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  1. Groucho Marx


    Couple of 1990 shots of my old trifoiler Misguided Angel; the only time my better half set her posterior on the thing; Jim Keogh helming. Frog is just a smaller, more developed version of the Angel.
  2. Groucho Marx

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    Frog at 6.5 x 7.5 metres, double luff airfoil main (2 reefs), D shaped, small area wing mast, overall boat light weight, 135 kgs, 2 bunks (cramped), can be pulled apart for transporting (beam and floats/foils swing fore and aft) - could be a good starter, no? Lives in Auckland though.
  3. Groucho Marx

    Chiles vs Hancock on what is an "Open Boat"

    Decked in means decked in, whether wood, canvas, glass, carbon or whatever. open means no deck, open, Cheers.
  4. Groucho Marx

    Auckland multihulls

    Since Groucho got really beaten up in the second last beyond savage storm that attacked Auckland, driven ashore with float high in the air on top of a rock wall, it's time to start building two new floats ... so here are the intended minimalists, only 4 metres long; main hull is 11.3m. Here's an earlier shot when boat was healthy.
  5. Groucho Marx

    Auckland multihulls

    Slightly embarrassing - but then our bottom was dirty.
  6. Groucho Marx

    Auckland multihulls

    Slightly altered Tennant cat Freedom slipping past B24 Capricorn; Anzac day cruise/race to top of Waitemata at Riverhead to drink beer ... until tide turned and chased us out.
  7. Groucho Marx

    what is it?

  8. Groucho Marx

    how fast is it?

    Just a guess ... but the reverse to leeward of normal bow shape above the bow chine, should theoretically ease bow through water without throwing wasted energy to leeward ... as many monohulls - but not multihulls - do.
  9. Groucho Marx


    Bump? Frog, like the frightened mother hen, survived the recent savage cyclone winds of 110 plus knots at Manukau Heads. Didn't sleep well that night but Frog moored in close to the point survived unscathed. But Auckland and rest of the country has been smashed, trees down everywhere.
  10. Groucho Marx


    Nick Atkinson took this shot of Frog sailing past his traditional Mullet Boat moored at mouth of Motions Creek. Sail looks close to ridiculous but still moved boat okay.
  11. Groucho Marx


    Windward and leeward sides of bodgied up ex-Cox's Bay Skimmer's two separate mains to create single double main for Frog. Boat went okay this morning but that will be the last with make-do sail; next will be with full sized new Bill Barry main.
  12. Groucho Marx


    Excuses, been drinking Cassels beer ... and nothing to do with Frog (maybe there is) but just a wonderful image of multihull sailing? Looking at double rig, maybe a Melanesian proa. Any experts here know?
  13. Groucho Marx

    trickle down

    Right, they got it all wrong with this previous world speed record holder too.
  14. Groucho Marx


    Here's the late lamented Sid's conventional single skin, flat main and 500mm chord mast. Sid got really smashed into pieces in a recent blow - but could be rebuilt - if I was completely bonkers. Beam, main hull, one float and mast all in many pieces. RIP Sid.
  15. Groucho Marx

    Caribbean 600

    All correct Samc99us - but speed record designs are not sailing in light airs or off wind and always have apparent wind well forward, high speed beating, the old world full and bye? Sure, if sailing slightly apparent offwind (because they never broad reach or run anymore) modern high speed designs require slots and flaps to keep flow attachment - but my point is that for a modern or future boat, the rigs will be aerodynamically clean ... because future (and a small number of today's designs) are always going to be sailing to windward. Envisage slots and flaps that open for lift when course and wind conditions apply ... and close flush for highest speed; same as an aircraft wing? Sorry, this stuff is very obvious, shouldn't be writing this.