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  1. Crash

    What boats?

    Bet the first one is a Ranger 33
  2. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Talked to Jeff J at the Annapolis Boat show. He said first boat should be in the water within the month, with a boat coming to the Miami show in January, and Hull 5 (I think) coming to Sail Expo in CA in April...
  3. Crash

    Catalina 525 Announced

    I duuno,Alcatraz, I’m with kegs on this in. We all bemoan the lack of participation in sailing, yet we market the “sport” as a luxury lifestyle, big assed, fake teak-decked boat with push-button controls and a beautiful couple dressed in white sailing along on a reach in a perfect 12 kts of breeze. That’s not sailing IMHO. I was just at that Annapolis boat show. 100 big added, high freeboard, rectangular ports in the hull, furling everything beasts, and maybe 6 boats that might actually be fun to sail and look graceful while so doing. Even the Jeanneau 319 and Catalina 315 had in mast furling mains...if you can’t manage to drop and fuel the main on a 32ft boat, maybe it’s time for a trawler???
  4. Crash

    Wooden boats thread

    Yeah, when they stopped doing "ocean" races...or distance point to point races, and then folks started building custom MORC boats for round the buoys killed off the whole thing in about 10 years, give or take. It was too bad too. Even the custom boats were and still are pretty good all-rounders. But distance/ocean racing has changed too. Back in the day, we actually used to cook real, hot meals offshore while racing. For most races we ran actual watch schedules. Now its all boil in the bag freeze dried stuff to keep it light, and push through with all hands on deck for the "shorter" races..ah well, the good old days...
  5. Crash

    Wooden boats thread

    MORC boats overall far better (by the 1980’s) than their IOR counterpoints, as long as you were ok staying below 30 ft. The Bene First 30E rated 174, where as the S2 9.1 rated 135. So almost 40 sec/mile faster. The MORC boats are generally great all rounders, though they are not light boats. The 9.1 was 7200lbs+. An IOR boat could our point them, typically, but only by a degree or two. Carried a lot more sail area, and like you said, less distortions...though there typically was some turn to the underwater profile at the stern.
  6. Crash

    Wooden boats thread

    I dunno, I’m about to test that theory. I’ve owned an 84 Santana 30/30 RC (MORC racer/cruiser) an 84 Bene First 30E (IOR Racer/Cruiser) and an 84 S2 9.1 (MORC racer/cruiser). Now I’m Buying a 93 Bene First I’ll be able to report back on that soon. I also had a 2003 J/109, so by the 2000’s the racer/cruiser had definitely improved! And by a significant margin
  7. Crash

    J 108 - did they actually make them

    J/108 also has a slightly shorter rig than a J/109
  8. Crash

    Wooden boats thread

    I raced my J-24 in PHRF as there was no OD where I was at the time (Pensacola 87-88). It was and still is a great PHRF boat IMHO. is there a box rule that’s been as successful as IOR? Not trying to talk you into liking the IOR...that’s the great thing about sailing...there’s more than enough room on the water for all our different perspectives. As an example, I like the idea of “Spirit of Tradition” but not what it’s evolved into... Love to hear your take on where IRC has gone, where it’s going to end up... Talking about a family trip to Ireland next summer. Happy to buy the first round and debate this in person
  9. Crash

    Wooden boats thread

    Ahh Leggs, your taking something of an advantage here. After admonishing Sloop for comparing to a cruising yacht, you went and compared to boats that were designed to no rule, rather than Sloops comparison of boats from the previous prevailing ocean racing rule(s). CCA and RORC type formed boats, and made them slower than contemporary non-rule conforming boats. Sure a Moore 24 or J24 we’re faster than any quarter pounder around. But until the advent of the J-24 OD class...where rule we’re you going to race them under? Having gotten into big boat racing on a 44’ Luders Yawl, I can tell you that downwind in a breeze, it was a handful too. And it rated about the same as a 3/4 tonner, which were in the 33-34 foot range. A 40 foot 2 tonner would run away from it. I graduated to IOR boats. Out pointed the yawls by a good margin, we’re faster by a good margin, and we’re just as much of a handful downwind when pressed. Sure seemed like progress to me. I then went and bought my first boat - a J-24... I think both types (CCA & IOR) were beautiful. Something I can’t say about most modern race boats today... i
  10. Crash

    First 31.7 / Sun Fast 32

    Like they did to most of the First 310s (the one I'm taking to survey included )...wheel and mid-boom least the one I'm after is the deep draft version. Fortunately, as they were originally designed to have tillers and end-boom sheeting, not beyond reasonable to convert them back... Though honestly, I think we have to "blame" the american consumer for those changes, not beneteau....they build what sells, and as a trip to the Annapolis Boatshow shows, what sells is not efficient sail handling to enable best performance, but rather open and airy interiors with tons of space, and sail handling to make setting sail, or dousing sail, as easy as possible, no matter the impact on sailing performance. Even the smallest Jeanneau 32 and Catalina 315 were equipped with in mast furling. The Jeanneau even had done away with that bothersome traveller thing. Sigh!
  11. Have a friend with a 42i Performance. He just got a Code 0 for it and loves it. Cruised from Norfolk up to New England (Newport, Maine, etc) and back this summer. Said he used it alot....His biggest jib is about 110, so the Code (flown from Anchor roller) really helped on lighter days. That said, a big plus 1 to a feathering/folding prop...
  12. Crash

    GRP keel crack

    Being American, I'm not familiar with Shipmans of the era. What it looks like to me is that you have cast iron ballast. Cast iron and seawater form rust as you well can see. To me, that doesn't look like an encapsulated keel. It looks like a bolt on keel that someone wrapped in fiberglass to keep water out. Do you have keel bolts in your bilge? If so, then likely the latter scenario. As you likely also know, when cast iron rusts, it expands some, breaking the bond of the resin/epoxy/whatever bonded the glass to the keel. What you are in for requires a fair amount of labor, but its not really rocket science, and an average DIY'er could do most of it. Assuming a bolt on keel, covered in a layer of glass, the first thing to do is grind all the glass off down to shiny metal. Then get a good look at the keel to hull joint, to determine if that is still well sealed. If water has gotten into that joint, and all the metal in there is rusty, then you likely need to drop the keel...which adds work/effort/labor, clean the top of the joint, chase/clean the keel bolt hole threads going into the keel, clean/replace the keel bolts depending on their condition, and remount the keel with new sealant. Otherwise its a job of taking the keel back to shiny metal, scrubbing epoxy into that just cleaned shiny metal to seal it, fairing with epoxy putty, then reglassing if that'f the way they were originally done. Lots of labor and sweat equity, not to expensive though from a materials standpoint. So if you do most of it...not too bad. If the yard does it, much more expensive as its almost all labor.
  13. Crash

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Will do. Will have to dig into the SOCAL PHRF regs to see where the "break" is on Genny size vs. credits. What size fits best? 150? 145? This one has the below deck furler installed, so I'm already giving up some sail area due to the tack point being almost a foot behind where the headstay would "normally" be. There is also a second headstay fitting forward of that in the "conventional" spot that would allow a longer J. Don't know if the existing headstay can be moved, or if it would need a new headstay and foil set up . (I suspect the later)
  14. Crash

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    So update time. Spent a couple hours last Sunday sailing the boat (in light air - a relatively rare SF Bay weekend), and then several more climbing around on the First 310. Overall the boat and systems are in nice shape, and its been well cared for. I liked it enough to go ahead an make an offer, which was accepted. Survey is Oct 16th (yards and surveyors all backed up up there). Not expecting to find anything surprising, but ya never know. Current plan is to have it trucked down vice trying to sail it down. I'm not a big fan of taking an unknown boat offshore and i'm not in a big hurry, so will wait and try to find a empty return/complimentary lift kind of deal... As no boat is perfect, this one will need some upgrades to get it to to fill the racing side of the equation better: - Has a fixed prop, so will need to get a folding one. - Has wheel steering, would like a tiller. - Has mid-boom sheeting, would like to move it back to the bridgedeck - Couple of the Spinlock rope clutch side plates are beginning to crack around the pivot pins, so they need replacing - Dodger canvas is getting kinda ratty, so needs replacing. Frames look great though can't get as much mainsheet/vang as you'd like without boom hitting on the dodger - Basic Instrumentation is there, but not displayed well for racing. Need at least one more ST 60 style display up forward (only wind shown there right now), but has all the sensors/transducers for wind direction & speed, depth, and boatspeed. - Doesn't come with a 155, which I think will be needed down here in SOCAL - Channel Islands/Ventura area, and other sails are not new. So will need to build a sail budget and start getting some newer sails.
  15. Crash

    First 31.7 / Sun Fast 32

    Not sure about the 31.7 (None listed for sale in the US on YW, not listed in the 2017 PHRF Fleet Handbook), but the Bene First 310 was sold in the US...Same hull, slightly stretched, slightly bigger rig, updated foils, et voila, First 31.7 Sun Fast 32 also none listed for sale in US on YW and not listed in 2017 PHRF handbook