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  1. That's very good...a "must read" its also very true I think...
  2. Congrats Ed! May they live a long and happy life together...
  3. I like the look of those Raymond Hunt designed O'Days and Cals. Its a good looking and well proportioned boat. And a great starter boat. But yeah, the 6.9 is a good 41 secs a mile faster...give or take.
  4. Let me amend that to add the caveat "when you find a boat you really like..."
  5. I wouldn't get to hung up on the price in the listing...9 times out of 10, market reality will set in. Or they're spouse will tell them to take the offer, etc, etc. If you make an offer that doesn't get accepted, you can always say, "well, I'm still interested, so if you change your mind, let me know..." and within a week or two, you might well hear back from the seller. If you find something better in the meantime, well, so be it. The other thing you can always do is offer what is asked, but stipulate whatever is not included or being offered at additional cost) be included in the base deal. If they say no, you say the same thing..."ok, but let me know if you change your mind, cause I'm still interested..." So if you like a boat, but think its not priced fairly...make an offer you think is fair and see what happens.
  6. Re the S2s. The .odd numbers (6.7, 6.9, 7.9, 9.1 & 10.3) were the racer/cruisers and are pretty quick for their size. The .even numbers (7.0, 8.0, 9.2, 11.0, etc) were pure cruisers with no real emphasis on being quick
  7. OBTW, that S2 6.9 I sent you has a ballasted, lifting daggerboard. It lifts vertically into the hull, so trailering/launching much easier... http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=216
  8. http://www3.telus.net/sail/sj23/ And rates around 240, so slower then the S2 6.9. I sent you, but faster then a CAt 22 or Capri 22...
  9. Tempest, You've brought up some good points that I hadn't considered. 12% to bring in a US boat huh? So much for NAFTA...and I'll admit that I had forgotten to reverse the "why boats in Kanada are such a great buy" perspective when your looking to the South. Finally, I'll make your numbers worse and say if your truck gets 20 mpg, you'll likely only get 11-12 MPG towing most of the boats suggested here... That said, I have followed and read the entire thread. IF I haven't remembered every little detail, well, I apologize, but your thread, and SA in general is a hobby, not my life's cause. Along those lines, I'm happy to, and try hard to admit/apologize when I get things wrong. The intent of my little rant was only to say that within your total budget, there may be a way and a boat located farther afield then most of us tend to look. Every piece of advice I've ever read on buying used boats, or of buying used cars all say the same thing. Don't limit yourself to your local area. The cost of fixing broken stuff, or replacing worn out sails, etc could well cost more then the "overhead" costs of getting a boat from farther away, especially when the availability of boats "local" to you are limited. As I like boats, and don't mind helping a fellow sailor, I'd happily go look at a couple boats for someone...yea, if you ask me to look a a bunch of boats, over an extended period of time, I'd begin to get aggravated...you don't seem to be that guy...I did assume you'd need to make 2 trips to buy the boat...the $400 number I threw out was the go look at it the first time, make the deal, get the paperwork so you could go get stuff sorted. Then there would be a 2nd trip to go get the boat...Most times folks have a number for buying the boat, with a recognition that there will be additional costs for survey, transit, etc...so I assumed that you had some travel budget outside of the "cost of the boat". I also know what they say about assumptions, so bad on me for not clarifying that pre-rant... On the other hand, part of my suggestion was to have the seller delivery halfway...it would reduce your cost, and act as a decent test of the trailer...to cut out some of those stops at Harbor Freight or where ever. Also you'll find gas down here in the land lead by the guy with bad hair to be cheaper than gas in Kanada...in some places almost half. So going farther afield doesn't necessarily add gas costs at the rate you were calculating - so that's kinda good news right? Lastly, apparently I had the "sarcasm" font selected, when I meant to have the "light hearted humor" font selected...I was trying to suggest out of the box thinking, not trying to beat you up with the box...So again, I apologize. Crash
  10. My question would be why foam and not balsa? Each have their pluses and minuses. Original laminate structure was in this cased designed with balsa. Putting in something else that is not balsa ought be very close to the same or superior in properties (sheer strength, crush strength, weight, secondary bonding ability, etc, etc) or you could well have a compromised composite structure. If the boat is our Hypothetical J-35, then its around 30 years old. That's pretty good performance from the original materials, and needs replacing not because of any fault of balsa's, but a fault in maintenance and or build...Water got into the core. It would have gotten into foam to...sure foam doesn't rot (like balsa exposed to fresh water does), but it comes with its own set of issues... So if balsa was there originally, then I'd recommend balsa as a replacement. Solve the issue that allowed water to get into the core (thru hull penetrations in the transom?) and you should be good for at least another 30+ years, and likely much longer...
  11. Toddster, I might just be thick or slow today...but I'm missing the point here. How did what legs or I said, mean sailing should only be for the rich? Crash
  12. Oh...Well... Probably worth getting, to ensure ability to get the right boat...but makes more sense now...I'll humbly go back to my corner now.
  13. Ugh, your gonna kill me with the "don't leave the neighborhood" for the right boat thing. Your talking about spending 5 grand or so, and you won't spend $400 to get the right boat? Get some SA'er to go look at it for you and take a butt load of pics for you. Of all the details and issues he finds. Negotiate a price that takes into account some of the travel costs to go see it/bring it back...Fly in to look at it. Take SAer to dinner to say "thanks". Negotiate that seller has to meet you halfway...(that way you know trailer works on the road well)...anything is possible and can be negotiated into the deal for the right boat. Better to buy the right boat in good shape, then settle for something cause its local... Here's a nice Capri 22 in Salt Lake City. Gotta be some SAers there that can check it out for you... http://sailingtexas.com/201701/scapri22192.html Or here's a J-22 in Vancouver WA. It will out sail most of the boats on this thread. Make the guy an offer, I'll bet you can get it for 6 grand... http://sailingtexas.com/201701/sj22137.html Or this one...Iowa is only 30 hours away. Again, have SA'er pre inspect boat for you. Negotiate with seller to meet you half way to deliver.... http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/64827
  14. Ribs are there to keep the motor from pivoting (port/stbd) in a arc like motion on mounting surface, particularly if the boat is heeled. So I don't think you want to grind them off. Hard Rubber pad as Blitz suggested might be the best answer... Don't think you want to thru-bolt. Makes it a pain to get on/off for servicing. Also risks water into transom core. To mount stainless plate, determine where screw holes are going, overdrill and fill with gflex epoxy. Redrill to screw shank size. Camfer top of hole. Use a polysulfide caulk. Camfer makes an o-ring like seal around screw.
  15. I'm with you legs...I think it is in part a result of the "selling" of sailing/cruising as a "lifestyle" vs an adventure sport...ever see a new sailboat ad with a group of cold wet miserable folks in a raging downpour? But that's part of sailing. And it makes the beautiful times ever so much more beautiful... Sailing on anything 50+ feet is more akin to camping than to a luxury hotel room. Don't try to make it what its not. Celebrate it for what it is