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  1. Crash

    East coast where to move to?

    He said he's afraid of (doesn't like) sharks and jellyfish
  2. Crash

    Best Anchor Drag Alarms

    How about a competent and well qualified watch stander who is alert and awake???
  3. Crash

    Father of modern SAR

    That was a great read, I also thank you. On the other hand, as SAR is a primary mission area for the Coast Guard, I'm kinda stunned how totally accepting of the status quo they are. Spending all kinds of money on new cutters, and interdicting drugs (which is good) and almost no money on how to use their SAR assets more efficently and effectively??? That seems to me (an old Navy Guy) to be a HUGE oversight on their part...It'd be cheap money to seriously improve the SAROPS tool as compared to the cost of a single new cutter...
  4. Crash

    East coast where to move to?

    OK, if it has to be lake, how about Smith Mountain Lake in Southwestern VA? You're between 30 mins to an hour to Roanoke VA. Still can mountain bike in the Blue Ridge Mountains....its some 20,000 acres...
  5. Same with me. Hell I own one right now, a 94 First 310, which doesn't look as good as our earlier 84. I happen to think the mid-80's First series boats were the best looking of the bunch, but that's just my opinion. I've also owned a J/109 (good looking) and S2 9.1 (had its awkward angles) I grew up in the IOR era, and think moderate IOR boats generally look very good. I don't really like the "Wally/Euro" look. Not on this boat, not on the new swans, or many others I can think of. Jus' trying to be honest.
  6. Crash

    East coast where to move to?

    Southeastern Virginia? Work in Richmond VA, sailing out of Fishing Bay Yacht Club near the mouth of the the Piankatant River, Mountain Bike in the Blue Ridge Mountains...Traffic on I-64 can be a pain, but where is it not a pain these days?
  7. Crash

    Burial Boat - X-332 or Elan 333?

    Like most here, I'd say go with the X. If the current one fits the bill, but is a little rough, why not wait till a good one shows up? Yachtmarket shows 9 for sail in Europe:
  8. Crash

    109 Gelcoat crazing

    If Gracious is right, and he usually is, any boats with that issue should be showing by now. So you should be able to shop around and find a good 109 (from before/after) that doesn't have that issue
  9. Best looking Beneteau ever? NFW! The Early '80's First Series were the best looking Beneteaus ever. This is a mere poseur...
  10. Crash


    There are alot of straight lines not running parallel or perpendicular with the bulb or keel...trailer sides, angled roof, etc, that I think make things look not straight or aligned on the keel even though I suspect its fine...
  11. Crash

    New SWAN 48 and sweet dreams

    If you go to the Swan website, it sure seems to be a standard feature....
  12. Crash

    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    What defines bad???? Not winning? Or something else. I'd much rather race with my friends and end up mid-pack, then race with a bunch of A-holes and be on the podium every time. Sailing is a social sport, when all is said and done... All the trophys on my mantle mean almost nothing at the end of the day if no one likes being in my company....
  13. This is one of those things I wish would take off here in the good ole USA. Of course I used to own a production IOR half tonner...and I wished the MORC thing would also take off again as I owned a MORC boat too... Unfortunately, the "my rating rule is best" thing ...ORC, ORR, IRC, PHRF, etc doesn't help...nor does the 4ktsb thing of if it doesn't plan, it's no fun... Too bad, because a "vintage" race series (like vintage car racing) could do a lot to bring sailing/racing back here in the US. 1/2 tonners are perfect as they are not too expensive to refit/get on the line... But what do I know.....
  14. Crash

    Need new lifelines

    This is one of those jobs to at the very least get a quote from your local rigger. The price difference might be (it was for me) very small, and its a great way to throw business his way so that he is still in business when you need him for something more complicated.
  15. Crash

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I have too. They were designed by Jim Taylor, so there's some nice pedigree there. I've always thought that a deep draft one, that was appropriately rigged with good sails and some deck gear updates would make a great Wed Night beer can boat, and nice little weekend overnighter all in one.
  16. Alan, meant to quote you in my earlier reply about my daughter being in Pensacola for another week... Crash
  17. My daughter just finished Flight School and will be in Pensacola for another week. I could probably get her to go take a look and take some current pics if your really interested. She sailed/raced with my since she was 12. Not an expert surveyor, but would be able to tell if it looked well cared for...
  18. True, but there are photos (not current) of and sailplans for the boat at the beginning of this thread...
  19. To bring this tread full circle, it looks like Bob's little hooker is for sail in the SA classifieds. Boat is down in Pensacola...
  20. Crash

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    If you are around the Deltaville VA area:
  21. Crash

    Coolboats to admire

    Says just aft of the lowest, aftmost opening port (window?)
  22. Crash

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    Those in the airline industry call it "the race to the bottom" and I think that phrase applies to the cruise ship industry to. If you think about air travel, for 99% of the traveling public, when you go to buy an airline tix, the primary driver is low price. You can still fly across the country or to Europe today for about the same price you would have paid back in the 1980s. So airlines have had to decrease services, increase passenger loading, and decrease labor costs as much as possible. You get what you pay for. As consumers, we have "voted" with our wallets, and now we are reaping the "rewards" of so doing. I see the same pattern occurring in the cruise ship industry. Its hard to blame the industry for responding to consumer demand.
  23. Crash

    Cruise Ships: blessing or curse?

    So let me offer an alternative perspective.... Go small (ship size) and go expensive... I've sailed small boats my whole life. Sailed offshore for all 4 years at USNA. Owned 6 boats. J-24, Santana 30/30, Bene First 30E, J/109, S2 9.1, Bene First 310. I'm a 20 year Navy guy who did 3 cruises on big gray ships. My wife is a 20 year navy gal who did one cruise on a big gray ship. We love being at sea. Don't care if we ever pull in to a port. We've done several Disney cruises (mostly on the small ships, Wonder and Magic). And an Alaska to Victoria BC on a Holland ship. Again, couldn't care if we ever pull in. But love being at sea. Love sitting on a lounge chair on the promenade and reading a book. Holland America (old folks cruise line) and Disney (family oriented) are about as far from Carnival or Royal Caribbean as you can get. Not a lot of loud drunk folks. Good food, nice piano bars that are not crowded. Real restaurants with real food/wine, etc. If you get on a gigantor ship, well, that's different...and they are a curse. But I'd love to do a 14 day trans Atlantic trip or a 14 day cruise through the Panama Canal on a smaller ship, where almost all the days are at sea. Did I mention I love being at sea? I loved it on big gray ships, and I love it on "small" higher quality cruise ships too...
  24. Or at USNA in their model ship collection...
  25. Stick your hand into the exhaust stream. If it comes away feeling slippery or oily, you've confirmed its fuel. Then go to the "crack an injector" route of troubleshooting (likely issue) If it just comes away wet, go to the check exhaust/headgasket leak route...