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  1. S2 7.9

    So I was in no way trying to cast aspersions on S2's or their quality. I loved my 9.1. But that said, I know from taking my deck apart, and it looked just like Decapo's...that S2, like all the major quality builders at the time did little to isolate the core from penetrations. Therefore, over the next 35 years, many of them have developed wet core in the decks. That's a critic of previous owners, not of the boats themselves. But new, potential owners should be aware that it is an issue for many (not all) boats from that timeframe. OBTW, wet balsa retains 90 something percent of its strength. So if the skin has not delaminated, the deck will feel solid as a rock. And be very strong. Pulling all the carpet down and doing that much deck from below is a huge PITA. I, like Decapo, did mine from above and redid the non-skid in Kiwi Grip. Here's the map of my deck that I did when I was selling the boat after my wife accepted a job in California
  2. S2 7.9

    Most S2 racers of the period now have areas of the deck that will need recoring. I know my 9.1 did, as did other 9.1s. I'd expect the 7.9s to be the same. Little to no isolation of the balsa core where ever deck gear was/is mounted. Most previous owners probably didn't rebed as often as they should have. Where the chainplates come thru the deck, the mast base, foredeck, cockpit sole, under winches. Anywhere there was load. It's not atypical, and not limited to S2s. J/Boats, Pearson Flyers, Tartan Tens, etc of that era all have the same issues...
  3. Port Townsend Dash

    get a oversized pole and an asym, (borrow?) and Amati ought to have a pretty easy shot a breaking the record as well...
  4. Funny that you should bring that up. Navy is in fact restarting a Frigate program, but is doing so because it is felt that current LCS ships are not capable enough as multi-role combatants...and as a result of the budget reality that it is cheaper to buy a multi-role ship, than a ship with provisions for a mission package module and then having to also buy the modules. As the attack on the USS Cole showed, the USN (and any other navy for that matter) is indeed vulnerable to asymmetric war...
  5. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Because, the folks that want to be doing that already are, and/or have plenty of opportunity to do so. This is for a lower key, more laid back "fun" boat. Less serious, less worried about minimum weight, or getting the keel to max forward. Just a fun little boat to go beer can racing in. Less crew, less sails, less optimization to within a thousandth of a mm, etc, etc. The J-24 class is great if that's what you want to do. But there are a ton of cheap J-24s around that would require almost no serious effort to turn into an eX-24, yet would need thousands of dollars and 100s of man hours to make into a semi-competitive OD boat... Not trying to change the J-24 OD class one bit. Not trying to draw folks away from it. But why go thru all that if there is no serious OD where you are...and/or you just want a beercan boat? Or you like the idea of OD, but not the effort, resources, etc that it takes to really be competitive even regionally in a J-24? Make more sense? Crash
  6. Another thing that occurs to me is that baby SWOs pick their ships at service selection time. All you know about that kid, esp if they are ROTC (Academy kids still get to sail & drive YPs) is what their GPA was. You have no idea if that kid will be a great shiphandler or won't be able to qual as OOD on even the most desperate of ships...so there is no "quality" spread...its just random spread. In Aviation, you don't know what squadron you're going to until after you finish the FRS. And by that point there's already been several "quality spreads" that have happened. So the Aviation fleet gets a more balanced, known product. Why doesn't SWOdom wait until after SWO Basic to decide who is going to what ship? Also, within Aviation there are additional skill requirements over and above being able to earn wings, like "jet grades" and "Carrier CQ" for the most challenging of flying jobs. Why isn't it the same for SWOs? A destroyer operates much more dynamically than a Replenishment ship or Amphib...
  7. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Shouldn't really be too hard to manage a sail off....find a decent club level J-24 OD boat to serve as the base boat. BuyFind an older, cheaper one and make some mods and see how it goes. I'm guessing that in all by the lightest air, the somewhat lightened, smaller crewed eX-24 would sail at least as well upwind as a standard class boat...
  8. Another interesting read... https://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2017-11/collision-reports-reveal-bigger-issue?utm_source=U.S.+Naval+Institute&utm_campaign=fd0c3ffe7c-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_11_16&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_adee2c2162-fd0c3ffe7c-229594469&mc_cid=fd0c3ffe7c&mc_eid=f3f6203261
  9. I'm making a rudder

    Alan, How'd you settle on 12% balance? What is the balance area of the existing OD rudder? My most recent boat was an S2 9.1, with exactly the same issue plus if motoring you couldn't let go of the tiller for a second either or she would instantly and quickly swing to port...and I always wondered if it was an issue of too much balance area of original rudder vice not enough balance area... Crash
  10. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Needs a couple Brent S. Designed steel “hatches” as the doors and windows to complete the picture...
  11. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    So pretty sure a specific incident between two boats and the people on them are better solved by going off and having a beer and having this discussion, rather than having it on a public forum....
  12. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    I completely agree that learning exactly what the rules say and mean, and how to put them into practice is a good pursuit. We should all probably do more of that. But you don't win sailboat races by doing everything right or perfect. No one sails a perfect race. You win sailboat races by making the fewest mistakes. Hence the risk/reward perspective here. If its close, and he does protest, and you lose, then the cost of that is significant. The cost of ducking him, and then tacking given your boat speed advantage, and pointing advantage would have been minimal. Therefore I see little logic or reason to take the big risk of trying to go inside in this situation. Also in this case, there is only one circle. Its centered on the Mark, and in this case is three of his boat lengths in diameter. So if he is 40 feet long, you need to be overlapped when he touches the outside of the circle which is 120ft in diameter. If not overlapped when he touches, then you have to give him room regardless of if overlap is established later. You sure looked like you we going a couple knots faster than him, and didn't have any overlap when he touched the circle.
  13. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    Because, as stated before, IC-24 = new deck. That means too many $$$. Idea is to repurpose all the old J-24s sitting around, without having to put a new deck on them... Now a shoe on the bottom of the keel to increase RM to offset less crew, and an A-frame sprit on the front to run an asym or Code 0 and you'd have a pretty neat boat...
  14. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    The real question to me in this case is why even risk a protest by going inside? It's not like you gybed around the mark and went off back downwind. You tacked onto starboard and sailed off upwind. From a risk/reward perspective, you could have easily ducked him, tacked on his quarter and sailed right over and by him with no risk of being tossed, and little lost time or speed. Didn't look like you had overlap until one boat length or so, but as other's have said, hard to tell in the video...
  15. X 24 class is a simplified J 24

    I don't think he's trying to change the healthy fleets. But cruise craigslist or similar, and there are tons of older J-24s that are not in shape to compete in OD, but could make a nice little, lower key racer, for a lot less bucks. I think that's what he's aiming at. I raced a J-24 in a PHRF fleet way back in the late 80s (No OD where I was). Back then the boat was a joy to sail. It hadn't yet been tweaked to extract every last .001 kts out of it. It had a nice helm with a touch of wx helm in almost all conditions. Sails were reasonable...not one regatta wonders like now. Keels were faired, but the max forward keel stuff hadn't started yet I don't think, etc, etc. I'd happily get back into racing that kind of J-24...