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  1. edouard

    Team NZ

    Feel better? Good. Oh and BTW, there is no way to "redefine and restructure the template, rules and outline with such water tightness that greedy buggers like LE cannot take it to the edge again." Even with a cooperative challenger, the rules would be only valid for ... one cycle.
  2. edouard

    Team Australia

    Maybe the Oatleys could see OR and ACEA that they couldn't organise a shitfight at a sewerage treatment plant and thought; 'Lets get out of this clusterfuck before it costs us some serious money'. They've created billion dollar empires because they're pretty smart operators. If they really were so smart they would have pulled out before signing a protocol not after. It took them ages to get that protocol done and by then it should have been pretty obvious they simply weren't in the same league. The whole thing smells much more like sheer incompetence than smarts.
  3. edouard

    Team NZ

    Much Ado About Nothing.
  4. edouard


    I am supposed to pray for some rich fucktard who thought sailing his sexy multimillion silver multihull in the dead of winter off the east coast of the US was a good idea? The same idiot who sold/offered his name and boat to one of the most retarded advertisement videos ever? http://sailinganarchy.com/2014/11/21/stolen-dance/ I am told the crew is safe. Good, but I am sick and tired of these idiots who spend ten times more time trying to look cool in a video than looking at weather forecasts. P.S: I am even more annoyed having enjoyed many northern winters in beautifull southern summers on catamarans, all that to see a couple of fifty year "youngs" ruin everything just because they believed some other idiot who told them they were young because ... they wore sun glasses.
  5. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^^My brain starts to hurt here . Cannot see how the thinking about the hydrodynamics of a massive (19-21 tonnes) bulb for a fixed keel of an upwind/downwind fully crewed match racer would influence the design of a lightweight bulb of a canting keel for a yacht sailing 80-90% downwind/reaching.
  6. As if there were "dues". Perhaps the most retarded legacy of the "qwerty" era. Not that I am surprised.
  7. ^ For every lucky bloke who made it despite his inexperience there are hundred experienced people who didn't. Let alone most of the inexperienced idiots who not only don't go very far but, if they survive, put other peoples' lives at risk. BTW. Stanley Paris did actually sail to CT. All we know for the time being about the FH is that it left its mooring having survived a few months there. A little early to look for a moral anywhere.
  8. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^^ Interesting. They also put up an English translation.
  9. edouard

    New imoca boats

    He has no point. Just the usual Rosbiff v Frog nagging. Some, on both sides of the Channel, insist on extending the Hundred Year War to eternity.
  10. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^ My bad. Didn't realise that something as fundamental would be amended by "NOTE: See rule A.14(c]"
  11. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^ There was no relaxing of any stability rule, including initial heel angle < 10deg. (http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=154035&page=2#entry4811099)
  12. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^^ These pics illustrate this article http://www.adonnante.com/30277-course-au-large-imoca-vendee-globe-2016-17-un-tresor-de-technologie-pour-armel-le-cleach/# (and probably others) The article mentions it was for a test campaign and they were using a third daggerboard (visible in first pic) which isn't possible in IMOCA. It also mentions that there are substantial gains for a relatively small range of wind angles often encountered during the VG. In short, the boat is designed specifically to the extreme for that race (normal for a French sponsor) A bit to my surprise, dynamic righting moment is not the motivation for these foils. A powerful hull shape is to provide righting moment, the foils are there to reduce wetted surface (keeping that bow out of the water I guess). So much for the DSS afficionados. For my part I am intrigued about how these foils deploy for upwind sailing (conveniently all pics and videos show the mini DDW or on a reach ) Perhaps the daggerfoils' curvature changes drastically in its upper part so the immersed part gets L shaped when it's fully deployed? (Kind of the opposite of the AC72 foils that were L shaped upwind when partially deployed then J shaped when completely deployed downwind) Guess we'll have to wait for the real thing to see how it performs. In particular how it performs outside its comfort zone. It will also be interesting to see if all the new Verdier/VPLP designed boats follow this extreme logic or if other teams elected to have something more versatile.
  13. edouard

    New imoca boats

    ^ You may feel safe to assume it's a single board, I don't.
  14. edouard

    New imoca boats

    Nope. Only 5 appendages allowed.
  15. edouard

    Rolex Wild Oats XI

    Not boom past the transom badass.. a too long boom poses the risk of the mast coming down - while a chinese jibe...the frensh naval architects try this by saying that the mast does not need the backstay on while running downwind......i would have a bad feeling going down wind in a lot of breeze without some pressure on the runner... A good thing then that they never intended to invite you on board.