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  1. beezer

    Hughes trimaran project for sale

    The hulls look good!
  2. beezer

    Hughes trimaran project for sale

    Hunky I would love to see some more photos of the build. What was the hardest part? We’re the cross beams difficult?
  3. beezer

    Hughes trimaran project for sale

    How did the hull lay up go? Was it as quick and painless as he makes it seem on the write up? Just curious if there were any difficulties
  4. beezer

    Seeking j105 kite

    Hi I’m looking for a used j105 spin for beercans. Does anyone have one in the basement they are looking to unload? I am in Annapolis and was hoping to find one locally if possible. There is nothing in bacons that I can find.
  5. beezer

    2:1 Jib sheets?

    When I worked on Schooners a long time ago the headsails were run at a 2:1 purchase via a block on a strop to the clew of the jib (lizard). This was sheeted in tight by two men and a pin rail (no winches used). With Dyneema lines being so slippery I imagine this might be a relatively easy, if slower, way to handle headsails on a boat with large genoas and small crew. By dead-ending the dyneema to the front of my jib car and passing it up through the clew ring and back to the jib block you would get the purchase without the danger of a block flying around. Obviously the dyneema would need to be spliced to something winch-friendly for the tail. A quick search of 2:1 jib sheets shows some sports boats running 2:1 without winches, but nothing for big old lead mines like my boat. Anyone seen something similar in use? Anyone done this? Bigger winches are not happening and I will start racing with my young sons without enough grunt to tack the genoa on a 37 footer all day. I also shorthand and am not getting any younger here.
  6. Anyone know? Curious. Iit would be nice to get a recut then use something to lock in the new shape on the stretchy cloth. Intensive interweb search only comes up with sailcare folks who apparently re-resin the sails once they strip and clean them. I'm looking for maybe 2 more years on the main if possible. for $350 for them to clean and re-resin I am getting into throwing good money after bad. High aspect main 10.5 x 44 or so. Would 303 help? Diluted epoxy or polyester resin? 5200 and a notched trowel?
  7. beezer

    personal ocean race gear

    My 2 cents after a bunch of offshore races and a lot of cruising in the South Pacific, FWIW: 1) Music - Load up your phone with a good playlist. Depending on the boat sound system a small bluetooth speaker for tunes that fits in a cup holder can be great. Even if they have installed speakers in the cockpit, the sound through that system can reverberate through the hull and disturb the off-watch in the aft cabin. A little bluetooth cupholder speaker 2 feet from your head up top can be less obtrusive and still get the job done. Waterproof of course. Some guys watch movies but off watch I sleep. I don't get the guys who want to race silently listening to the sounds of the ocean or whatever. Shit gets old after a day. Figure out what your watch likes and have a few different mixes available. Ear buds for your speed metal or gangster rap of whatever if they aint feeling it. 2) Goretex socks were a revelation for me when it gets ugly. No more wet socks into wet boots. A soaking wet boot feels just the same as a dry one with those socks. But transpac is warm so not as big a deal maybe? 3) Water bottle - A recent upgrade I have started seeing is the water bottles with a carbon filter inside them. Not so useful if you are squirting that flavoring crap in the water (barf) but after drinking a lot of funky tank water I think it is a worthwhile investment. If your boat is running a watermaker you are probably just fine without one. I think I get bad luck with race boats. Almost every offshore race the water has been borderline toxic for some reason or another. 4) Padded shorts - After the last race and aching bum broke down and bought a pair. Though they are stupid expensive for what they are, you will regret not spending the dosh when that rail butt sets in. I suppose you could buy a cushion, but do you really want to be the guy that walks on board with a freaking cushion in hand? If you want that let the skipper know in advance. Be prepared to be told to HTFU 5) Gopro and rail mounts and head thingie. They are getting cheapish. What boat are you on? I am doing this one as my first. PM me to discuss if you like
  8. beezer

    Transpac 2019

    Thanks very much. Getting excited!
  9. beezer

    Transpac 2019

    I looked in the Notice of Race and it does not show the date for the Awards party, just listing this as Friday. I am guessing the 26th? Can anyone confirm this? Need to be on a boat in England on August 1. Is the Aloha send off party on the 6th of July a big deal or is it a can-miss? Any tips on the Hawaii side? Hotel or Airbnb? Don't miss spots? Wife and two kids under 10 will be there to meet the boat in Honolulu.
  10. beezer

    The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    Wrestled with this over the years. We are a small family and the expense for the club is high. Around 5K a year membership give or take. It takes time, like a few years, to get the most out of it. But over time you build friends and recognise people and now we would not do without it. The kids love the club and feel like it is part of their lives in a meaningful way. It's where we do Easter and Mothers day. Its where the boat lives. It' the place with the kids pizza they like, and its a bar that I can drink at and hang out at with my kids, or watch my kids play on the lawn while I watch a sunset with my wife. When we get older I can absolutely see spending time there more and will have built a base of friendships and acquaintances that we would not have in other ways. Plus bitching about the food is a fun game for everyone to play!
  11. beezer

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Any chance of getting this in the Annapolis Film Festival? March 31 to April 3? A little late for an entry I suppose but you would probably pull a hell of a crowd. Maybe next years festival?
  12. beezer

    Media Embedding - Failures <iframe width="640" height="360" src=""frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  13. beezer

    Gary W Mull

    More stories please! Will help get me through the winter!
  14. beezer

    Gary W Mull

    Check out this Ranger 37 just after being sprayed with a newly installed retractable bowspirit mod (from a C&C 110). The guy that overhauled this boat really powered through the refit in record time. A stunning result in my opinion. Mine is still pretty, but not quite the same wow factor just yet.
  15. beezer

    Schooner W. N. Ragland dismasted?

    Turning a mast on a lathe! WOW Try a power planer, a tree and a couple of plywood pieces with a half hole cut as a template. You guys were spoiled! I am sure the adse is even cooler in that old-timey way, but really, f-that nonsense we have electricity now. Wait, what.. this is a 2013 thread. Why bump that?