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  1. Jim Caldwell

    R2AK 2018

    The pilot was pumping about 15 hp (electric) through that hub and blades. Should be no problem for human power.
  2. Jim Caldwell

    Sailors Powerboat

    What does it do when it find a sub/ No armaments?
  3. Jim Caldwell

    Outboard shuts off - fuel tank sloshing

    The Marinas sell marine gas with no ethanol at a MUCH lower price.
  4. Jim Caldwell

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    Not looking good then.
  5. Jim Caldwell

    SuperFoiler Grand Prix

    For a program that starts in March, how many are signed up and have boats?
  6. Jim Caldwell

    Foiling Moth Setup

    Pictures of the Cam system?
  7. Jim Caldwell

    Hard vs soft dinghy

    BJ, how do like your battery bank after a month?
  8. Jim Caldwell

    Bye Bye to AGM

    BJ, are you done yet??
  9. Jim Caldwell

    Bye Bye to AGM

    B.J., good info here,well detailed. http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/sailboat-tech-why-lithium-batteries
  10. Jim Caldwell

    2017 Race to Alaska

    Alex, 6 to 24 knots!
  11. Jim Caldwell

    Live Racing Thread

    The platforms (boats) are one design, everyone has the same and are allowed no changes. The wings are also one design, the only deviation is you are allowed your own control system. Yes the fairings are too light!
  12. Jim Caldwell

    Race Replays

    Got any links to day 4???
  13. Jim Caldwell

    Drying out foam core

    From memory, at 25" of vac, the water IN THE CORE has to be to be at 140F.
  14. Jim Caldwell

    Ceramic blanket instead of fiberglass wrap on exhaust

    Make sure the manifold can take the increase in temp!!
  15. Jim Caldwell

    Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    P.E. R. T chart helps Dave to tie all the pieces together.