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    Around the world, deep sea sailing, for setting world record around world sailing record. I am very strong and brave sailor so I will sail my boat around world for world record book for showing world I can do it. Please to donate money and things to make me sailing around world in small boat for to setting sailing record.

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  1. We are Rimas!

    Did You All Underestimate Trump Again

    So much for the "blue wave."
  2. We are Rimas!

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    Looks good. Cheaper too. It may not have the adjustability of the yakima but if you dont have a lot of different sized bike it will probably work for you. Fyi we also have a cheaper amazon double bike carrier we use as well sometimes.
  3. We are Rimas!

    Bike Rack Anarchry

    We have lots of bikes. Road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx , jump, you name it. We use this one fro our truck and minivan. Really durable, secure, and stable. -Best bang for the buck in my opinion; https://www.amazon.com/Yakima-FourTimer-Hitch-Bike-Rack/dp/B00U0F8WZA/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1541538765&sr=8-7&keywords=yakima+hitch+rack&refinements=p_89%3AYakima
  4. Historically speaking , it's always a losing election cycle for the incumbent party 2 years after the party takes office. So historically speaking," not losing as badly", will be winning.
  5. I will bet a dollar that trump and Republicans will not lose in the midterm nearly as bad as obama lost in his first midterm.
  6. We are Rimas!

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    LOL. I think you are right! He has shrunk! And this is after the Vietnamese fattened him up a bit.
  7. We are Rimas!

    Noob advice needed

    Did you remember to put the center board down before you raised the sails?
  8. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    The boat has a spinnaker. I haven't had it out of the bag yet, but I'm assuming it is an asym. We will work our way up to it. Hopefully my son and i can crew on another boat to see how it goes (although I have flown one on my dads 4ksb). But I can see that things happen really fast on a corsair as opposed to a 4ksb.
  9. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    So we took the boat sailing on Saturday. The wind was light, but it was perfect to go out with the family. We tacked all the way up the (Alameda) estuary passing all the other sailboats who were doing the same thing. We definitely like the boat and it really easy to sail. We didn't use the spinnaker at all as I'm really the only one who knows how to sail. My 15 year old is a good deck hand. I cant wait for a little more wind to see what this boat can do.
  10. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    Ok , Email inquiry sent regarding tiller mod. I also have an inquiry into raymarine about tiller pilot. Nex question. I was told that it is common practice to reef the main using the furling system that wraps the main around the boom. It seems like a good idea, but the sail has a reef point built into it. Should i just reef using the furling method or should i reef with proper reef lines? I guess my biggest concern is not having an out-haul in place at the clew when reefed.. But this may not matter since the sail is fully battened. Thoughts?
  11. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    Rafi's mod is similar to that one. but it has an aluminum tiller handle. It looks pretty ugly compared to this one with the wooden tiller. I can definitely see the advantages of this mod.
  12. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    you are probably right on the Otto-tiller. I'll likely sail it for a while, but im not going to keep the boat in Alameda, so maybe I'll just ahve it measured for a screecher. I can live with the jib the way it is- I can leave it on the head stay and it has a cover to cover it up rather than roll it over the main.
  13. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    Thanks you for the advice
  14. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    Ok first questions. 1) My boat has a racing main and a racing hank on jib and a spinnaker. I likely will have to single hand the boat much of the time at least until my crew (kids) can figure some things things out (This could be quite a bit of time knowing my kids). I was thinking in order to simplify things, should i get an asym spinnaker on a roller furler, a screecher on a roller furler, a jib on a roller furler,, or any combination of , or just leave it alone and go with what i have. i was thinking, leave the jib alone and get a screecher with a roller furler and I can use that as a downwind sail and a light air upwind sail. That way there is no pressure to fly a spinnaker. 2) The boat has a standard wooden tiller. It is in a really odd spot, but Im sure i could get used to it. But a tiller extension seems appropriate so i can pilot from an elevated float. What extension should I get? Where do i buy one? Do I need two? How does one swing a extension around aft of the traveler during a tack or a jibe? Thanks Scott
  15. We are Rimas!

    Corsair Trimaran

    i cant seem to subscribe to the fboat forums. i click on subscribe and i see the fboat group under my groups, but i dont have permission to see anything in the group.