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  1. What is this on the bottom hull of an Outbound 46?

    What is it made of? Looks like wood.
  2. Boat Fire from Front Page - Causes?

    Well, he might have done but this is the improved version...
  3. Russian mega yacht trapped in Baltic Sea

    Imagine being a new can of paint and leaving the factory excitedly imagining all the wonderful things in the world that you might be used to beautify. And you end up smeared onto that. What a horrible prospect. Makes me wonder why they bothered with paint. After all, you can't polish a turd.
  4. Russian mega yacht trapped in Baltic Sea

    You're "surprised" they put a lien on her for $16M? It may be pocket change to the bloated plutocrat that owns it but I suspect the yard has a better grip on their scale of values! This is of course an absolutely bog-standard Russian business technique. Agree a price, pay the deposit and mid-way payment and bunk off with the goods before paying the balance. I'd like to see it on fire. Or sunk. It's an abomination. Bring back the Flying Hawaiian, that was the Cutty Sark compared to this offence against the ocean. Perhaps Trump will buy it? It's probably nearly big and ugly enough to carry his ego and all the hot air and flatulence he spouts should drive it along nicely. Then seeing it burn/sunk would be even better! Oh! what a show that would be.
  5. LEEward or LOOward?

    No, they're not. They are "trennels".
  6. Not surprised given the amount of errors in the report, does no one in the UK Press use spell check? Strange, I only found one.(fore instead of for) What are these errors please, Mr Wop?
  7. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-37973387 Just shows what is possible. HR, eat yer heart out!
  8. 65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Welcome to Sailing Anarchy Mr Trump. As George Carlin used to say, "I guess we all know by now Al's been into the mushrooms!"
  9. Nah, I suspect he has an unnaturally over-developed right forearm...
  10. power boat operator with no nav lights.. but in same marina

    I know all sense and reason seems to have left the USA recently but seriously - why do you need to shake hands with some stoner hooning around at night with no lights? The man's a dangerous idiot. And a decent, law abiding citizen is only doing the correct thing to pick him up for it and if he doesn't give satisfactory answers why shake the ****'s hand? And given his total lack of recognition or apology for the action yes, dob him in to the Law too. Amazed that anyone thinks your actions were anything but totally correct. You wanna read a headline some day about some kid shredded by a prop in a night collision and wonder for the rest of your life it you'd have saved the agony by making a report a month before? Still, I expect all the answers above were rigged...
  11. Russian mega yacht trapped in Baltic Sea

    Vell, so ze master race have screwed up again!
  12. Russian mega yacht trapped in Baltic Sea

    Looks like a giant bidet to me.
  13. Yelling at other boats..,

    That's the best solution yet, by far.
  14. Yelling at other boats..,

    Gat a couple of nice big vinyls made up saying Gobshyte's Barge or sumpn similar. Apply them to his hull overnight before the race. No one has time before a race to remove stuff like that, and if he's berthed in a marina may not even notice until he's on the water and the laughter and pointing starts. Nothing damaged, no harm done. Nothing to see here, officer.
  15. Does anyone know what this is?

    Fireball is to Laser as E Type Jag is to Mazda MX5 No comparison. One is a not very modern but hairy-arsed mans thing and the other is for hairdressers. A single seat comparison to the Fireball would have to be an International Canoe or sumpn way-out like that.