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  1. The market share of the iOS system has continued to fall according to IDC. "Without a new product launch almost a year ago Apple's market share from the competition got massive pressure", IDC program manager Ryan Reith said about their most recent study. With 187,4 million units sold, the Android's share climbed in the second quarter to 79.3 percent. 10.2 Percentage points were more than a year ago. Apple's share fell, however, from 16.6% to 13.2% - so a minus 3.4 percentage points. That may deceive but not over it, that Apple still its sales of 26 million to 31.2 million units increased. That nevertheless the market share was declining, is because that the overall market by 156,2 million on 236,4 million systems by 51.3 percent, has grown. iOS and Android now make 92.5 per cent of the world market. The rest are divided at Windows phone (3.7 percent), BlackBerry (2.9 percent), Linux (0.8 per cent) and Symbian (0.2 per cent). US subscribers: Android share of much lower ComScore Marketing Agency published figures on the American Smartphone subscribers in parallel. With 91.9 percent, is the total proportion of Android and iOS only slightly smaller than their global share in the United States. But there are significant differences in the distribution of the individual systems. So Android end of June in the United States had accounted for 52 per cent - which was unchanged compared to March 2013. The iOS share improved, however, slightly from 39% to 39.9%. With Windows phone, there was still a slight increase of 3.0% to 3.1%. Downhill was, however, BlackBerry and Symbian. Apple: Not popular with early adopters In addition to the point raised by IDC, that Apple has brought nothing new to the market the iPhone for almost a year, there could be also another influence factor. So, all things digital reported that Apple's iPhone at the new entrants into the Smartphone usage is not particularly popular. The report refers to an investigation by consumer intelligence research partner, that 50 percent of American iPhone owners decide again for an iPhone, but only less than one-third of the new entrants want an iPhone. At Samsung, the value with each 30 percent is about par. In HTC, both groups keep the balance. However, there is a clear preference for those who buy a Smartphone for the first time at LG and the other party.