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  1. Oracle Team USA

    ^ You're right - I shouldn't have said that. But damn, the delusional whinging gets so,so old. Both teams had impressive improvement trajectories, but OR was still on a much steeper part of the curve at match time, with a boat that had huge aero advantages - again because of design decisions made very early on before they planned on foiling.
  2. Team UK

    Just the facts. Or did you think the rule was intended to encourage computer flight control? LOL
  3. Oracle Team USA

    It's SF bay - the odds were that the boats would be foiling, and that is the exact gamble ETNZ took with their boat in the first place. But to go into more detail, one of the boats was NOT foiling when those rules were set, and there were discussions right here about the relative merits. Furthermore, no-one - until the second to last leg - imagined for one second that ETNZ wasn't going to win that race inclusive of finishing within the time limit...until they didn't. Unpacked another way, running that race in light conditions where OR was still at a huge disadvantage - if anything, the tuning made her light air performance worse - was the committee throwing a fantastic opportunity to ETNZ to finish the job.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    In AC35, it was more about really innovative design decisions made early on by ETNZ that sealed everyone else's fate. For sure they got much better, especially in the semis despite that wild moment when they almost came unglued, but in the end dedicated flight control and ultra fast foils ruled the day, with a big assist from the hydraulic wing control.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    You have a link? LOL - just kidding. Troll away, Wile E. Coyote 'Hydraulic SUPER genius'!
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Of course you would say that - because you are a whinger , still going strong 5 years after your team choked on match point for 8 straight races. What a reasonable person would say, however, is that time limits that were set before any AC72's foiled could not possibly be expected to take intp account the fact that giant foiling catamarans are S-L-O-W in sub foiling conditions compared to the anticipated archimedean designs.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    You have a link to someone whinging about ETNZ? LOL
  8. Oracle Team USA

    The race was called of for the simple reason that ETNZ's foiling boat DID NOT FINISH WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT. OR could've stayed at the dock, and ETNZ would not have put a win on the board because DESIGN DECISIONS THAT ETNZ MADE MORE THAN A YEAR EARLIER MEANT THAT THEIR BOAT WAS NOT FAST ENOUGH TO FINISH WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT IN LIGHT AIR. The whinging is just pathetic at this point.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    OMFG - are you seriously still going to whinge bitterly about the time limit that was in place MONTHS before the regatta? You know why ETNZ didn't finish within the time limit in that race that could have won the regatta? Because their radical, rule-beating foiling design didn't sail for shit in light wind. Duh.
  10. Oracle Team USA

    ^ Fuck yes - where's the 'thumbs up' emoticon when you need one?
  11. Team UK

    Yep - they (and everybody else) should've worked on a way to circumvent the intent of the rule and use computer-driven flight control, like ETNZ did.
  12. Oracle Team USA

    Add 'and the racing in the final was fucking brilliant' with a side of 'the greatest comeback in sailing history', and you'd be onto something.
  13. Oracle Team USA

    Yet they didn't. Go figure. I guess they needed access to your vast 'knowledge' of hydraulics...which reminds me - have you figured out what an actuator is yet? LOL
  14. Oracle Team USA

    ^ Another MUCH much more likely possibility is that endless bitter whinging is the exclusive province of a small group of delusional ETNZ fans who are still compulsively posting on a daily basis in a thread about a team that is not even competing in AC36. I'm going with occam's razor on this one.
  15. Team UK

    ^ Hahahaha - underestimate BA at your peril, mate. Do I need to repost the videos from 2013? I do find your contention that 'uncle Larry' supplied all the great design, building skill and development objectives in AC34 interesting - are you sure you've really thought this through? LOL