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  1. Crash

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    Alan, I figured you'd done that, just wanted to make sure it'b been thought of... Crash
  2. Crash

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    As an old MG owner (sills that rusted from the inside to the outside), and seeing all the rust that "fell" out of the beam you cut out, it makes me wonder how much rust is on the inside of the other beam/how much metal is left?
  3. Crash

    Second boat advice?

    Sorta. Sometimes more money gets you a "less old" boat with the just as many problems. Sometimes with more money, and a bunch of patience, you can buy the same boat as your "10 grand" boat, but that someone else has already fixed up, and done it correctly. The challenge is actually finding some such boat, and then not getting discouraged by the fact that it is 2x more expensive then the "average" boat of its type and age. I'm not saying it can't be found, or isn't the smart move, just that it takes some patience to find one, and some willingness to recognize when someone else has done all the right things. Also there are a fair number of boats out there that the current owner thinks he has fixed all up, but who infact didn't know what he was doing, and did the boat no favors in the long run..
  4. Crash

    Second boat advice?

    Pretty sure he means to replace his “first” boat with another, somewhat larger, boat (which would then be the second boat he’s owned) vice having a two boat “fleet”
  5. Crash

    Second boat advice?

    An equally well kept 9.1 should go for more than a 7.9, though I guess if the 7.9 came with a nice trailer and newer outboard, that could even up the price considerably...concur that most any boat of that age will need work to get rid of wet spots...
  6. Crash

    Second boat advice?

    I was going to say something very similar. Any of the "production" MORC boats/boats that rated well under MORC from the 70s thru mid 80s. Ranger 29, S2 7.9 & 9.1, J/30, Cal 27mk 3, Cal 3-30, SOV 30, C&C 29 mkII, C&C 27 Mk V, Pearson 30 Also some of the early to mid 80s production IOR boats like the Beneteau First 30E, Albin Cirrus, and the CF 27, or maybe even a C&C 33 Mk I, Not designed to any rule, and not necessarily of great build quality, but a Starwind 27 (Jim Taylor design) is a PHRF sleeper if properly set up.
  7. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Sure its possible, its just a matter of what trade-offs matter to you. Cost vs. flexibility, complexity vs simplicity, more wear & maintenance vs less wear & maintenance. More expensive moorage rates vs less expensive moorage rates, dry forepeake in heavy seas vs leaks into forepeake in heavy seas, etc, one right answer.
  8. Crash

    Are they Racers?

    How about you call the square W/L group the "Tactician's Division" and call the longer course, fixed mark group the "Navigator's Division." Within each division, you can then still have several fleets (i.e. A Fleet, B Fleet, etc.) based on ratings
  9. Sails for a 35 footer cost almost 2x as much as sails for a 30 footer. Depending on what the boat comes with, you could spend a fair amount of your budget on safety gear...Seems maybe smaller, less expensive boat, leaving more budget for safety and sails might be the better approach...
  10. Crash

    J 108 - did they actually make them

    So to me, I think you are looking at" there is something very odd with a previous owner." The boat was built largely out of "standard" J/109 components and equipment, and those all have a pretty good track record, and 350 or so hulls to use as a data set. Florida can be tough on a boat, especially one that is not being used. The degradation of my Dad's Catalina 27 as he and mom got older, and stopped sailing it, was considerable. Not to hard to believe the boat sat for a long time, grew a ton on crud on an open cooling water thu-hull, then took the boat out and badly overheated the engine...or didn't change the oil, or a hose clamp clamp corroded and failed, or the oil filter was never changed, or, or, or... Doesn't mean it's not a great boat, assuming all the neglect (if that's what it was) has been addressed. All that said, I think the price is way too high. Only one was built for a reason (market mostly rejected it) and its only the right boat for a small set of folks. I think they'll have a hard time selling it at that price...
  11. J-37 is a "stealth" choice, but a great one. Only two issues are they didn't build all that many, so are somewhat hard to find, and unlikely you can find one in the OP's $35k range
  12. Crash

    Gaff Rigs If you can translate: Best I've found so far...
  13. Crash

    Considering buying '82 J 30

    As a former S2 9.1 owner, let me reinforce what arcpix said. "Like any balsa cored boat of that era..." The S2 9.1 needs just as much core replacement (in general) as a J-30. Mine had a good sized chunk of hull done just before I bought it, and I did the foredeck, sidedecks and cabintop during the 5 years I owned, leaving only the cockpit to be done for the guy that bought it after me. They also have other issues as mentioned earlier up thread...mast step, mast partner in particular. They are great boats, and I would recommend one, but I think the J-30 is also a great boat and would recommend one of those as well.
  14. Crash

    Production MORC boats

    Wish there were some pics of the underbody on that boat in the ad...
  15. Crash

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    Something is wonky if you've only got a 1/2 inch left on the port turnbuckle (s) and a bunch more over on starboard. Either the rig is not really centered and in column, or the standing rigging is too long on one side or too short on the other. Are the turnbuckle bodies and or the threaded sections the same length between port and starboard? Do the chainplates sit at different heights port and starboard? Are your spreaders actually the same length? For that matter, how old is the standing rigging?