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  1. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    What to do with three? Declare Chapter 11.
  2. The Delivery Trip - short Blogs

    Quoting John Kinsella in Field of Dreams, "Is this heaven?" Nice vids, Dylan.
  3. Catalina 27 Tuning Guide

    I sold the Catalina 27 a few years back but relied on the Excel Spreadsheet (attached below) for guidance. The boat sailed well for what it is, took us all around the Chesapeake. It's not fast but it is a great, great boat - inexpensive, easy to work on, inexpensive to maintain. Make sure you have Catalina Direct saved to your browser bookmarks though. Credit on the spreadsheet to http://www.richardandjudybell.com/c27/rigging.html. Copy of rigtension Cat 27.xls
  4. West Marine Auto Inflate with harness

    I've used that (basically the same) PFD for a few years, in a Mustang version, including taking a mid-race swim off the bow the year I bought it. It works fine, with two limitations. One is that it really needs a harness to keep it from riding up when it deploys - the bags close around your head and keep your chin up but if it was rough that thing would have a good chance of going completely over your head. It's okay for day sailing or buouy races without the harness but for anything serious I'd use a harness. The harness is available for ~60, IIRC. Not sure if the current version is made by Mustang, though it looks pretty close. The other thing is that because the bags run mostly of the way around the back of the head, the neck is a little tight. It almost needs a buck in the back at the center to allow adjustment for broad shouldered sailors. The CO2 cartridges are also expensive to replace. The upside - it worked reliably when I needed it, it's relatively cool compared to a lot of PFDs so I'm more likely to wear it; and even though it's not a great fit it's a pretty decent fit, which is all I've ever had from a PFD. So I've kept it and not moved on to another brand.
  5. dry rub for tri tip

    Montreal is a 90% solution. It's not always perfect but is usually very good. If you splash the meat generously with Worcestershire (pronounced "Relegation") sauce or maybe some balsamic vinegar, then add a healthy coating of Montreal, it kicks it up a notch.
  6. Two Guys and a Tartan 34

    In their short section on the crew, it's clear they're both experienced sailors of dinghies and small/mid-sized keelboats, if not experienced cruisers. I'm betting they'll be okay.
  7. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    That sound isn't just loud, it's profoundly unpleasant.
  8. Explain Cricket

    The aim of cricket as played in England is to sit in the stands and drink scrumpy, a ragingly stiff and unrefined hard cider, in a contest of wills in which the fans attempt to get drunker than the radio commentators, as some chaps run around a field and throw and hit balls, pausing every so often to switch roles. In this it is more or less identical to Chicago Cubs baseball, while Harry Caray was still alive and before the pimps and yuppies had taken over and turned the Cubs into a winning team on the field. Union Rugby is far superior insofar as the fans are in a contest to see who can be more polite, hold an immense quantity of liquor better than the other fans, as judged by English middle class behavioral standards, whilst some chaps on the field run around bludgeoning each other for a couple hours while pretending not to care about having just been bludgeoned. South Africans generally lose the fan contest to behave well, the English usually win the fan drinking competition, getting absolutely stoshed but not losing composure or manners (save perhaps Saracens fans, they're fez-wearing weirdos who lack composure to begin with), and the Kiwis often, but not always, tend to win the nonchalant bludgeoning contests, throwing in semi-authentic native dances and torn scrotums to score bonus points for nonchalance. Ozzies suffer in all three phases, but dominate in the related, but not exclusively rugby-based contest, National Angst Over The National Team Manager Who Happens to be Completely Insane competition. There. Three anglosphere sports explained at once.
  9. Emotional support peacock denied flight by United Airlines

    I used to think the infant-like screams of a rabbit being bitten and swung to death by a fox or coyote were awful... until I heard a peacock just crowing, which sounds like a mezzo soprano soprano being stabbed in the chest with a rusty tire iron. "Gaaaaaaa! AAaaiiiieeeeGaaaaaa! GaaaAAAAhhhhaaaaa!" Enough to loosen the bowels of the chronically constipated, if it's nearby and they aren't expecting it.
  10. Without Anyone Knowing...

    Baltimore Craigslist? You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Except perhaps Eastern Shore Craigslist.
  11. Diesel engine maintenance courses?

    That class is really popular. I know several people who have taken it, who said very good things about it. Haven't heard any bad reviews. Anecdata, obviously, but useful.
  12. How to Dock A Big Boat

    True. Like the boat, pretty and well proportioned. I don't know exactly the type but suspect it's some variant on a Sparkman Stephens design, made by some New England builder. Just has that vibe. Which is why they had Al Czervik's boat destroy it. "Hey! You scratched my anchor!"
  13. How to Dock A Big Boat

    You mean the Flying Wasp?
  14. Racing Bottom Paint--Baltoplate substitute

    That's pretty impressive. I'll run it by my diver - the divers always have an opinion worth listening to - and see what he thinks. He noticed that when we sailed twice a week (admittedly in a surprisingly sporty summer) with the TP, the bottom didn't really even have slime after 3 weeks. I didn't have it cleaned for the last month in the water, wasn't racing, and had a 1' soft grass growth everywhere on it. Hit it with the boat floss before we went out ~Nov 30, did okay in a casual race and they pulled it a few days later. Cleanest power wash bottom I've ever seen, doesn't appear there was any hard growth. Was our first year on Trinidad Pro so offering that by way of comparison. I am happy with the TP but will think hard about the BW based on what you are saying.
  15. Racing Bottom Paint--Baltoplate substitute

    Thanks Ryley. That's good info. How nasty & fast moving is the bottom growth in your neck of the woods? Asking b/c the brackish and warm water here seems to encourage rapid and out of control growth, so having a good biocide seems to be very important here for a wet sailed boat.