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  1. it is the old loose nut on the tiller that makes the old boat fast. you can buy or make what ever you need to make a old boat fast. we have done it. as long is it is not full of water in the core and you get the keel in the right place I actually like the old masts better than the new ones. they allow you to get more shape out of the sails. You have to make sure you have the sails cut for them. there is a couple of different cuts on the mains. Plus you need to make sure you update the rigging. Old rigging is slow.
  2. GnD

    Choate cf 27 where areyou

    Love seeing a CF page. Just a little back ground. Goose n Duck was brought down in 1999 from Sidney, BC. It raced in Seattle from 1999 to 2005. when it became a Melges 24. It headed back to Canada where it sits today. I do remember a few battles with Snap over the years. (Friday nights, WiRW and a couple local Seattle races). We had a few of them here at the time. Goose n Duck, Dangerous when wet, Straight shot. Twix was a good boat that got tickled up north (cut out). We never saw UWT after WiRW and our crew took snap drinking.