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    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    From the the thread in J Anarchy... “From J Boats Basic J9 - $105,900 J9 w/ Electric Inboard - $TBD J9 w. Diesel Inboard - $125,850 Of course a list of options and add-on available too.”
  2. Crash

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    So while it’s 1000lbs heavier than the H-Boat, the J/9 also has got a longer waterline and a bunch more sail area. It would bury either the H-Boat or the Alerion 28 upwind and in a not sure the extra displacement is going to make the boat feel “unresponsive” promo materials say a single sheet option is avail for the jib, which means its self tacking up wind, or self gybing downwind...granted, you need to be near the cabin top to sheet in or out, but a decent auto pilot should enable that... I would guess Leggs is right about the price the ballpark anyway, but outside of price, the J/9 seems a pretty compelling proposition for what Bull is looking for
  3. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    Lol, plus I love their sense of color
  4. Crash

    What’s next for J?

    Thanks, I hadn’t seen them earlier in the drop down menu... So 700lbs lighter than a J/88 with the same amount of upwind sail area? Probably not a slug...
  5. Crash

    What’s next for J?

    Where do you see a displacement listed??
  6. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    How about the new J/9?
  7. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    Yeah, it might at first seem that way due to the .38 ratio, but because it’s a bulb keel (vice a Peterson-esque trapezoidal fin) with a much lower cg, the weight of the ballast can be lower and still achieve required righting moment/stiffness. Like many sailboat ratios, ballast/displacement ratios are really only useful in comparing “similar” boats with similar relevant design features.
  8. Crash

    Beneteau 310 engine rebuild?

    It’s an 18hp engine, assuming it’s propped appropriately, should be no issue pushing a 7k pound boat with a 28.67 ft waterline to hull speed, even if engine is somewhat down on power due to hours accumulated. Unless there’s a serious issue, why bother?
  9. Crash

    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    On the yawls, I remember 3 chutes, a .75 oz light air chute, a 1.5 oz medium air chute (this was the blue and gold radial head) and a 2.2 oz “bulletproof” chute (smaller) for big air. I have some recollection of the lite air chute being all blue? I’d agree with chuck that spin sheet and guy blocks were big old hefty snap shackles clipped to padeyes on the deck...
  10. Crash

    Gilbert 30+

    Sabre Spirit does too, except at 36 feet
  11. Crash

    When is it time to transition?

    Only if you’re insecure about your status in the world and comparing yourself to the “Jones” all the time. You can have plenty of fun racing and/or cruising on a beer budget...lots of examples of that on this site. Sailing is one of the most “scalable” activities around. If you can’t afford to sail around the world, you can get 95% or more of the enjoyment by sailing around an island in a small lake. If you can’t afford a new J/111, you can have 95% of the fun on an old J-24...
  12. Crash

    S2 27

    186 is “only” 15 secs slower, or less than not really that much slower. Used to race against a well sailed and prepped Cal 3-30 that rated 162 to my 9.1’s 135, and got beat boat for boat more times than I’d like to admit. I used to say +/- 12 secs in PHRF is essentially boat on boat. Also, not a butt ton of S2 27s racing regularly, so I suspect 186 could be easy to sail to in a well prepared boat with decent sails & bottom. I recorded about 50% of the deck of my 9.1, and had another 25% to go when I sold it. But that boat made me look like a better sailor/racer than I was. Many fond memories from that boat...despite losing a season of racing while recoring it OBTW, wet balsa retains something like 95% of its sheer strength. So only real big worry is sections that have rotted/delaminated....
  13. Crash

    S2 27

    The racing S2’s by G&S (10.3, 9.1, 7.9) had balsa cored hulls and decks. Deck coring was not isolated where gear was mounted, so not unusual to find wet spots, esp near gear under loads. Not sure if the 27 has cored decks, but I’d guess it does. Not a deal breaker by any means - just something to be aware of...
  14. Crash

    Ericson 32-3

    32-200 is a nice boat. Looked at one during my last boat wasn’t all that well maintained, so passed on that one. That said it’s Disp/Len ratio is 254, where as 34-2 is slightly lower, at 237. PHRF is around 156, while 34-2 is 123. So the extra 3+ feet of waterline mean the 34-2 is slightly lighter for its length, and is notably faster than the 32-200.
  15. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    The right boat in the wrong place is way better than the wrong boat in the right place..,
  16. Crash

    Navy Luders 44 - Alert

    My recollection is the same as Will’s. I raced them from 79-83, and spent much of that time doing foredeck. Boats were rigged to carry both a spinnaker staysail or a heavy weather staysail. Beefy pad eye on foredeck. Staysail had wire luff and relied on halyard tension to keel luff tight. Strom jib was set on hanks and flown from headstay...
  17. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    If you’re going that kinda route (Nonsuch 22), what about a Compac 23? It would be a little more responsive (lower Disp/length), Outboard is easy to reach (or can be had with an onboard) and looks better to my eye...
  18. Zonker, You’re right. I was an idiot for how that came out...On re-reading what I wrote, it became obvious to me I totally failed to communicate what I meant to communicate. I certainly didn’t me to imply the victims were in any way responsible for their deaths, nor that there aren’t design and oversight shortfalls. So my apologies... When I have access to a computer (vice just my cell phone) I may try and write a more thoughtful and nuanced piece to see if I can better articulate what I meant... Apologies to all, Crash
  19. How many people have died from not being able to egress from a fire on a dive boat prior to this? You say “criminally negligent,” but for what? If the boat met all required safety standards, both at the time of build and on subsequent inspections, where is the negligence? No boat is 100% safe. None. Ever. So where does the line as to what is and isn’t acceptable get drawn? It’s not fair to draw it once you have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. Plus at some level, where does individual responsibility come into play? No body held a gun to their heads and said you must get on the boat and go on this trip. No one made them go, even without a safety briefing. No one prevented them from inspecting emergency egress and deciding “nope, not this boat it’s a death trap” Why do we always want to make it someone else’s fault? Now if you want to talk negligence due to no posted watch, that’s a different story....
  20. Crash

    Moving Jib Tracks

    Epoxy doesn’t like UV, so you’ll have to cover “epoxy filled old track” holes with something to protect from UV. Kiwi grip and a chip brush might be easiest answer. Be sure to clean off blush post cure/before painting
  21. Crash

    Daysailer for old people

    While I agree the Harbor 20 might be the best answer, you guys are killing me with the trav comments regarding the Capri. That trav is right where it should be to control the main both From a performance and a efficiency of effort (which matters as we age). Most of the time the person trimming the jib will stay in front of the trav, while helm will sit just aft of it. Either can reach and control main without having to cross the trav. If someone has to cross it, and they’re not that steady/flexible, it’s easy to sit by it, lift a leg over, butt scooch, and lift the other leg over. Hell, the harbor 20 has a Barney post the main sheets to, that might grab someone to, just like that terrible bear claw trap that is a trav that bridges the cockpit
  22. Crash

    What is it?

    Think Lady Helmsman’s rudder is on a partial sketch, and no skeg in the OP pic... Only pics I can find of International 10.06 look closer, but I don’t see the prop near the rudder, as OP pic shows...and Aphrodite 101 drawing shows prop near rudder...
  23. Dude, that’s the point of the saying. Help them change. No hate them and call them names. If you hate them and call them names, you’re acting the same way they do..
  24. Crash

    Rudder Repair - Cascade 29

    ^^ Both of theses, plus you really want the bevel in the fiberglass skin to be closer to a 12:1 bevel. Read the west system manual On fiberglass boat repair. Avail online and really quite good.
  25. Crash

    Late 80’s 33’—- Farr vs Frers

    let’s see, one was a design by Frers not necessarily to any particular rule and built by Carroll and the other was a design for IOR by Farr and built by Annapolis Custom Yachts