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  1. Not quite. There are actually relatively few activities that can give rise to this type of accident involving only non-competitors. There is an element almost unique to sailing in the mix of large powerful vessels and small crafts in spectator fleets. (Let alone the presence of a large powerful and difficult to handle vessel so close to a spectator fleet.) IMHO just blaming fatality isn't an option. This accident should trigger a rethink on how to manage the vicinity of exclusion zones. In particular the maneuverability and speeds of all vessels.
  2. Wow, rarely read anything meaner. And this about someone who was so much respected and regarded significant when he was arguing against EB. How times, alliances and style can change. Truly AC, in every bad respect. + 1 The red pants are a tradition from old breton sailors. Although red pants is a traditional garb of Brittany sailors, I doubt very much the NYYC's attire, including blue blazer and straw hat, has anything even remote to do with Brittany . Much more probable are the clues given here: http://sabotagetimes.com/style/the-origin-of-red-fcking-trousers. Money quote: "those in US Prep School or East Coast Ivy League circles, wore red jeans and chinos almost as a uniform, often with a blue blazer, deck shoes and a button down shirt" Now that sounds much closer to potential members of the NYYC than the rugged Brittany fishermen.
  3. +10 million "Your task, French skipper of the future, is to sail at foolish speeds through the Southern Ocean and all the climate change bergy bits on your foils of magnificent proportions and not get your fine French ass killed while going for the Jules Verne." Yep, that sounds like career stability in a very big way. Scared shitless 24/7 is not an option. How dare they not care about career stability! Don't they know that a modern sailor's main goal is to pose on the dock, arms crossed on his chest, to promote fancy gear and the latest lucrative beach show sustainable event?
  4. You guys really have a problem with landlocked countries challenging do you
  5. Feel better? Good. Oh and BTW, there is no way to "redefine and restructure the template, rules and outline with such water tightness that greedy buggers like LE cannot take it to the edge again." Even with a cooperative challenger, the rules would be only valid for ... one cycle.
  6. Maybe the Oatleys could see OR and ACEA that they couldn't organise a shitfight at a sewerage treatment plant and thought; 'Lets get out of this clusterfuck before it costs us some serious money'. They've created billion dollar empires because they're pretty smart operators. If they really were so smart they would have pulled out before signing a protocol not after. It took them ages to get that protocol done and by then it should have been pretty obvious they simply weren't in the same league. The whole thing smells much more like sheer incompetence than smarts.
  7. There is no such thing as "the AC community as a whole" (FFS this isn't Dungeons and Dragons) and the only way to have a "lasting framework" is to have the DoG amended. In its present form it will always depend on a defender/challenger pair to set the rules. If they do a good job then a-ok, otherwise you have a fuck up.
  8. An odd read. While there is no disputing that the organization of AC35 has become a laughing stock, Bob Fisher's views illustrate what the AC does to people who stay too close to it for too long. It's a world of inflated egos living in a pipe dream they call "the premier event in the sport of Sailing". They love using big words like heritage, prestige, or disgrace while rewriting the history of the AC to the point where it is almost pure mythology. Bob Fisher is of course right when he castigates the defender for changing the rules of both the boat and the event and laying the blame for this mess at Couts' feet. But sadly most of his "open letter" are just the ramblings of a cranky old man living in a bubble. The killer paragraph: "It is unnecessary for the America’s Cup to have a television audience. For many years there was no television coverage, and later only inserts into News programmes. Televising the event began in 1983 and was carried to a new height by ESPN in 1987 in Fremantle. Even then it didn’t need catamarans on hydrofoils sailing at 40 knots to be attractive – just 12-Metre yachts in boisterous conditions with some live sound from the boats."
  9. That's just about what they proposed. You may have wanted to check that before going on a crusade. I still post my thoughts on your initial "plea"
  10. What a bullshit article. Somehow the AC has survived and limped along for decades without a defined commercial element (although Ernesto did a pretty damn good job with Valencia). What is the AC? Two boats, a body of water, and an agreement on the rules. Long term future? Make it unique enough to stand out from the crowd. Going to smaller boats probably isn't the solution, and eventually some local government will have a better lawyer and contract in hand. SF did a pretty good job protecting themselves from Larry's commercialization effort, and it's good in hindsight that they didn't roll over on everything. Ah! At last a description of the AC without the "pinacle of yachting" bullshit. Edit: on the other hand, agreeing on the 12mR rule, if not a commercial decision, was definitely a cost cutting one. And nobody can say if the AC would have resurrected after WWII without that move.
  11. It was the next cycle RNZYS compounded their dumb decision letting in the Be Happy folk by significantly altering the nationality rule for the crew. Add to things that ugly double knuckle bow development for the IACC boats and not a lot of positives came out of RNZYS's turn as trustee. WetHog Well it's not like the defender can set all the rules in a MC match, the CoR (beleive it or not it was the NYYC) does have his say and the DoG says nothing about the crew. After all America was manned by a substantial number of Brits and guided around the Isle of White by a British pilot
  12. Can't say much about the Aussies, but the NZ trustees were the ones to allow YC's from Switzerland to challenge for the Cup didn't they? That decision has had some lasting ramifications for the AC, IMO. WetHog Nope, they were not the first to allow a Swiss Team to compete..... http://www.americas-cup-history.at/english/sui%2059%20be%20happy.htm ...but I agree the consequences, that are still flowing, from the 2nd Swiss Challenge are - 'unfortunate'! Well actually, Fast2000 competed in ... 2000. I.e. when RNZYS was already the defender. That been said, wouldn't preventing a Swiss yacht club, or an Austrian yacht club for that matter, from competing under the pretense that they are landlocked countries fly in face of the long honored AC tradition of friendly competition among nations?
  13. Engine specs have been limited for ... ever in formula 1 and major manufacturers never made a dime out of it. On the other hand, Cosworth and it's DFV, made a ton of money powering almost the whole grid during the glorious 70s, and March and their chassis did quite well thank you very much. Those were the years when it really grew in the eyes of the public at large. Very doubtful the crowds were or are attracted primarily by technology. More generally, I would suggest stop using motorsport as a comparison. It has a very special place in the public at large and there is nobody to play the role in sailing that auto manufacturers play in motorsport.
  14. So you start with "To make this economically sustainable they are going to need to maximise interest. That means flogging this to punters who don't know much about sailing." to end up with "But all the talk between sailor friends and the heads who jollied over to the event for a look see was more about the "massive wing things with fairing on the back of one" and whether BA really was a "national hero for single handedly saving the colonists from disaster" or not." And somehow what you discuss with sailor friends is relevant to the way to attract people who don't know much about sailing, and sailors wouldn't have anything to babble about if the wing is OD. I'll leave you with your contradictions. Edit: Just one more food for thought. Motorsport in general has attracted crowds in masses for over a century, and it took F1 over 50 years to get to its peek and now has been loosing audiences for years.