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  1. SC knew exactly what he was doing when he posted that - taking the piss! I just thought it was funny, especially the part where none of the sleuths noticed the yellow truck. Anyway, word is out now - next few weeks will be very exciting as we enter the real launch period.
  2. Epic troll - major props!
  3. surfsailor

    Foil Kiting Anarchy

    The difference is that a boat still moves in the direction it's pointed (minus leeway angle), whereas the kiteboard can be pointed in a wide range of angles relative to the direction of travel. So using the board -which can be rotated at will by the rider - as a frame of reference for right-of-way makes no sense. They're going to need a different rule to avoid chaos. Another way to look at it is to unpack the lift (in the z-axis) coming from the foil mast. Lift increases with the square of velocity, so even the smallest foil wing produces more than enough lift at kite speeds. This means that - even with 45 degrees of cant - you will never need to to generate positive lift with the foil mast, and in fact probably need some downforce to keep the whole system from flying out of the water (don't forget here is a vertical component to the thrust coming from the kite as well. To create downforce with the foil mast, you would change the AoA by rotating the board nose away from the kite, which creates the appearance that the kite is 'behind' the board.
  4. surfsailor

    Foil Kiting Anarchy

    The force (thrust) from the kite can only act in the direction of the kite lines - they are strings, and cannot 'pull sideways' obviously. So that sets the direction of the thrust vector, and the magnitude is equal to the total pull from the kite (combined tension of all lines connected to the kite bar). When you draw your freebody diagram, you can treat the rider, board etc as a single component (there's an old joke about this that ends with 'assume a spherical chicken', but I'll spare you). This component has drag, as does the foil - both act inversely to the direction of travel, so the kite thrust vector must have a forward component relative to the direction of travel. Since that vector is parallel to the kite lines, those lines must point forward to the degree that the component of the thrust vector parallel to the direction of travel equals the drag. This means the kite also must fly forward (relative to the direction of travel). But here's where it gets tricky - the kiteboard moves in 3D space, and can easily be rotated around the axis of the foil mast - which means that the centerline of the board is not coupled to the direction of travel. So if you use the board centerline as your reference rather than the actual direction you are going, the kite could appear to be 'behind' you. Hope this helps.
  5. surfsailor

    Super foilers for sale

    Hahaha...but hardly 100K per boat. Foils, rudder geometry and fine tune the ride height electronics. Hulls and rigs are built, sails tweaked, and I'm sure they have enough data at this point to know what it would take to get dry laps. Mind you, this hinges on the idea that more consistent foiling, and closer racing would make it more attractive to a wider range of top sailors (more stories), and more interesting to watch for non sailors (better viewer experience).
  6. surfsailor

    Super foilers for sale

    I think the WSL model is very good - but sailing is obviously exponentially more diverse than surfing, which has just a few pro tours (men, women, longboard, big wave) plus the QS and Junior Pro. Having said that, I still think something similar would work - a single global sailing site with live streaming etc of every top tier event as it happens, with the depth of coverage etc matched to the level of the event. In the case of established international events that already have a real web presence like the AC, ex Volvo, Vendee Globe etc etc, you would have a dashboard that linked to them, similar to how the WSL has event sites. Of course WS would need to seriously get their act together for this to happen.
  7. surfsailor

    Ultime / G-Class Development

    Saw that - thinking there is an additional (maybe soft durometer) fairing piece that covers the ama foil exit that isn't installed yet, and that this blister is the back part of that, plus (as you note) a venturi drain. But that's pure speculation.
  8. surfsailor

    Super foilers for sale

    As someone who works in the surf industry - where foiling is already strong in kiting and windsurfing, and exploding in surfing, SUP, and soon (IMO) wakeboarding - I can tell you there is a tremendous amount of interest in foiling sailboats. That demographic is obviously not F1 big, but it's not small either. I think that if they tweak the boats and get the format/marketing package correct, the SF is totally viable.
  9. surfsailor

    Super foilers for sale

    No downforce necessary on WW foil - the crew weight on the ama functionally replaces the ballast on the AC75 arm. In fact, it's a superior solution (no matching ballast on leeward side) made possible by the smaller scale, and should result in earlier take off.
  10. surfsailor

    Super foilers for sale

    I think the Superfoilers would be fully viable for a wider range of sailing skill sets and coexist very nicely with the AC and SailGP series with the following (admittedly quite drastic) mods: 1) Lose the ama rudders, add a gantry to the center hull, and have a single deep T-rudder with either a flap or complete rake control mechanism 2) Lose the inboard facing J foils, and go to outward canted T-foils, also with flaps. 3) Connect the whole mess to a simple electronic auto ride height control. This would essentially mimic the new AC boats and be far more stable and predictable at speed than the current configuration, while the low speed /take-off issues would be mitigated by the existing mini amas and by scale - unlike the big boats, the crew weight would provide low speed rm.
  11. surfsailor

    RIP Misirlou

    Ferocious, amazing, and utterly original to the very end - the sound of DD and his wall of dimed Fender Dual Showmans will forever be indelibly seared into my brain.
  12. surfsailor

    Physics in Reality: Sailing without wind

    Wind direction is determined by where it comes from, not where it's going - so if the river is flowing south, and you are sitting in a stationary boat on that river, you will feel a breeze coming from the south.
  13. surfsailor

    Physics in Reality: Sailing without wind

    This. Assuming no actual wind: River flow rate = 'TWS'* River flow direction = TWD Progress (measured in kts) the boat makes against river flow = Downwind VMG Progress (measured in kts) the boat makes against river bottom = Downwind VMG - River flow rate So if the Downwind VMG >TWS (river flow rate), the boat will sail UP the river (making progress against the current). 10 mph = 8.69 kts - I don't have polars in front of me, but pretty sure downwind VMG of F50s in that wind speed is more than 9 kts. *I put quotes here, because this is the wind speed relative to the boat sitting stationary in the current - the frame of reference for TWS in this case is the river, not the river bottom.
  14. surfsailor

    SailGP - Sydney Inaugural Regatta

    Let's wait until the Sail GP final, so we're comparing apples and apples - these teams are just warming up.
  15. surfsailor

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    I wouldn't underestimate either the F50s or the AC75s. The former is already nearly fully sorted techwise with some serious performance upgrades over the class legal AC versions, and the teams are absolute top level and will be up to speed in fairly short order; and the latter will almost certainly be capable of logging dry (or nearly so) laps in the right conditions - while I expect the initial performance to be all over map with the various boats (except for the ETNZ clone boats), there will almost certainly be a convergence as the rule is written fairly narrowly and the teams doing their own boats have the budget and resources to respond quickly.