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  1. bob202

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    The issue with limiting the nationality of designers is teams would just find a way to hide it - and it wouldn't be all that hard probably. Just work remotely with someone and never name them in any team docs. That could encourage the creation of underground boat designer gangs ha ha.
  2. bob202

    Team UK

    Well you need your mother to give you some sage advice. Invite her to read your posts here and then ask her what she thinks? She'd be disappointed or disgusted I'd bet - as would any reasonable person. As for making your points clearly, you haven't. The only thing you've made clear is you're an antisocial troll who apparently has nothing better to do than be nasty. You know you're doing it and you know it's bad form - why not try and break the habit. It doesn't mean being a whimp or agreeing with everyone, or even showing weakness. It means growing up and acting like a normal, functioning adult. Of course there are problems on this forum - but each member can only control their own posts. You intentionally post to incite arguments many times a day, often completely speciously and without any apparent level of knowledge, or interest in gaining knowledge. It doesn't matter what others post, kiwi fanboys or not, you don't have to chase down all the posts you disagree and respond. Since it's not sinking it maybe think of it this way. If you acted in real life like you do here you would get knocked out on a weekly basis. Do you get knocked out on a weekly basis? I doubt it - people aren't that stupid when the consequences are so acute. Don't make the mistake of thinking being behind a keyboard prevents any harm. You inflict mental harm on yourself every time you post the rubbish you do. It's habit-forming and reflects really poorly on your mental state - and it'll only get worse if you don't recognise it and act on it.
  3. bob202

    Team UK

    That's your reply? All you have is the five year old's defence of "but they did it too"? You are responsible for what you type. Nothing makes an argument die like not giving it fuel by way of a response. If you want to debate a point, fine. But most of your posts aren't doing that, they're just you being a cunt - and by the dozens of posts each day by the looks of it. You would be doing yourself a favour in the mental health department by deciding you would limit yourself to 5 posts a day, or to simply add a couple of person you argue with the most to your ignore list. Mature people tend to avoid hanging out with people they cannot stand. They don't waste their time dealing with them and certainly don't chase them down to argue incessantly as if they're going to somehow win some internet competition. You're wasting your time and energy on something which can only result in more antagonism coming your way (and so on). You can solve it by simply being picky about what you respond to or not responding at all. You can even ignore people altogether. It's so piss easy most 15 year olds have figured it out.
  4. bob202

    Team UK

    Having ignored most of your posts for the last few weeks I've realised that you have serious mental issues. What gives? What drives you to be so incessantly nasty and argumentative? I know there's the thrill of being able to say whatever you want when you're anonymous behind a keyboard but you seem to not realise not only how much of a troll it makes you look - which you may not care about - but also how much damage you do to yourself mentally by being so gleefully nasty and specious at every turn. Every additional nasty, argumentative post you write reinforces your own antisocial leanings to yourself. We can already see it from the outside, it's you who seems to not to realise it. Perhaps something to consider is this: if you were to look back on all these posts in 4 or 5 or 6 years time and you showed them to your friends - what would they think of you? They wouldn't be proud, they wouldn't commend you on your wittiness or ability to troll people? They would be disgusted, possibly even ashamed. Would you aspire to being regarded in that light by people you know and like? No.... The anonymity of these boards shouldn't be your shield from treating everyone else with respect and dignity. You are responsible for what you type and even a quick sampling of what you've written in the last few weeks by any objective observer would lead to the conclusion that you are an antisocial cunt. Not only that, one who is so socially retarded as to not even recognise that every single thing you type here achieves nothing other than cementing your obvious mental illness further. Why don't you wake up tomorrow and decide to turn over a new leaf and join the adult world and let things slide a bit more, and try and contribute to discussions here in the tone which most others do - thinking well of people, considering other viewpoints, giving others the benefit of the doubt, being a pleasant person who considers what they say as if they were saying it to a person's face? Why not try it - you would surely enjoy your time here, and everyone else would too.
  5. bob202

    Team UK

    That second race today was odd I agree. It was the only one where ETNZ decided, for almost the entire race, to be on opposite tack/gybe to BAR. I wonder if they didn't partially think they would test themselves to see if they were quick enough as to beat BAR regardless. The way they beat BAR in the first and third races today made it pretty clear there was a fairly obvious performance gap upwind. Unless the second race was a mode-testing attempt by ETNZ which didn't go as planned.