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  1. Crash

    How are J/88's doing in PHRF light air?

    Baltic 38 DP is an production IOR One Tonner, and rates around 96. J/92 rates around 105 give or take. If there was a bunch of reaching, where the 92 could fly an asym, and the Baltic was reaching with a genny, then I could easily see how the 92 could stick to it. Had it been an upwind bash into 20 knots winds and 6 foot seas, the 38 would likely crush the 92. That said, I think the 92 would be a great DH boat....
  2. Crash

    Craigslist - Not mocking
  3. All boats are a compromise. Lighter boats like the O30 and Hobie will pound more than a heavier boat like a Maxi MORC boat, BUT any 30-33 footer is going to pound in 3-5' chop, esp if the period is short (like on the lakes)...its more a question of not if, but how badly
  4. Crash


    As we would say in the US Navy, BRAVO ZULU! I'm simply in awe of what you accomplished....
  5. Crash

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Not trying to pick on you NOTA, but if this were such a great business opportunity, you'd have no trouble attracting investors. Unfortunately, sailboats are not where the money/profit margins are. I can build a 3 story boat storage facility, and house 100s of motorboats in the same sq footage that I could store 1/3 as many sailboats. Motorboats are easily launched and retrieved by forklift. Sailboats not so easily. You can rail against the reality of boating, but it doesn't change the facts. That's the "problem" with living in a democracy that runs a capitalistic economy. You have the freedom to choose, not the freedom to have what you want.
  6. Crash

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    If owning a boat yard is so lucrative, go open one yourself! Plus you'll be able to pay your workers better than all the surrounding yards, so you'll get all the top guys. That will attract all the boats that want top quality work, so you'll make even more money....
  7. As someone said, Canada a big place. So where are you PNW? Great Lakes? Canadian Maritimes? What distances and races are you talking? Bermuda? Transpac? Chi-Mac? or Around the Island type races? 1-2 days? 4-6 days? 10-14 days? Any other use for the boat? Day sailing, weekend cruising? Crewed PHRF beercans? Or solely long distance/shorthanded work? Answers to those would help neck down the suggestions to a boat in your area. J-30, J-27, J/80 all miss the "slower" end (PHRF 115) of your rating band, so is that rating band more flexible?
  8. Crash

    How are J/88's doing in PHRF light air?

    I think that depends alot on where you race, and what your fleet mix is. The boat doesn't suck, but if you are trying to go upwind with boats that rate the same as you, yet carry a 155, and have 6 +/- feet of waterline on you, you are going to have a touch time. They are powered up in med air upwind, and have waterline on you. Off wind, there's not yet enough wind to plane, so you can't make it up on the downwind. That's true for almost any sport boat in a mixed PHRF class. Doesn't mean in any way that the J/88 sucks... Greyhound is in Annapolis, so also gets boxed in by both the bigger sym PHRF guys as well as the bigger planning boats, who can plane faster that him once the wind is up.
  9. Crash

    Boat Brokers: What are they good for?

    The second broker I ever worked with must have showed me 40 boats. On that purchase, he didn't make anywhere near the commission he deserved for the hours he worked. We've been life long friends ever since. He's sold me a new boat, and then resold that boat for me, so in the end he made out ok. There are plenty of great brokers out there. And there are a bunch of smucks... That said, if you want a person to advise you on buying, that's called a consultant, and he makes $xxx an hour while working for you. If you want someone to do your documentation paperwork, there are people that specialize in that too. Funny how we want a person to put in a ton of hours sometimes, and yet begrudge that person the money they are due for their effort. Clearly in the case of Jules the broker screwed the pooch....and that broker deserves scorn and cold, soggy cornflakes for breakfast for the next year
  10. Crash

    San juan 24 rudder repair.

    Epoxy. Your relying on a mechanical, or secondary bond, and epoxy is the resin of choice in that case. Follow this guide...
  11. Here's a pretty good description with pics of how a top mast is sent up on a "traditional" schooner. In your case, not sure what your plan is to hoist/hold in place. Your 20+ ft mizzen isn't the easiest mast to step/un-step, so just making a cap or sleeve that would allow you to just slid it over the top of the mizzen doesn't seem practical. Any chance you can post some drawings of what you are thinking...your explanations are somewhat brief and a little hard to follow.
  12. Crash

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Most buyers in 2020 are looking at some big-assed Beneteau,Jeanneau, Dufour etc Dockside floating condo. Its a more discriminating buyer who is shopping B-40s, and personally I find the more traditional look of settee and pilot berths with the bristol finish much more appealing. And I hate dinettes and "Streisand chairs." Both are utterly useless at sea. But different strokes for different folks.
  13. Crash

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    Why replace gear if its working fine??? I agree it's probably due for some sails and the newest are 15 years old now, but why replace a windlass, roller furling, and electronics if they all work well? Its got radar, gps nav and autopilot, speed, depth, wind direction and speed. What more is needed? Hell that's alot more than I had on my first Bermuda Races...we still got there safely.
  14. Crash

    The Stray Goat Julie B

    Yep, definitely oil based latex paint! ...or is it latex oil based paint. Now I'm confused
  15. Crash

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I've thought about it...all of the 310's in Europe were built with a tiller and traveller on the bridgedeck (i.e. endboom sheeting). All of the boats in the US were built with a wheel and traveller up on the cabintop (midboom sheeting) . And a hot water heater located in the aft end of the cockpit locker. From a racing standpoint, I'd love to get the weight out of the stern, and have the feel of a tiller. But this is not my final/dream boat, it's the boat for the next 6 years or so, until the youngest goes off to college, and we move away from SoCal. So I'm not sure from a resale value here in the states that it makes any sense to convert to a tiller. Unfortunately. If I could convince myself that it wouldn't cost me/make the boat harder to sell, I would likely do it...