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  1. Crash

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    How often to you need to "access/see/use" the display while actually motoring? At start up, to confirm everything is nominal (like with a diesel?) then mostly not look at it while maneuvering and motoring, then again, at shut down? If that's all, then it doesn't need to be instantly at hand nor in your "immediate" line of sight, which should expand the options. Send some pics of the cockpit around where you would mount the throttle/shift lever, and where your current instuments (if any) are mounted. I'm sure the brain trust here will come up with a range of good ideas
  2. Crash

    Coolboats to admire

    Not to mention that the fisheye lens used to take the pic likely makes “a long open tunnel” look like “open space”
  3. Crash

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    None, but why does that matter in this particular case? Once you've gone and stuck two drive pods on a sailboat...why not have 2 rudders?
  4. Crash

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Lots of boats in the world running around with 2 props and two rudders. Big trawlers, express cruisers, sport fishing boats, destroyers, etc, etc...My point was only if you're not after racing performance, than maybe the extra drag, etc, is offset by the gain in close quarters maneuvering...
  5. Crash

    I need a tiller

    Last time I broke one, I took an old wooden baseball bat, and shaved the sides of the barrel end of the bat to fit. Just make sure you align the grain horizontally. Worked great until a new one could be sourced...
  6. Crash

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Nice looking picture of the box the boat comes in, but where's the boat? If your doing dual motors, why not dual rudders too? The gain in close quarters maneuvering would seem to be worth it on a cruising oriented boat
  7. Crash

    ePropulsion Pod Drive

    Geez, and here I thought California was bad
  8. Crash

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I can tell you that these boats are very comfortable for long term cruising and even living aboard. The sprit really does not get in the way, you can always extend it a foot or two to clear some headroom at anchor, and the V-berth is huge (for a sailboat) at almost 7 feet long. I own a 110 with a sprit and have been living aboard, coastal cruising and club racing it for the last 6 years. They sail well, maybe not to their rating, but as a cruiser they can really knock off the miles and are easy to short hand as they are pretty stiff boats that can carry a lot of sail area (partially due to them being heavier bare than listed by the manufacturer). I know of another 110 that is currently being cruised full time by a family of 4 (they left the PNW and are in Mexico area and have been for the past 2 years), so they are quite capable. The extra 2 feet that the 115 has over our 110s would make it that much easier to handle long term, there were just none around when I was shopping! As a former J/109 owner, who loved his, and has another on his lust list, I'm surprised by the OTH's comment that seems to say he thinks a J/109 more livable. The 109 galley is smaller, the V-berth was smaller than the 115's and also has a pole in it (it is a bit farther off to the side/near the hull than the 115s). We slept in the aft cabin on the 109, and let the girls (pre-teens) sleep in the v-berth. The 115s aft cabin looks at least as spacious as the 109s was...If you add a dodger and bimini, please make them easy to remove. We were on Chesapeake Bay, and the 109 dodger was great for transits, especially in the early spring/late fall. But it was also very easy to remove/reinstall, which meant it was easy to take off to race, and then easy to put back on to cruise... I also raced against a 115 (conventional chute) at KWRW back in 2008. Rated 63. Was second in class to a J/120. Beat all 4 of the J/109s in the class, which were all well sailed. Also beat the Bene 40.7s in the class. So it can most definitely sail to its rating. Only reason I can think of to go with a 109 over a 115 is that the 109 will be a little cheaper to own and as it still has an active OD class, will likely hold its value a bit better.
  9. Crash

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Seems to me, that once you set the basics, and get results, that you can then refine your search by all those filters you mention...Its a 2 step process, but you can still do it. So it's only sorta you
  10. Crash

    Seascape 27

    Great analogy. Yea, probably. Unfortunately, like for SAAB I'd guess... Though Mazda got out from under Ford, and is still alive, so who knows?
  11. Crash

    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Nice! Looks great in the pics! I like the "big" J-27 analogy.
  12. Crash

    Seascape 27

    Ah, sorry I misunderstood... I think the 14 was really not built for the US Market, hence the "get enough orders, and we'll put them in a container and send it over." Otherwise, they (Big beneteau) are likely happen to just market it in Europe...
  13. Easiest way is pull the intake hose off and stick it in a bucket. Stick a garden hose in the bucket to...start engine. Adjust garden hose flow as needed... ...but that said, sailboats are not all that complicated...I’ve bought 4 boats without a sea trail and all turned out just fine. Never had one go wrong/bad... And an Alerion is a pretty simple boat...not too many fancy systems to go bad.
  14. Crash

    Seascape 27

    Not sure you guys understand the relationship between the manufacturers and the dealers. The dealer is a separate business entity, hence the ability to “set their own price” while also having no real say on what products get made. Sure they can offer input “many of our long term clients want a boat like xyz” but big Beneteau decides what it’s going to build... So it’s easy to see the situation where Bene decides to build the 14, yet US Dealer decide it way too low an ROI to make any real effort to sell them...
  15. Airplane air a lot cleaner than you might think. Risk is actually greater in the terminal... But that said, by the time you drive to airport, clear security wait for plane, fly there, get off plane, and get rental car, driving likely just as fast...