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    what is it?

    It is the metal of choice for prosthetics. How many ring pulls from aluminium cans do you need to weigh one kilo? What's in ring pulls that makes them so valuable? Answers: 35,000 and titanium. And the importance of this? ONE kilo of fused ring pulls provides enough material for Thailand's Mobile Artificial Legs Production Unit to make components for TWO prosthetic legs for victims of landmines
  2. jhaynes

    you make the call

    The bowman on P did point out the Starboard boat (at 5 secs) I do believe the Case Book is where you go. I have a lot of opinions on it with regards to rule 15 - Time and opportunity. Guessing is not in racing rules so Port boat does the following Sees Starboard boat coming towards him, rule 15 on, Port avoids, Starboard tack boat raising a spinnaker, turns 15 on again, avoid, Spinnaker setting way out to leeward, turns 15 on again, no time to avoid . p.s. Anyone notice the tack was not at the beak. Probably why it set out the back. So maybe the question about "normal position" could come into play. Again we can't guess what a boat and crew will do.
  3. jhaynes

    Race Replays

    Thanks for thinking of us with no view of the racing but the links from s3 didnt work for me at all. cheers