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  1. ridethewinds

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Hi all, I can't help but wonder why there are many used Pulse's available at high prices ? Is this great boat immune to supply and demand? Thanks for your thoughts in advance!
  2. ridethewinds

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    Hi Jacobsen, where did you land and why ? Thanks!
  3. ridethewinds

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Hi Schoonerman et al, To raise this thread from the dead... checking in again on new boating opportunities for CA .. Quote: "Open 5.7 is dead here too. A friend just lost his rig a couple of weekends ago and I’m guessing that will be tougher to source than he’s hoping for. " Do we have any new possible players in this space for CA and the SF BAy, such as Open 5.0 (? - are these boats alive ?)....and the Beneteau 18 (Seascape chassis). I would add the VX Evo, but it may not be best geared for the frequently white knuckle SF Bay conditions... Thank you !
  4. ridethewinds

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Correct on the request for 2 man crew design from the ground up; it would be a healthy thing for example, to have a thriving community of 15-20 VX Ones across CA / west coast. there is 1 in Long Beach, 1 In NorCal and maybe 1 more. It’s seems to have its place, represents the latest design thinking / new generation, and a 2 man SB is useful when u can’t track down a 3rd for racing or pleasure and still want to stay out when blowing >14 while keeping the rail flat. Good for husband/wife teams, father/son, 2 friends etc. There is no (practical) reason why Viper and VX One communities can’t co-exist and grow together as they do on the East coast. It would require sailors (and a dealer) to get onboard. Growth (and change) is a good thing for the agendaless consumer. Can we also fix the illogical Norcal PHRF blocking issues at the same time, what is required to make that happen.
  5. ridethewinds

    2 man sportboat fleets in California status check

    Yep, the 'kind of a fleet' reference is only rumor (fiction, fact, or fake news?) that the Open 5.7 is not growing / boats aren’t made anymore - could be very wrong here. Not sure on the foiling kit ! Saw today on the SA home page the video below and it made me wonder the above questions, and where are we sailing modern (in this decade) boats + who would be open to changing things up in the West. Group discounts can help a little on cost but yes comes down to $. People first, then boats also. I’m sure there are other boats to look at in the 2-3 crew space besides the VX One (sweet!) that have active fleets also, but I'm not up on the sport boat space (just coming out of hibernation!). https://vimeo.com/vxone/lakegarda
  6. Hi all, Soliciting thoughts to better understand the current picture of modern sport boat fleets in CA or west coast USA: * are there any Yacht Clubs in CA you recommend that would (or might) be open to a new modern + fast fleet (guessing SoCal more likely, generally friendlier sailing than San Francisco) * besides the Viper, J70, Open 5.7 (kind of), RS Quest fleets, are there any others (which are active) * is there even room for new a fleet, or is everyone content with the status quo * if there is room for anarchy who's game (~10-15 sailors for ~5-7 boats) The East coast and the Southern US "appear" to have more relatively active communities & events around sport boats, unless missing something. Thank you in advance!
  7. ridethewinds

    The VX Evo

    Great stuff. Do we know many Evo's have been sold in the US, and will we have the same kind of following the VX One has (are they taking off at the same pace the One did after release). Went out on a VX it was too much for me, looking for something that can be controlled easily while single handing. Also: what are the key differences between the Evo vs the RS100 ? thank you !
  8. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    From what tedrules says, it takes 2 people to right the craft when upside down - but ideally, its rightable when upside down by 1 sailor. One may not have the luxury of 2 guys onboard to right the boat, which is a concern in SF Bay conditions - might be better to have a heavier lead bulb option to purchase. Sportboats on the SF Bay have this (Open 5.7 or K6 bulb weights).
  9. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Sounds awesome !! I'd like to see how the boat handles 20-32 MPH winds and waves on the SF Bay; to that end, in a knock down / capsize (with or without passenger loss into the water), does the boat "self - right " with that 135 lb keel bulb ? If not, does it easily become upright by adding some passenger weight or standing on the keel using the old school righting approach ? Has anybody experimented with such emergency procedures with the boat, and what were the results / findings?
  10. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Just curious if anyone who has sailed the Flying Dutchman has a perspective on differences between it and the VX, besides the lack of Dutchman's weighted centerboard, self bailing cockpit, sexy factor of the VX, and boat age differences. They seem close in length, both are on the high performance side, yet a new Dutchman will cost more.
  11. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    The great thing about living in America is that product demand (should) drive everything vs. anyone's agenda. I've heard one person tell me its a dying boat but that person also had an obvious agenda. Very glad to see the VX drum up virality in the market, in other words its not koolaid being passed around but simple enthusiasm, what it should be. I love the Raider 2 Turbo as passionately as yall do the VX, it gets me just stoked (its a blast since I single hand a lot, it just barely fits in my garage, easy to launch, easy to dolly, etc.) which are important factors right now for me an average guy; look forward to trying the VX someday looks like a hoot.
  12. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Frieecken brilliant. I'm just glad to see a good boat get what it deserves. Attention. I feel like we are witnessing a progression in the evolution of something great. We need this to take us to new levels, like a catalyst. Something that was destined to be great. Why ? B/c someone really really thought hard about how to make something simple efficient affordable and fun. I ain't no sock puppet but recognize the difference between greatness and something that just that doesn't stand out. Call it corny or whatever, we are thankful for the progression. Bring it on. Yes I've had too many beers but why not. Preaching from the chest. The core. The truth. Almost like when McCartney and Lennon teamed up or even better, Slash and Axl. Yowzer. Magic. The right thing. The real thing. That's what life is about...when it clicks it clicks. As someone who builds products in software you have to appreciate the energy and thought and sweat put into something when you see it. You almost have to investigate bc there's been a lot of effort to deliver something for the right reasons. The man has tried to deliver a product of value. It's not like something average has been whipped out here. Put yourself in the mans shoes, he has to take things to the next level and reset the bar. Who doesn't want to own the latest technology, improvements, and thinking that will grant you pure sailing bliss ?!!
  13. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    Great video - you guys are doing a great job of getting the general public and consumer base excited !! Great to see with this activity / sport. As a suggestion it may help to also indicate its a 1-3 man boat (versus of 2-3), given Intensity Sails makes a smaller main and there are videos of folks single handing on youtube, and it also opens up the market a little wider; there are folks looking for an all around boat that they can just "take out" without a crew each and every time, and in the SF Bay area, hard to even find.
  14. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    We need a fleet in the San Francisco Bay Area. Would be fun on Lake Tahoe, and the well loved Huntington Lake also.
  15. ridethewinds

    What's happened to the VX One ?

    I'll ask offline in that case !