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  1. He's admitted he's a sock himself, but, there's no accounting for some people.. .. ..
  2. I couldn't see the berth cushions floating - they'd be so full of effluvial grime and chicken exudement, they would have gone to the bottom quicker than Rimass.
  3. It means Jim, and you don't have to be Freud to figure it out, You've killed him.
  4. Don't worry about the keel - it will be held on by a flock of barnacles, all holding hands.
  5. It got called off as they had to put out a fire near an oil drum. VFR VERT Rescue‏ @VFRfiji 18h18 hours ago More #EMS (Domain) Youth burning rubbish next to 44 gallon drum rushed to ED by passing First Responder after drum... http://fb.me/26UZyQanO
  6. We do have the TwitFace tweet though .. .. .. VFR VERT Rescue‏ @VFRfiji Aug 5 More Republic of #Fiji Navy engaged in a #MSAR aerial search op today for a yacht adrift N of Vanua Levu #MaritimeSearchAndRescue #TeamFiji
  7. Yes, but on previous form, me thinks you're meant to throw all your toys out of your pram, tell us what you think of us and go storming off!!
  8. Never mind the Huuuuge geography lesson, show us your strumpet's apple dumpling shop. (see, not just geography and psychology, we're getting history and etymology in this thread!!).
  9. Hilo in the British colony of Hawaii.
  10. Nice to see you back on your usual form Ffloyd!! Try Fijii, not Vanuatu.
  11. It's vital you don't spark an argument between them.