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  1. Crash

    Rudder Repair - Cascade 29

    ^^ Both of theses, plus you really want the bevel in the fiberglass skin to be closer to a 12:1 bevel. Read the west system manual On fiberglass boat repair. Avail online and really quite good.
  2. Crash

    Late 80’s 33’—- Farr vs Frers

    let’s see, one was a design by Frers not necessarily to any particular rule and built by Carroll and the other was a design for IOR by Farr and built by Annapolis Custom Yachts
  3. Crash

    What is it?

    I think Bump has nailed it. Aphrodite 101
  4. Yes, I agree with you there. Far to many of us choose to pretend we don’t hear or see people acting rude or hateful fearing a confrontation. If we as a society won’t say “that was thoughtless, or rude, or hateful, etc.” then the speaker only gets emboldened...or tells him/herself that everyone must feel the same way as they said nothing. All that said, we will make no progress if we turn around and call them “racist assholes” or similar...we will change no minds or behaviors by personally attacking them. To quote the play Hamilton “Hate the sin, live the sinner...”
  5. That's pretty judgemental and likely fails to appreciate the actual feelings and thoughts of many the members. To accuse anyone in the south, with any remnant of their history to be racist is patently unfair and inaccurate. I agree its time for a more sophisticated understanding of how those symbols make other American's feel, and its long been time for a change, but I fear you paint the membership of the club with too broad a brush...
  6. Crash

    Benefits of a solid vang in light air

    If a boom kicker is class legal, I agree it’s probably best choice. Rico, as long as topping lift is run back to cockpit or end of boom it’s pretty easy to slack it, then tack, then flip to upwind side and re-tension as needed. Yes, boom droops for 30 secs or less, where as with solid band or kicker it would stay up thru the tack
  7. Crash

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    Hey Bull, What about a (C&C) Redwing 30? Has that classic look and profile, but a fin keel (shark fin) and spade rudder, so the numbers would indicate livelier performance. SA/Disp is relatively high at 17 Disp/Len is not too high at 323.6 PHRF is 195-198
  8. Crash

    Is it ok to furl... or not?

    Grr, I've raced for years on boats that had roller furling (J/109 and an S2 9.1) on which the genoas and jibs did not have a higher clew than a normal racing sail...the only really difference is the amount of "overlapping" layers down low, and less overlap up high, which may require different widths of suncover along the foot vs the leech to ensure protection when rolled up...If using the sail to race (as I did), then foam or rope insert on the luff is not so great, as you are really using the furler only to "douse" the sail during spin sets, or store it on the way out to/back from the race course. If you're taking it down after racing, then no need for a sun cover either. If your cruising with it, or lazy beercaning, then the foam/rope insert does allow a "better" sail shape when partially furled. Note I say better, not good. Crash
  9. Crash

    Buccaneer 335

    Take a drill to one of the known bad areas and drill a test hole? Chances are its balsa, but could be plywood. Not likely foam, as they were “value” priced when new
  10. Crash

    Benefits of a solid vang in light air

    A topping lift, esp now days of something light like dynemma, will lift the boom in light air just as effectively as a rigid vang will...
  11. Crash

    Corby 33 Rebuild

  12. Crash

    Soverel 27

    Interesting. The other thing I note on is that there was a 75 version of the Sov 26. It had a slightly longer LOA, shorter boom, longer J, and the picture shows a one spreader masthead rig. Then it shows a 76 version, with a shorter LOA, longer boom, shorter J, and every picture I find of a 76 or later shows a 2 spreader masthead rig. I wonder if a "prototype" was built, and then evolved some into the "Production" version with a longer boom, shorter J, 2 spreader rig that we are all used to seeing?
  13. Crash

    Soverel 27

    Good points 12! But then as a MORC boat, why the ribbon main/huge foretriangle? The sail plan of most MORC boats I can think of was much more balanced...
  14. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    One Design is tough when the boats are racing under a variety of rules, that penalize/support certain attributes. As J has to sell the boat in multiple markets to compete under multiple rules, and in many cases, Euro IRC optimization driving configuration as "severely" as it does, its not surprising to "offer" multiple versions. Plus there is the whole short handed ocean racing /Trans Quadra thing going on and gaining traction. Nothing stops the formation of an OD class in a nation/region, and narrowing to a single configuration for OD racing in that nation/region.
  15. Crash

    Soverel 27

    IF you believe Sailboatdata...(and that can be a big if!), all 27 hulls of the Soverel 27 design were built by Tartan. I have no idea if that is true or not. Brochure I linked above was from June 1986 and show's Tartan's address at that time (ie Grand River, Ohio) Question re the Sov 26? I wonder if they were trying to make the Sov 26, while being a MORC design, not be "overly penalized" by the IOR rule? The rig is very "IORish" with a small ribbon main and big fore-triangle, and the "S turn" in the run looks like a small concession to the aft AGS measurement station in IOR. Not unsurprisingly, the Lindenburg 26, designed in the same timeframe, shares the same "IORish" rig ribbon main, large fore-triangle. Was that a change in the MORC rule in the mid-70s or because the designers were hoping to produce a boat that could both race in MORC, but also would rate as a IOR quarter tonner?