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  1. surfsailor

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Let's wait until the Sail GP final, so we're comparing apples and apples - these teams are just warming up.
  2. surfsailor

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    I wouldn't underestimate either the F50s or the AC75s. The former is already nearly fully sorted techwise with some serious performance upgrades over the class legal AC versions, and the teams are absolute top level and will be up to speed in fairly short order; and the latter will almost certainly be capable of logging dry (or nearly so) laps in the right conditions - while I expect the initial performance to be all over map with the various boats (except for the ETNZ clone boats), there will almost certainly be a convergence as the rule is written fairly narrowly and the teams doing their own boats have the budget and resources to respond quickly.
  3. surfsailor

    trickle down

    The future doesn't cancel the past - people still race J boats, not to mention heaps of antique dinghies, and will continue to do so. So let's just dispense with the specious argument that foiling is somehow going to 'kill sailing' because - in your mind - it's impossible for different types of boats to coexist. I wouldn't be surprised if you were one of those people that made similar claims about beach cats when the first Hobies appeared. Beyond that, there is no question that foiling is a huge part of sailing's competitive future, and that will inevitable lead to trickle down into other parts of sailing, whether you like it or not.
  4. surfsailor

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Pretty impressive launch of the new series btw - I expect all the teams to develop a significant amount of game by SF in May. Boats in their new configuration are amazing.
  5. surfsailor

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    ^ Two trumpet players walk into a bar.... Could happen!
  6. surfsailor

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    ^ Those EV foil gantrys (at about 0:28) are very, very cool.
  7. surfsailor

    Gunboat 68

    ^ Look at how the front cross beam has been contoured to form a deflection panel. Look at how the aft corner of the doghouse has been chamfered to reduce frontal area at any APW angle forward of the beam. Look at how the radius of the doghouse roof increases as you move aft. All of those things suggest serious consideration was given to aero, and besides, VPLP have very sophisticated CFD capability in house - why wouldn't they use it?
  8. surfsailor

    Gunboat 68

    Looking at the pics (especially the top view), I'm pretty confident that VPLP ran full CFD on the platform. Of course there are always going to be compromises on a cruising cat that needs volume in the bridge deck module and so forth, but as I noted above, it looks pretty damn good, especially when you factor in end-plating the mainsail. I also think you are underestimating the value of the chamfered hull/deck joint - the bows are fully exposed to the free stream flow, and the reward for both reducing aero drag forward and redirecting flow both upward and around the bridge deck would be significant. Aerodynamics can be very counterintuitive, especially in complex geometries like a big cat, and it's important to visualize the system as a whole.
  9. surfsailor

    Gunboat 68

    Damn...that is an impressive boat on every level. That bridge deck cabin looks pretty fair considering the volume.
  10. From the Scuttlebutt article: "As part of the team’s strategy to learn from industry experts, Stars & Stripes Team USA purchased a design package for their AC75 race yacht from Emirates Team New Zealand which immediately placed the team in a competitive position with respect to the boat build and design process for AC36. That package included a complete design for the team’s first AC75 that is currently under construction, a design identical to ETNZ’s boat one. Stars & Stripes Team USA also has the option to purchase an additional, basic design package for their second boat that can be modified with the team’s final race performance enhancements (under the 36th America’s Cup protocol teams are restricted to building only two AC75’s). Throughout the build and design process, the design package also allows for Stars & Stripes Team USA designers to learn from the ETNZ design team, the same team that developed the revolutionary foiling monohull concept."
  11. surfsailor

    The Zombie Fleet

    French Scampi?
  12. surfsailor

    you're not helping!

    Forget VMG running - we'll just square the pole and go deep, you said. It'll be a piece of cake, you said.
  13. surfsailor

    Surf Anarchy

    WSL posted a video of my kid - pretty stoked about that.
  14. surfsailor

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    I would add to this that there also may be an effective high wind fast mode that uses normal heel to produce downforce from the rig, which also effectively increases RM. Such a mode would also add insane amounts of load on the rotating arm, but that is an inherent risk of this design, since the entire platform/rig can can be rotated at will around the X-axis relative to any given foil position.
  15. surfsailor

    Interview with Ray Davies

    Exactly. I've done heaps of destruction testing on big INSTRON machines - even fabric structures (we tested a lot of clew patch designs) make a high pitched creaking sound as they approach failure that will put you on edge, and rigid/brittle parts out of carbon or stainless often fail with a loud bang that will make you jump out of your skin. Doesn't matter how often you've done it - it 'get's you every single time. Some catastrophic failures are so explosive that fragments can ricochet off the wall and make their way behind the plexiglass screen. The arms for the AC 75s are many orders of magnitude bigger in both scale and load case than anything I've ever done - I'm surprised those guys aren't wearing helmets and hiding under a desk!