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    Leisure sailing for 35 years with anything windpowered from Hobies to Classic Keelboats
  1. Not quite. There are actually relatively few activities that can give rise to this type of accident involving only non-competitors. There is an element almost unique to sailing in the mix of large powerful vessels and small crafts in spectator fleets. (Let alone the presence of a large powerful and difficult to handle vessel so close to a spectator fleet.) IMHO just blaming fatality isn't an option. This accident should trigger a rethink on how to manage the vicinity of exclusion zones. In particular the maneuverability and speeds of all vessels.
  2. Wow, rarely read anything meaner. And this about someone who was so much respected and regarded significant when he was arguing against EB. How times, alliances and style can change. Truly AC, in every bad respect. + 1 The red pants are a tradition from old breton sailors. Although red pants is a traditional garb of Brittany sailors, I doubt very much the NYYC's attire, including blue blazer and straw hat, has anything even remote to do with Brittany . Much more probable are the clues given here: http://sabotagetimes.com/style/the-origin-of-red-fcking-trousers. Money quote: "those in US Prep School or East Coast Ivy League circles, wore red jeans and chinos almost as a uniform, often with a blue blazer, deck shoes and a button down shirt" Now that sounds much closer to potential members of the NYYC than the rugged Brittany fishermen.
  3. +10 million "Your task, French skipper of the future, is to sail at foolish speeds through the Southern Ocean and all the climate change bergy bits on your foils of magnificent proportions and not get your fine French ass killed while going for the Jules Verne." Yep, that sounds like career stability in a very big way. Scared shitless 24/7 is not an option. How dare they not care about career stability! Don't they know that a modern sailor's main goal is to pose on the dock, arms crossed on his chest, to promote fancy gear and the latest lucrative beach show sustainable event?
  4. Feel better? Good. Oh and BTW, there is no way to "redefine and restructure the template, rules and outline with such water tightness that greedy buggers like LE cannot take it to the edge again." Even with a cooperative challenger, the rules would be only valid for ... one cycle.
  5. Maybe the Oatleys could see OR and ACEA that they couldn't organise a shitfight at a sewerage treatment plant and thought; 'Lets get out of this clusterfuck before it costs us some serious money'. They've created billion dollar empires because they're pretty smart operators. If they really were so smart they would have pulled out before signing a protocol not after. It took them ages to get that protocol done and by then it should have been pretty obvious they simply weren't in the same league. The whole thing smells much more like sheer incompetence than smarts.
  6. Dashboard is messed up... It is not using the latest position reports. First noticed the problem yesterday. Latest sched, for example, does not show recent gybes by Alvi and Dong, where the other trackers do. Since they promptly replied to my last letter, indirectly, but promptly, here goes... Dear VOR, I am so very sorry if I offended you or otherwise hurt your feelings by suggesting your DTL figures were misleading. Please do not take your frustrations out on Dashboard. Many of us do, or did, enjoy using it. Please accept my sincere apology and fix dashboard. Thank you so much. Kindest regards, ~ Varan PS. In case American English is foreign to you, let me repeat my request using the best French I know... PLEASE FIX FUCKING DASHBOARD FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!! This is the place for these requests.
  7. Arrival RdR 1990 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2j4alf_florence-arthaud-remporte-la-route-du-rhum-en-1990_news
  8. Good for sailing. The only times it makes it in the mainstream press is when a cheater sailor comes back from a ban to compete in an event hardly any of the readers ever heard of but seems to be about crashing multi-million yachts into islands. While they are at it, they also get a brief on the antics surrounding another event they never heard of. (Thank God they didn't, because the America's Cup to be held in Bermuda mainly featuring obscenely wealthy guys willing to throw 100mil+ at a few weeks of racing would make most readers' jaws drop.)
  9. Much Ado About Nothing.
  10. I am supposed to pray for some rich fucktard who thought sailing his sexy multimillion silver multihull in the dead of winter off the east coast of the US was a good idea? The same idiot who sold/offered his name and boat to one of the most retarded advertisement videos ever? http://sailinganarchy.com/2014/11/21/stolen-dance/ I am told the crew is safe. Good, but I am sick and tired of these idiots who spend ten times more time trying to look cool in a video than looking at weather forecasts. P.S: I am even more annoyed having enjoyed many northern winters in beautifull southern summers on catamarans, all that to see a couple of fifty year "youngs" ruin everything just because they believed some other idiot who told them they were young because ... they wore sun glasses.
  11. Interesting I noted that one of the things suggested here, i.e. a navigator's meeting to discuss hazards prior to each leg, has indeed been put in-place in an informal way. Not that I think they got the idea here
  12. ^^My brain starts to hurt here . Cannot see how the thinking about the hydrodynamics of a massive (19-21 tonnes) bulb for a fixed keel of an upwind/downwind fully crewed match racer would influence the design of a lightweight bulb of a canting keel for a yacht sailing 80-90% downwind/reaching.
  13. As if there were "dues". Perhaps the most retarded legacy of the "qwerty" era. Not that I am surprised.
  14. ^ For every lucky bloke who made it despite his inexperience there are hundred experienced people who didn't. Let alone most of the inexperienced idiots who not only don't go very far but, if they survive, put other peoples' lives at risk. BTW. Stanley Paris did actually sail to CT. All we know for the time being about the FH is that it left its mooring having survived a few months there. A little early to look for a moral anywhere.
  15. ^^ Interesting. They also put up an English translation.