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  1. Lex Teredo

    Propeller shaft- What am I seeing?

    You need to do what I did, Ajax, and let the f***er rust into place. Yeah, it's going to be a hell of a job to replace the coupler sometime soon and to pull the shaft to install a dripless shaft seal. But I have no worries about anything getting loose, short of having to put a torch or sledgehammer on it.
  2. Lex Teredo

    J/24 - Tillotson-Pearson vs Performance Sailcraft

    This is why the uprate/downrate button needs to include a LOL button. Thanks Gouv, needed that.
  3. Lex Teredo

    Australian Peeps - Help!

    All the things are oppressive.
  4. Lex Teredo

    Head Plumbing Question

  5. Lex Teredo

    Head Plumbing Question

    Just pee in the sink. Problem solved. Send me $5. You're welcome.
  6. Lex Teredo

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    I liked APS, they were always great to do business with. I bought a lot of line from them and a few PFDs and fiddly bits - a big decal with racing flags and penants explained, a couple racing reference books. Great resource for the racer and a block or two from my boat. There is no place else in Annapolis either where you could walk in and get your hands on different kinds of control lines to get a feel for them, and figure out what the crew would tolerate and what I wanted to use. They kept oddball stuff in stock - if you need a midsized J/boat lifeline stanchion because you screwed up docking Wednesday night, you could be repairing the boat Thursday after work because they had them... and oddball keelboat blocks and traveler parts, you name it. I guess it was a dinghy mecca too. They always had good intel on open slips, boats for sale... just strong community members. I didn't resent their pivot to clothing, understood it - it's a grow-or-die world. I feel bad they are closing. But I feel worse for us, it got harder to get the stuff we need to keep our boats going when they pivoted and now a good member of the community is closing its doors. And answering the question above, there are two or three shops on West Street where you can get high fashion sailing or at least sailing styled gear. That isn't an easy market either though it's larger. Tough times.
  7. Lex Teredo

    Refinishing Cabin Soles

    Pretty much describes my approach with my face, beer gut and scars. They are features, not bugs. It's like real estate. You'd never buy an old tiny house, on a miniature plot of land, next to a swamp. But you'd lay down your life to get into a cozy 1930's vintage getaway cottage on an easy to maintain lot, with a wetlands view. It's all in how you market it.
  8. Lex Teredo

    Sealant Tubes

    Squeezing out a little, tightly capping it with electrical tape then replacing the cap if you can wedge it on may help. Although as the owner of an aging 35 foot keelboat that we race pretty hard, hustling to save $12 three times a season seems like maybe my rubric for evaluating cost/benefits is out of whack somewhere. There might be other ways to save $36.
  9. Lex Teredo

    Switch to Aluminum Anode?

    But my friend Paddy from Southy swears Boston is wicked salty...
  10. Lex Teredo

    Casual racism, Good look for a yacht forum?

    That's sarcasm BTW. I feel the need to point that out, because, well... Sorry, there's no font for that yet.
  11. Lex Teredo

    Casual racism, Good look for a yacht forum?

    Thinking about fluffy kittens.
  12. Lex Teredo

    Topside paint... Rustoleum?

    I used it to repaint the deck of my last boat, an old Catalina 27. It freshened it up okay. It was a 10/30 6/10 job. It looked like a 10 from 30 feet, and a 6 from 10 feet. Not bad - a workboat+ caliber finish. I didn't go for gloss, but effective coverage with some anti-slip grit mixed in, following a lot of sanding, scrubbing and wiping with acetone and alcohol for prep work. I've seen pics of topsides done with the Rustoleum paint that turned out very nice, but they took some finesse - good spray gun, multiple coats, wet sanding, the usual auto body tricks. A good choice for a boat that a kid is making, or for a budget boat.
  13. Lex Teredo

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    I like Herrington North, they certainly have the capacity to pull some big boats, and there are some top caliber shops there, like Osprey Composites. Really spacious yard, power & water nearby, and a nice marina. However - the water is a bit skinny getting in there. Depending on the breeze and tide, it can be an adventure with my J/35 (7' draft). You'd probably want to speak with them about the draft and timing of getting in there w/r/t tides, wind, etc. Jabin's in Annapolis handles a lot of big boys and it would be hard to find a yard that is more sailboat friendly / savvy.
  14. Lex Teredo

    rich folk rule?

    Rich people have all the virtues and failings of non-rich people, probably in the same distribution, within a standard deviation of the norm, more or less. It's just that having billions of dollars lets them scale the virtue or failing a lot more effectively than the rest of us can do it.
  15. Lex Teredo

    Best sailing lakes North America?

    Nobody likes those huge old IOR broach coaches. Not even mythical antediluvian sea beasts.