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  1. Agree, at that price its a great buy!
  2. Blast reachers are great in the right conditions...and on longer, distance type races can pay dividends. On shorter W/L type races, with shifting winds, they can be a detriment, as they don't allow you to point. If you can point to say 30 deg apparent with your number 1 genny, then the best you can expect with a high clewed blast reacher is about 40 deg apparent. So then your forced into a sail change, which if light air is costly from a have a bunch of guys running around on the bow, and if heavier air, do you have enough time to do it based on remaining distance to the pin... I'm with HHN92 on this one. For W/L racing, barberhauling the sheet forward and outboard on the light 1 is a better answer.
  3. Not sure what you do for a living Sailabout, but guessing you've never been in the position to have to make life and death decisions. Not trying to make an excuse for the Vincennes or the Navy in general. But you had a group of good and talented people trying hard to do the right thing. They made mistakes, the systems overloaded them with data, which made mistakes easier to make. The Navy has made fundamental changes to try to prevent that from happening. But as the Fitz collision demonstrates, when humans are involved, mistakes will happen. The difference being the mistakes you make (or I make today) have significantly less impact then the mistakes they made then. Unless that is that you are perfect and have never made a mistake... While humans make mistakes, and occasionally those mistakes multiple into an incident like Vincennes (or Fitz, or Porter, etc), I too fear handing warfighting over to AI. While I agree with IB about the need for the decision to take another human's life to be made by a human...that we owe that to humanity, I also fear the growing trend to enter into combat an a national level as our ability to wage war with less and less combat deaths on our side. Vietnam cost us somewhere in the neighborhood of 58,000 KIA. In the period stretching from 2001-2015 we lost less than 7000 KIA. Hell D-Day alone cost us 2500 KIA. If we can enter combat and suffer almost no loss of National Treasure, how easy will it be for future politicians to decide to use military force? Even presidents who are "against" involving yet more American troops in combat (Clinton and Obama) have utilized weapons such as Tomahawks and UAVs to respond to a situation in a Military manner because it prevented the chance of American casualties. If those actions had to have been carried out by manned aircraft, would they have been undertaken? If it costs us "nothing" to engage in foreign adventures, how many more might we be willing to engage in?
  4. Ok, Thanks guys, that makes sense now...12, the diagram helped mucho!
  5. Semi, et al, Something about the diagram confusing me. How do you get an upward lift vector off the windward wing, and a downward lift vector off the leeward wing? Assuming they are the same airfoil shape and mounted at the same angle relative to the chord wouldn't they both see the same AoA/flow and both produce an upwards lift vector? Crash
  6. Evans, One of the challenges I see in BOTS/AI is how does it make a decision when there are no good or right decisions to be made (i.e. the old Star Trek unwinnable simulation)...I'll use an example from automated cars to prevent too much arguing over the validity of a given military scenario. Automated car is approaching an intersection. At last moment, 5 adults enter crosswalk. On sidewalk to the right is a young child. Approaching in opposing lane is approaching 15 passenger van. Kinematically, auto car can not avoid hitting any one of the three targets. Which does it chose? With real drivers, fate will determine reaction. Some percentage of drivers will be distracted and hit 5 adults taking no prior action. largest percentage of drivers will panic and slam on brakes, and hit 5 adults, next largest percentage will serve in one direction or the other, unaware of the target it will hit in that direction. Some small percentage of driver will make a conscious choice of whom to hit... With human driver, targets hit will have a distribution. With AI (assuming same programming), same target hit every time. Crash My background after retiring from Navy was in developing Concepts of Operations for new weapons (how might we use them) and for those concepts that went beyond concept phase, writing the requirements documents to allow the Acquisition guys (like IB) to set about trying to develop and buy them..
  7. While I don't specifically know the details of this SINKEX, it is not uncommon for many if not most of the weapons targeted against the ship to either be test rounds (warhead removed) or to have warheads deactivated, so more shooters get the chance to "shoot." It would be a waste of a valuable training opportunity if it sank immediately after the first weapon hit it. Also all the tanks, magazines etc, are cleared out, so their are no secondary explosions like you would have on a "regular" ship. This sounds like a pretty normal SINKEX to me...
  8. Kocher, Your right, re the "problem with Navy ships." In peacetime, with generally smaller fleet sizes, there is great pressure for ships to be multi-role to make sure you have some asset available with some capability. In wartime, its easier to build mission specific ships...Anti-aircraft Cruisers vs. Heavy Cruisers, Destroyer Escorts, vs. Destroyers, Picket Destroyers vs ASW Destroyers. Today, who knows what mission we'll need a ship to perform? There just aren't enough to fill all the taskings...so you need ships that can do alot of things. Turning the LCS platform into a more multi-role Frigate is a result of that kind of requirements pressure. The catch 22 is mission creep and multi-role ships are bigger, heavier, and more expensive, and rarely need all their capabilities at one time... There is alot of talk right now of bringing a bunch of the mothballed Perry's back to active status to get fleet numbers up and to give the current fleet some room to breath and get badly needed overhaul/maintenance time... Crash
  9. We track Nuc ship fuel burn to, as after 13 years or so, even they need to be "refueled." And that means cutting holes in the sides of the ship to get to the reactors. If I recall correctly, we called it "effective full power hours"
  10. Semi, Your right. That's about what a J/122 does. In 10kts of true wind, it goes upwind at about 40 deg TWA at 6.7 or so for a VMG a little over 5.5 kts. Takes it around 655 secs to go 1 mile upwind. Goes downwind at about 145 deg TWA at 10.3, so a VMG of 8 kts. Takes it 450 secs to go 1nm. That results in an average VMG around the course of 6.5 kts. J/122 rates 33 on a W/L course. So the deep draft J-37C should finish 72 secs after the J/122. with an average VMG around the course of 6.1 kts And a shoal draft J-37C will finish 114 secs after the J/122 with an average VMG around the course of 5.9 kts. So the shoal draft keels performance is 3.7% worse than the deep draft keel. In 10 kts of wind. If everyone sails to their rating. If the ratings are accurate. etc, etc. If your a cruiser and/or beer can or point to point type racer (Ajax comes to mind), giving up 3.7% is likely unnoticeable. Crash
  11. So closer to a average VMG of 6.5 kts...so maybe closer to 2-3% difference in performance. More difference upwind, less downwind I'd guess...
  12. A "normal" PHRF boat might sail at kts, but the boat that rates a "0" sails significantly faster than that. Returning to J Boats, a deep draft J/160 or a J/125 rate "0" or close to it. They sure aren't 5 knot average upwind boats. Probably closer to 7.5 to 8.0 kt upwind boats. 7.5kts is 480 secs/nm. So 1% is 4.8 secs, so the performance difference is closer to 3 to 4 percent...but that is still a long way from 20%... I should have said a J/37C shoal draft (UFO Keel) PHRF rating is 20% worse than a deep draft J/37C...but the performance difference is in the low single digits! Crash
  13. Based on my time as an OOD (CVN-70 84-87) while you may not get the OOD directly on the VHF, if a ship hails you on the VHF, it gets reported to the OOD immediately, and if it is ship to ship comms regarding a COLREGS situation, the OOD will normally/typically will walk over to the radio and speak directly to the bridge of the other ship. I know I sure did, every time. There was a serious breakdown of SA on the Fitz. How, and why are still to be answered. Having had to call the skipper (who was asleep in his at sea cabin) in the Sea of Japan and say "Captian, this is the OOD, I'm about to hit someone, and I need you on the bridge" once, I know how quickly things can go pear shaped.... There was also a serious breakdown of SA on the Container Ship.... Anytime you have humans involved, serious breakdowns of SA are a possibility...
  14. As Jimmy Buffett says, its the difference between '...making music for money (Justin Bieber) instead of making music for me..."
  15. Minne, Doh! your right. PHRF is baselined on how long it would take boat "Zero" with a PHRF rating of 0 to sail a mile. A J-37C should finish 69 secs later. and a J-37 with a UFO keel, 15 secs later than a deep draft J-37C Obviously, a deep draft J-37 can't sail a mile in 69 secs.. That's almost 60 mph (using statue miles, and rounding...) so you're right...I'm off by at least a factor of 10! Semi, My math was correct, but my conclusion was all fucked up.. disregard!!! Crash