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  1. A few more days and mast will be finished. Thanks Rob, your present of uni-carbon arrived this morning - IOU, maybe crate of Belgian beer when you come back to Kiwiland?
  2. Pow. Correct. Also Blake's juvenile red socks BS. Sucked up by asinine rah rah NZ supporters. Kiwis can be fucking embarrassing. And about the apple cat record; Blake was on his back shouting from his bunk for half the journey. Knox Johnson and the crew set that record, not Blake.
  3. All well and good, Sam, but these are 15% boards, not 10 or 12.
  4. Leading edge of the board is way too sharp; get out of balance a little and your board(s) won't be working correctly, will be stalling/cavitating. Just soften the fronts and see what occurs. Also they are fatties, around 15%? - which means draggy, and that is not helping you either. I know that Malcolm swore by such foil shapes ... but he was wrong. Just imo of course. Also again, rake your rudders forward a little; transom sloping designs (always) create heavy helm feel.
  5. ETNZ rounded up pretty quick smart in light airs too so I think the boat would tack just fine without old fashioned headsail. Apparently it is legal to not carry jib; lighter boat (which ETNZ already is according to rumours), less junk, less pedal power required? less drag and so on. Oh, and that other little gain, higher pointing to windward.
  6. Sanding mast at Cox's. Life is hell in this superb Auckland autumn weather. Had to strip plank the leading edge outer skin to central I beam in 4mm ply - the only thickness I could locate; would have preferred 3mm or less and then could have bent it in a sweet curve. More sanding tomorrow. Maybe get some carbon on the worked over side.
  7. Back to that foil: look closely. The hollow in section 2 is quite extreme and there is a "flap" in section 3 trailing edge. And Buckdodger, I think the hollow in section 2 extends closer to the leading edge as compared to your art work. If so, that is an original foil design thought. But then, it could be just a visual aberration set up with the light refection coming off the water?
  8. Keep uPtiP pollution out of this. Actually they are not UptiT when the board is down, maybe even a little DoWntiP?
  9. Yes, Draken, thanks Raptor. Correct not a delta but it is something of a hybrid on the boat. In fact the foils are so extreme in their aspect ratio that they're sort of elongated delta.
  10. Bloody hell TRG, you're on to something there, cobra. And I thought I was the bonkers loon. But little do we know that the little that we know ... is very little.
  11. That's what I'm thinking, Barfy. I mean a real secret would be a combination of normal speed (read 30 knots in these things) and something that is a compromise with cavitating foil at plus 50 knots, ha.
  12. Or they have figured out a way to articulate the foils? Legally ? is flexible purposeful moving? Therefore illegal? That strange shape is very weird though. Never seen anything like that planform before. Except on some delta wing aircraft, mainly Swedish.
  13. Nueva, the boat is fairly brutal in fresh conditions and takes plenty of concentration and I mostly single hand - so haven't got time to dig out camera from below when fast sailing. But will make an effort to do so. Here's Flash Harry (prototype of Groucho) in some fresh stuff..
  14. Haven't got a full rig shot of Groucho under sail - (I'm usually on board) but here is an early image taken by Jacques with older non square top main,. Mast is 15.6m, foot is 3.15 so total area around 50m2. Reacher is not large, maybe 26m2. Boat is light, 650kgs with 2 crew. Bruce Number to windward is 2.1.
  15. Rob, that is very British er Kiwi of you. I bought a part roll of carbon a couple of months ago from High Modulus; they wouldn't sell anything less than that quantity. Obviously back yarders such as myself are just a nuisance - see photograph. But the uni carbon tows would be very interesting to play with. As mentioned have used uni glass tows in the past and found it very useful. Arnie Duckworth from Adhesive Technologies introduced that idea way back in the 1970s. But carbon is kind of magical compared to glass. My address: Gary Baigent, 9 Sackville Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021.