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  1. Crash

    what is it?

    J/Newsletter- August 8th, 2018 J/99 Short-handed Offshore Speedster Hatched!
  2. Crash

    Replace Balsa J92

    Mad, you make a good point. None of the modern ones designed as core for boats...but that doesn't mean water can't or wont get into the laminate thru poor maintenance practices. It just means the foam won't absorb the water, and so you won't eventually end up with rot, like you do with wet balsa. You can however still have delamination of skin and core. Also, balsa core, properly isolated from thru deck penetrations, remains an easy to use, inexpensive core material, well suited to use by a DIY'r. The original balsa core of my S2 9.1 lasted 35 years before it needed attention. After I replaced the wet and or rotted stuff, and properly isolated all the thru deck penetrations, I'll bet that deck is good for at least another 35 years. And it only went bad because no one ever bothered to rebed any of the deck hardware.... I was not, and am not, trying to in any way say bad things about modern foam coring material....
  3. Crash

    Replace Balsa J92

    As with all things, the answer is...wait for it..."It depends" I'm generally a fan of using the same core material as originally built...makes everything easy from a panel stiffness, etc standpoint, as the properties of core material will be the same. The reality is, wet balsa core is really a result of poor maintenance, and a foam core would also be wet given the same level of maintenance. If you are only doing small sections, and the deck looks good (i.e. not redoing the non skid, etc) and you have good access from below, then going at it from below is likely the right approach. Requires more planning, from a brace your work in place, mix resins/fillers to correct consistencies to not get voids, as gravity is working against you. If you are doing larger areas, and redoing the deck/non skid while at it, going in from above, where gravity is you friend is a bit easier for the first timer.
  4. Crash

    X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    How'd she do downwind with all that rake?
  5. Crash

    The Graduate

    yep, everyone is touchy but you. You on the other hand are unable to acknowledge that your initial post was snarky, rude, and offered no real constructive criticism, though you've tried to play it off that way. This was a Thesis Project. Not sure how many you've done, but had Will just done a "bigger J-46" he would not have "advanced" the subject matter any farther than, well, the already well established J-46. This isn't a project for a "client," its a project to show a unique approach to a "real world" problem. That it is somewhat polarizing or unconventional is what makes it a great Thesis project. Had your response been constructive instead of snarky, I'm sure Will and others here would have given it due consideration. As it wasn't constructive and was snarky and rude, well, you deserve the response you've gotten... It seems you could stand a class or two in self awarness. Crash
  6. Crash


    I thought Yannies were silver...has this one gone to the “Dark Side?”
  7. We used to have a saying in the F-14 community that if a Tomcat wasn't leaking Hydraulic Fluid, it was because that system was empty!
  8. Crash

    what is it?

    J/Boats (US) doesn't own any molds. J/Composites in France does...and as that's where the J/99 is currently being built...
  9. Crash

    Asymmetrical spin (only) takedown

    Two relatively easy ways, 1. As already mentioned by several folks, dump/blow the tack, while holding sheet. Sail will stream away from boat. Then ease halyard as you take in sheet. Requires a long tack line. That runs cleanly. 2. Attach a retrieval line to the tack. Lead retrieval line to foredeck hatch. Dump the sheet, then ease the tack line as someone in vee berth hauls in on retrieval line. Once tack is in/near hatch, ease halyard. Make sure retrieval line is lead to leeward of headstay, above lifelines, and forward ofshrouds.
  10. Crash

    Dick Carter 35

    I’ll have to get it to compare it to yours...which was awfully good, and benefitted by also being written in a way that made it a good read, and easy to understand by those who don’t have a technical background... i realize yours wasn't an autobiography, so it may be an apples to oranges comparison...
  11. Crash

    Epic Boat Loss

    Maui, that’s an interesting question...and a hard one to answer. As technology has allowed us to voyage as we age, and allowed vogaging with small crews on bigger bigger boats, in some cases, it not a question of boats capabilities but rather of crews capabilities to continue. In this case it was older 2 person crew, both of whom were injured... Technology also allows us to summon help faster...and in some cases, prudence would dictate summoning help first as it hours away, then assessing the damage. Which means your pro-active refusing aid in uncertain conditions. (In this case it was get off now, or no chance of another bird/rescue for awhile) vs back in the day, when rescue was less immediate, was a boat not helo, etc... In this case, I think they made the right decision...with a different crew that was un-injured/more physically capable? That crew should have stayed aboard...
  12. Balsa is also very easy to work with...if the balsa already in there is dry, why would you want to change to something different?
  13. Crash

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Hey nice find Slick! Agree the wheels a little weird, and have to wonder what the sail inventory is like given it’s “never been raced” But it looks like it’s in decent shape, in the pics anyway
  14. Crash

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Semi, I think that started the trend, though I would call a J/109’s interior “traditional” and it has an aft head...and I would call the J/97’s layout more “Euro”...and the newest Beneteau’s, Hanse’s etc totally Euro...