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  1. Bob, I totally get the reasoning behind the white paint job...and realize Mr. Lucky gets them in any color he wants! The good news is this design will still look great when I finally have enough money to get my own with a dark hull! Crash
  2. That's a Jeep for people who want to "pretend" to own a Jeep. A/C, cruise control, hardtop, stereo, etc.... This is a Jeep
  3. I've always had great luck with solar/battery powered vents. That way they run most of the night, or thru a cloudy day too. I usually have 2 on a 30 footer (S2 9.1 most recently), so one an a J/80 should work... http://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=nicro-3inch-minivent-1000-solar-exhaust-vent&path=-1|6880|2290139|2290144&id=45886
  4. http://selectplastics.com/?page_id=17 Send them here. They do a great job!
  5. It sure does! I'd love to see one with a dark hull...
  6. Actually daddle, that's an interesting perspective...I think he is responding to lots of criticism of why wasn't the AIS on. There sure has been plenty of that on this thread. I also think there is some recognition of, had it been on, one of the Merchants might have been able to slow or do something to avoid the collision and save some lives. But in a way, he is throwing the watchstanders under the bus. While I'm not sure of why (nor is anyone else yet either, as none of the investigations into the causes have been released), the watch teams did obviously fail...and in both cases, got hit by the bus...
  7. Give it a rest would you daddle? We get that you think every Officer of the US Navy is an idiot, that you are a highly competent mariner and that the answer to the problem is simple..and nothing anyone says on this forum is going to change that opinion.
  8. True Dat!
  9. Had CSC one my last boat on the Southern Chesapeake Bay even though I'm a racer, cause I didn't want to have to take the bottom down to bare gelcoat to repaint with VC Offshore/Baltoplate. So it was cleaned regularly, every 2 weeks or so depending on the race schedule, usually no longer than a month if there was a gap, etc. On that schedule, it cleans pretty easily, and I've found it "harder/smoother" than other ablatives, so works ok as a club race bottom as well. It does tend to stain, esp in lighter colors, and the stain doesn't come out even when the paint is smooth and "clean."
  10. I agree, the 33R was kinda rare...nice when you can find one though. What about a 34-2? Which was a 33R with a slightly updated interior, and the aft overhang pulled out some...also comes with a shoal draft version (4'6') http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1985/Tartan-34-2-2937923/Galesville/MD/United-States#.WcKPUdVSw0Q http://www.sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=1857 My issue with the 31 is Tim Jackett's crazy angled bulkheads. I think they actually detract from space and usability, esp in boats under 35 feet or so..
  11. Thanks Taco...interesting. I wonder if that boat needs a "different" technique to go upwind well in those conditions...or if that's an inherent shortfall of the pizza wedge design? Going upwind in a light, wide boat in chop on a dying breeze is tough. Looks like everything that caught it was substantially heavier (J-29 2x as heavy) so all would maintain momentum/speed upwind in chop better. Wonder how it would have done in flat water upwind...
  12. More heads roll: https://news.usni.org/2017/09/18/admiral-captain-removed-part-investigation-uss-john-s-mccain-uss-fitzgerald-collisions-head-surface-forces-puts-early-retirement-request?utm_source=USNI+News&utm_campaign=c68d919814-USNI_NEWS_DAILY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0dd4a1450b-c68d919814-230440709&mc_cid=c68d919814&mc_eid=f3f6203261
  13. China also makes the list for 5 countries that account for 60% of plastic pollution in oceans: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.ecowatch.com/these-5-countries-account-for-60-of-plastic-pollution-in-oceans-1882107531.amp.html
  14. Good thing too, as they have 6 cities that make the WHO's list of 30 most polluted cities... https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/the-most-polluted-cities-in-the-world-ranked/
  15. Can't wait for the pictures Bob, though I can already imagine the stalkers comments about mast rake not matching the drawings, or only being needed to cure the obvious too much/too little helm, or to mask the imagined trim/ballast issue.... Hey, we could start a pool! My bets on "it's to correct too much weather helm"