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    FP - Mind the Gap

    Has Seahorse totally sold out? Just went and looked at the E3 (smallest of the E Line). 30 ft. 9000lbs light ship disp. Hope it has a huge rig, or with the wide transom, it'll be a dog in light air. Twin wheels on a 30 foot racer/cruiser? Why not tillers?. And who glued in those white Ikea cabinets over the settees? The pics make it look like they overhang the settee backrests by a couple inches. I wonder how many folks will whack their heads on those sharp corners?
  2. Crash

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    Something is wonky if you've only got a 1/2 inch left on the port turnbuckle (s) and a bunch more over on starboard. Either the rig is not really centered and in column, or the standing rigging is too long on one side or too short on the other. Are the turnbuckle bodies and or the threaded sections the same length between port and starboard? Do the chainplates sit at different heights port and starboard? Are your spreaders actually the same length? For that matter, how old is the standing rigging?
  3. As a former Navy Offshore sailor, it makes me wish I could go back and have JT be my coach..not sure the current Navy guys, not having anyone to compare him to, realize just what a great coach they have...
  4. Crash

    Coolboats to admire

    I'd tell you it depends very much on the scenario, and what advantages are given to whom. Certainly carriers have vulnerabilities. Their primary design feature is to carry aircraft and handle them efficiently. Survivability and defensive weapons are secondary priorities. That said, WWII and Vietnam proved the carriers ability to absorb lots of damage...and if nothing else, the recent collisions (and the Cole, and the Roberts) have shown the Navy to still be very good at damage control. Finally the use of JP-8 vice AVGAS as the primary fuel for aircraft is huge from a control damage to a carrier. Fires killed most WWII carriers, not blast damage. I'd also say that while Battleships were supplanted by carriers as the Fleets main offensive weapon (due to airpowers range) they remained highly relevant as both anti-aircraft platforms, and in the shore bombardment role, both missions that were critical in the later years of the war. Pitched against the Japanese Carriers in WWII is an interesting thought piece. Mass remains a viable tactic even in an era of smart weapons. That said, with the range of an E-2D's radar, the Japanese Task Forces would be likely detected long before the lone US carrier is. Each Super Hornet can carry 10 self guided air to air missiles, and has a radar system that would track the enemy aircraft at range as well, plus can track and fire at large numbers of aircraft at one time. If the US Carrier were to find the Japanese first, its ability to strike the carriers with Harpoon anti-ship missiles from beyond the range of the Japanese CAP, would likely put the Japanese at a severe disadvantage. Then, 2000lb guided smart bombs could be dropped with near impunity from altitudes well above what any Japanese fighter or anti-aircraft fire could effectively reach. Sure the weather could have an effect, but todays carrier airwing is much more of an "all weather force" then any WWII airwing was, so even that advantage is with the US. The initial US strikes would come at night, further complicating the Japanese Carrier Groups defensive efforts, as they didn't have effective radar directed AA for most of the war...and they had no night fighter capability. Japanese Submarines would likely be the greatest threat. So depending on how many you allow into the problem at one time, that might well drive US tactics. The carrier still has a pretty impressive suite of anti-sub and anti-torpedo defenses, and has the ability to operate continuously at high speed, which would complicate the targeting problems for Japanese submarines. Given the lack of guided weapons/range of the WWII Japanese torpedo (It was a great weapon by WWII standards, and if it hit a carrier, could still do significant damage), and the capability and homing weapons of an MH-60 Seahawk, its not a gimme to the Japanese submarines either. So I'd tell you it all depends on how you sketch out the scenario. Do both fleets start in home waters at the word go? Is the sole US Carrier in Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese Attack? Does the Japanese Fleet need to protect it's far flung empire? Does the US Carrier get to "tailor" its wartime airwing? Or does it get what goes out on a "routine deployment" today? How many weapons do you allow the single US carrier? Can it UNREP and resupply itself? Etc, etc.
  5. Crash

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    At the boatshow, I was told about 20% more than a Radian Mainsail...
  6. Crash

    Coolboats to admire

    I'm sure there are days in which you really could cruise on that at 20 kts in comfort, but it will take a certain kind of day, (good breeze, flat water), and a certain definition of comfort (comfortable relative to a VO 65 going 20 kts in similar conditions). But any small boat going 20kts on the ocean in even a moderate sea state is going to be moving around a bunch. A CVN might be able to reliably do 20 kts in most sea states and be comfortable...except that its not particularly well furnished below decks!
  7. Crash

    Went to look at a Catalina 22....

    That's only due to that fancy water ballast system you added to it
  8. Crash

    Bowsprit Retro-fit (in-hull)

    Can't see without a login
  9. They copied from Porsche...take a bunch of stuff out of a 911, like A/C, carpeting, radio, power windows, back seats. Then name it Club Sport, and charge more!
  10. Crash

    Mo Bettah Too

    Ya know, that's a good point. At first I was gonna say..."if it's worked for 35 years..." but it occurs to me that 35 years ago, as the pics show, you've got a wire to rope backstay, and the rope is pretty thick so as not to stretch too with Dynema, etc, you can replace the entire backstay with lighter (skinnier) rope that's way stronger...but therefore is much more vulnerable to getting caught up under the winch base as it's likey not nearly as thick as original. He'd need to bulk up the tails to prevent...or maybe go to the wedges...
  11. Crash

    Need Help

    He did give that range, which is also somewhat confusing, as the PHRF splits for his region ( i believe) has PHRF A as 109 and below, so a rating of 120 would put a boat in the B fleet...
  12. Crash

    Need Help

    Geez, I dunno. 19 J/105s raced OD in this years AYC Fall Series...and 21 are signed up for the Chesapeake Bay Championships. Sounds like a dead class to me, and an area where there is no resale market for a J/105... Look, I'll openly admit that on the Chesapeake, the J/105 is not the go to PHRF boat to beat all others, and that compared to others, it can struggle in light air...OK, no boat is perfect in all conditions. He wants simpler than a C&C 115 which he has been racing with a sprit. So seems to be going to a smaller boat with a conventional chute (Olson 30, Hobie 33, etc, etc) while great boats, are decidedly not "simpler." And if a J/105 is a struggle in light air, then a Sunfast 3200 is no better...maybe worse. Again, nothing wrong with the 3200 in my mind either. Just no better in the light stuff than a 105.
  13. Crash

    Mo Bettah Too

    How are they going to override with such a low angle coming into the winch??? I agree that wedges would give a fairer lead, and have less wear on the backstay if synthetic, but the angle will make grinding the winches less effecient/ergonomic, so I think its a wash. There's a bunch of other, more important things to deal with at this point IMHO.
  14. Crash

    Need Help

    J/109, 105, 97, etc aren’t sportboats, but all carry asyms on a retractable sprit. I take what he said to mean not a planning sportboat like a Melges 32 or J/88, etc
  15. Crash

    Need Help

    OP was looking for a well equipped used boat for considerably less than the 150 he figured his boat was worth. Cruising didn’t seem to be a requirement. Was looking for a 30-32 ft boat. Even as a former J109 owner, I’d have to say a 105 meets all his requirements better than a 109...
  16. Crash

    Beneteau First 305?

    bmiller, Here's what I've always seen the shoal draft First 305 keel to look like. Pretty typical for the mid-late 80s, longer cord, shorter span. Note no bulb. Not saying toward the end of the production run, Bene didn't switch to a bulb, but it does make me wonder if this boat used to be a deep keel, and someone cut it off shorter, and bolted a lead bulb to the bottom. Hard to tell in your pic, but it looks to be the same chord as the "normal" deep keel... may sail just fine the way it is, so not trying to say there is anything wrong with it...just worth knowing its lineage IMO... Looks pretty clean in the pic!
  17. Crash

    Beneteau First 305?

    Not sure the 305 ever came with a fin/bulb keel. The 310 did. What year is it? Watch for sagging head/hull liners. All the Beneteaus of that era used foam backed vinyl for the liners. Eventually, the foam dries out and breaks down, leaving some of it still glued to the hull, and some of it still attached to the (now sagging) vinyl. Not technically "hard" to fix, but a PITA to deal with. Also likely comes with a cast iron keel, so that increases the maintenance requirements as well. I had the earlier First 30E (predessor to the 305) years ago, and now just bought a 310, despite the "cautions" above. All of them are on the "slightly" small side from a headroom and length of berth standpoint. Not a problem for my wife and I (she's tallest at 5'9"), but if you're 6' plus, your gonna maybe feel cramped some in the berths esp. 30E and 305 have IOR influenced hulls, so in big breeze and big waves with a chute downwind, can be a bit to handle. But are really nice in those same conditions if not pushed as hard (poled out #2 for example instead of the chute)... Happy to talk more specifics if you like. Shoot me a PM and I'll give you a phone and email... Crash
  18. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Plus it's nominally 200lbs lighter, yet carries 155 sq. ft. more sail area. Pretty sure they are aiming at a different target...
  19. Crash

    Need Help

    J/92S or Tartan 101? Both are smaller, use non-overlapping headsails and run asym's on extendable poles so require less crew, sails are cheaper, smaller slip, etc. Both relatively light for non "sport/planning" boats, so should still do well in lighter air...
  20. Geez, when I had my J/109, all I had was a 120 sqm chute. And we sailed out of the Annapolis Boat Show with it. Of course I did have JT and some of his J/World guys as my crew, so that's kinda cheating... How big is an A5 these days?
  21. Moved from East Coas(Chesapeake Bay) to West Coast (Halfway between LA & Ventura) four years ago, selling the last boat when we left. Finally at a point to be able to buy another used boat, and while I'm a constant boat shopper, and fairly well aware of what boats are out there, I'm hoping you guys can highlight one or two I haven't yet thought of. As background, I want to both race casually (PHRF), coastal cruise (Catalina, Channel Islands, Santa Barbara, San Diego), and use the the boat as a weekend retreat on the water. There are only 3 of us, SWMBO, and a 10 year old boy, but would like room for him to be able to bring a friend. SWMBO, would very much like semi-private double berth for us, that is not cramming our feet together (real vee- berths), and not have the head in a sleeping cabin (at least not ours). Standing headroom, but tallest of us is 5' 10". I like more traditional interiors, don't like newer Euro style. (Slip rates out here are exorbitant, at least compared to Norfolk VA, and every 5 foot of LOA is another $100, so trying to stay in the 30 foot range. I'd like the trav in the cockpit (i.e. not mid boom on the cabin), like retracting sprits & asyms, but can do conventional chute and poles. Inboard diesel. Would like to keep purchase price under $30k, but can go higher for the "perfect" boat. Like the mid-80s production Maxi-MORC boats (S2 9.1, Olson 911, Santana 30/30, ?), though most don't meet interior desires. Boats I've owned in the past: J-24, Santana 30/30RC, Beneteau First 30E, J/109, S2 9.1 The "Perfect" Boat would be another J/109. Meets all the requirements from a "boat perspective." Has the interior layout, space, asym, and more performance than I need. Fails on cost. Cost's too much buy, sails too expensive, slip's expensive. J-97 also quite attractive. Layout works, plenty of performance, better on size/slip fees, sail costs more reasonable. Purchase price too high, and don't really dig "euro styled" interior. Can't find many in the US, let alone here on west coast. Andrews 28. Hits on many requirements. Interior a little small. Only made 4, so finding one is??? C&C 30-2. Hits most requirements. Has mid boom main sheet & no asym on a pole. CS 30. Same as C&C 30-2, but less private aft cabin Aloha 30. Same as C&C 30-2. Olson 911S. Aft berth might work, but open to main cabin. No asym Olson 34/Express 34. Same as Olson 911S, and more expensive from a sails/slip perspective C&C 33-2. Aft cabin/berth maybe smaller than C&C 30-2? Trav in right place, more expensive from slip and sails perspective Catalina 30 and the like are too "cruiser" oriented in general to appeal.
  22. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Whoops, I lied! I found them in Sailing Magazine. LOA: 32' 8"' LWL: 28' 8" Beam: 11' 2" Draft: 6' 6" Displ: 8415 lbs SA: 653 sq. ft.
  23. Crash

    rules of expenses for boat owner and crew

    Not sure that's too far off. Estimate to prep my (new to me Bene First 310) to go on a trailer in SF, and be delivered here to Channel Islands Harbor, after I take off boom and sails and disconnect all electrical and cables, halyards, etc, is $2500... He's doing that 4 times, plus tuning and setting up rig 2x, once at each end.
  24. Crash

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Thanks Silent Bob! Esp the rigger recommendation!
  25. Crash

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Jeff J had all that at the boat show. Again, I'm sure if you call a dealer, they could get you that. I'm also sure they are holding off on publishing numbers in the open until after hull one gets in the water and they are happy with it. Then they will finalize and publish. Otherwise early/prelim info gets out and takes on a life of its own, esp if not exactly accurate to the "production" version...