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  1. And the diatribe on his radio show the following morning. I mean what did he expect? Sweetness and light? Most of the members had been there since lunchtime. They weren't drinking lemonade and were well hammered. Me included. Anyway his subsequent dislike of the RNZYS meant he didn't ever inflict himself on us again.
  2. Holmes arranged for EH to turn up. As I recall.
  3. So was I. a good night had by all. Bluff oysters too if you knew where to find them. Paul Holmes ended the evening hating the RNZYS because they wouldn't clear the main hall for the closing of his show. That would have been hard to do as most members, me included, were pretty pissed and not likely to move because some airhead told them to go.
  4. Relief for ETNZ and the members of the RNZYS. Redemption for Dalts. Well done chaps. See you next week.
  5. If ETNZ can win it tomorrow, and it is always a big "if" for me, my response will be relief rather than anything else, followed by the realisation that ETNZ will have to defend the bloody thing sometime in the future. These days my attitude is what happens on the field stays on the field and you have a beer after the game or race and move on.
  6. COR

    Nope. Commodore Mair of the RNZYS and the Commodore of the intending challenger will be in very close proximity to stop random challengers upsetting the apple cart.
  7. COR

    I think the good money is on LR as challenger of record. at least that is the feeling around the round table. The RNZYS commodore will be standing by the commodore of the challenging club who will hand him the challenge, as was the case for example in 1995 when the Commodore Peter Hay was handed the challenge. At the same time the RNZYS will/or should be locked down, computers off, faxes off phones ignored, and no deliveries accepted to avoid random challengers gazumping the intended COR. That was the case in 1995 and I suspect it will be now.
  8. And mine as well. Jack"s mum has just told me that Jack and his family will head down to the Squaddie tomorrow. will clear the diary of appoinments as there is a possibility of mounting an assualt on the top shelf.
  9. One more race. The game ain't over but it is looking promising.
  10. I was in the Squaddy in '95. They actually ran out of bubbles if I recall correctly. A big day followed by the even bigger party when Peter Blake opened the box and said simply "here it is". The place went nuts. If, and it is a big hypothetical if, ETNZ stagger over the line then a mate and i have agreed to mount an assault on the top shelf in the members bar.
  11. I know, but the calendar filled up with things that cannot now be put aside.
  12. Reading these posts makes me wish that I had ignored my wife"s cross look when I suggested a quick trip on my own to SF to see the back end of the AC and just jumped on a plane. Never mind. There will be a next time and where-ever it may be Auckland, SF or somewhere else and I will be there.