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  1. Like all things on a sailboat, and esp a sailboat set up for single-handing, everything is a compromise. In this case between efficiency (least energy used for greatest effect), and safety and convenience. The force required to make the same adjustment to the mainsheet increases as the angle of the mainsheet increases. More force means you need more power from your block system, and the multiple lines/blocks Black shows means some increase in friction, and likely will result in slower trim adjustments as you'll need to pull more line to achieve the same result. Only Black can decide if the increase in safety and convenience outweighs the decrease in efficiency. There's no one right answer here. A double ended vang does not remedy the issue. It mitigates some of the issue, but not all of it. There's a reason all out race boats almost always have the trav positioned such that the block on the boom is directly above the block on the trav, when sheeted in hard to go upwind. Its to make the most efficient use of the power (crew) available, and enable the widest range of control of sail shape while keeping all the associated gear (blocks, lines, boom, gooseneck, etc, etc) as light as possible.
  2. Crash

    Help me out with some MORC History

    Lindenburg 26 is a great boat, but OP said first gen 60’s MORC....
  3. I’d be awfully tempted to sit on her back deck and return fire with bird shot at the appropriate angle so the it comes down all around their boats. Or maybe rock a more direct fire mode
  4. Interesting approach. I think all the controls forward might be great for single handing, but challenging for crewed racing. My boat currently set up that way from factory, and that's a lot of lines up on the cabintop, what with vang, downhaul, halyards, traveller, etc, etc all there. Mainsheet system would need some extra power to compensate for angle? And helm might have to make sure he doesn't get snagged by mainsheet in a gybe...
  5. Crash

    Yacht management service?

    Not only can CL fix what ever breaks some 95% of the time, but if you've ever seen a list of the guys that have crewed with him, most of those guys can also probably fix 95% of the issues. Put them all together on a Bermuda Race, and there likely isn't much that can't be fixed short of dropping the stick over the side....
  6. Crash

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    I know this doesn’t fit the “jaded racer who looks down on us poor PHRF minions” perspective, but in my 40 years of racing PHRF, I’ve found most PRHF committee members to be above average racers, who have prepped their boats better than most of the fleet. I know there are exceptions to every case, but I normally find most folks who bitch about their PHRF Committee guy who gave himself a gift rating usually has not prepped his boat, nor equipped it well, nor practiced or trained with his crew...but it’s so easy to just complain that the other guys rating is unfair
  7. Crash

    Show your boat not sailing

    Not as classily good looking as many of the recent posts, but these two didn’t seem to mind
  8. IB, I was wondering the same thing. Most folks seem to leave the canvas permanently in place, even if the frame is foldable or stowable, let alone fixed. So why not just go with a hardtop?
  9. Crash

    SH / DH Cruiser / Racer

    I'm a J fan, so would agree with the J/120 and Shearwater to be specific, but that's still maybe more to the "racy" side and less to the "Dockside Condo/Party Barge" side of things. Personally, I'd go with the J as I'd rather have the performance and handling side. If its not fun to sail/race, you'll in the end loose interest in it. That said, I've got a friend who used to crew for me that has a Sunfast 42i Performance and we did a "Down the Bay" (race down Ches Bay from Annapolis MD to Hampton VA) with 25-35 from the North, and I was very impressed with how the boat handled in that wx/sea state. Averaged close to 12 kts, with speeds as high as 18kts. He had good sails on it, etc, and it's still kinda fat in the ass, so suffers some in lighter air...but would surely fit the dockside condo/party barge part really well, and as I said, performance is ok...
  10. Hey Black, Just curious as to where and how you'd do the trav on a J-92 had you designed it? Every system placement is a bit of a compromise, not sure the tradeoffs would really be any better? Maybe if the trav were aft of the tiller, but then either the rudder has to come farther forward, meaning bigger rudder or less control, or the tiller needs a linkage, losing some feel, and adding complication and cost. Not sure what you mean by "additional filled cockpit", so I can't agree or disagree with that Crash PS. Love the your "new" Mull 30...
  11. Crash

    J-120 Or X-119?

    If you’re in the PNW, and are considering a 120, you owe it to yourself to go check out Roleur’s boat Shearwater. See claSsifieds...
  12. Crash

    Don't Be This Guy

    Might be all covered by growth, and looking at pic on my phone, but that sorta looks like a fixed blades prop to me?
  13. Crash

    Can you make a "PHRF cheater"?

    Yeah, but don’t forget a run-on sentence carries its own 6 sec penalty!
  14. Might be mighty capable, but color that ugly with a capitol "U"
  15. Crash

    Piper OD .. dayboat

    That's a bummer...hopefully you got her license plate, etc, and can forward that to insurance and authorities...she should have stopped... I know you were looking at replacing your pickup, but still, not being able to do it on your time is a major PITA. Glad your ok though!