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  1. You can also upgrade your sail track and subsequently your sail slugs to reduce friction.
  2. Raka025

    Davit Design and Fabrication

    Where is Red Brook Harbor? The couple we bought it from were in Charleston for ten or so years.
  3. Raka025

    Davit Design and Fabrication

    These guys look promising: http://www.katomarine.com/sailarches.htm Anyone have experience with them?
  4. Raka025

    Davit Design and Fabrication

    That's a nice little setup on the Boreal. I have seen a couple of Apogee's with them, both different.
  5. Raka025

    Davit Design and Fabrication

    Thanks for the link, those look like they could be an option but I do think I need an arch and something like those attached to it. It is probable that I would need something to telescope out so that when lifting the aluminum bottom doesn't smack into the transom. Than it could be pulled in close to the arch? I would also like the arch to be 6' above the deck so I could still stand on the aft most part of the stern deck. And not look too ugly!!
  6. I am interested in adding some davits to an Able Apogee 50. I've upgraded the dingy from a soft bottom inflatable to an aluminum bottom one. Their is no good place on the deck that I care to store it. Towing it this summer was annoying to me. In the grand scheme of things, I would like to be able to add some solar panels off of it in the future. I will be bringing boat to Charleston for the winter so maybe a recommendations down there? Thanks for any thoughts and pictures.
  7. Raka025

    The blight of generators

    I think my generator is more annoying to me than someone next to me in the anchorage. I just hear a gurgling sound of the muffler outside. I also don't let the outside world disturb my inner peace.
  8. Raka025

    Coolboats to admire

    Paul Rollins built Mickey Finn. 48' Custom Yawl. http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/robdesmaraisdc/slideshow/ Can one use photobucket to upload pictures?