christmas Island, drifted to about a week's sail south of Japan? Maybe the constant ramming by sharks propelled them along.
  9. J24 frozen nuts

    Half acetone, half non-synthetic ATF is a pretty damn good solvent to try. Let it set a while and maybe give it a good shake to get it mixed. Don't let a bunch of it soak on the glass in the sump tho, and for the sake of all that is holy, wipe off any excess before you hit it with a torch.
  10. Joke

    Colonel Wilson was being replaced in Her Majesty's remote outpost in Kenya by Colonel Jones-Smythe. He gave the incoming commander the dime tour of the post, followed by gin and tonics, and some cucumber sandwiches. The new CO said, "you've done a very impressive job out here old chap... I see why they think highly of you in Whitehall. Very impressive indeed." "Why that's nothing, Jonesy. You haven't seen the best part of this station." Jones-Smythe's curiosity was piqued. "The best part?" "Yes, my aide, Captain Smithers. He's staying of course. Fantastic chap, Smithers. Brilliant soldier, anticipates every need, life of the party, and quick with his razor sharp wit! A bit mouthy though." At that Wilson called for his Aide. "Smithers!" A moment later a hunchback staggered in, dragging a non-functioning leg. A big chunk of his hair was missing, one eye had a huge growth coming out of the center, his teeth were snaggled and rotting, and he was shaking as if suffering from Parkinson's. "Smithers, tell Colonel Jones-Smythe about yourself." "Well sir, I attended Eaton, won a First in mathematics at Oxford, captained the rugby team in the Varsity Match, finished first in my class at Sandhurst, and represented England in the Olympics in Judo, plus I. . ." "Enough, Smithers!" shouted Wilson. "We know about all that... just tell Jonesy here about the day you told the witch doctor to 'fuck right off'."
  11. Whiskey Anarchy

    Scotch Single Malt - Aberlour A'bunadh. Blended - Crown. Best stuff ever is vintage Ardbeg but it's no longer moderately priced. Bourbon - Bulleit or Russell's Reserve; or Rare Breed for the holidays, Basil Hayden's if you twist my arm. Evan Williams, Jim Beam or Old Grandad for most cocktails Rye - Bulleit Rye Rum - Goslings. Vodka - Stoli. I hate how hipsters have driven up the price, successively, of vodka, scotch, and now bourbon. How am I going to turn into a mean old drunk at these prices?
  12. Google & Babel Yacht Brokers

    I know the drug-related property crime rate in Amsterdam is out of control, but this boat was "stolen every winter." They left out "recovered every spring," but I think it's implicit. That they kept the boat on a high crime neighborhood would explain how the hull got "rocked" in 2014.
  13. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    The Google offers some satellite imagery of the tight, tiny, difficult to navigate submarine pen harbor at Wake Air Force Base, with nautical charts here. It doesn't rival the navigational difficulties posed by the submarine pens at Ramstein, Minot and Whiteman Air Force Bases, of course, not to mention the brutal-to-enter sub pens at Fort Sill and Fort Hood, but I'm sure the Boat Basin at Wake AFB is still very daunting to a civilian. Somehow anchoring up there wasn't an option either...
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Entschuldigen Sie, bitte! After spending the best part of a decade living in Germany having friendly Germans politely correct my German grammar, I've corrected a German's English grammar, something I had vowed not to do unless asked. Oh well, there goes that sacred vow, along with chastity and the one about profanity.... It is a lovely and fun language with as many good idioms as we have in the deep South, although the finer points of German grammar mostly eluded me. I mastered 4 or 5 tenses, which was about 3-4 tenses too few, and I really only understood HochDeutsche (3 years in Duesseldorf) and Bayerische (3+ years in Bavaria), and I won't admit to understanding Hessiche and actually don't understand Schwaebisch. I miss living there. Do you still live in Germany?
  15. Stainless vs Aluminum - the struggle is real...

    Well, that's the point of the anti-seize compounds we're discussing.