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  1. Black Widow

    I put BW on my powerboat over barrier coat. Fresh water. Slime and zebra mussels are the common problem in our water. BW is better than VC17 for slime and hard growth, bottom required minimal cleaning and was really easy to wipe off. It stays hard, hasn't been worn away anywhere. BW is a thick paint to apply, it lays down very smooth and took zero MPH off the top end of my previously un-painted powerboat. Will look at doing sailboat with it for next season.
  2. The Classic Barg, complete with yelling crew :)

    Nice start. Looks like you and your crew sail together a lot.
  3. West Michigan Thread

    Yep, same here, had to make my boat 43' to get a slip. It takes 20-40 minutes of every August to get a reservation at Grand Haven Muni. At least with the water up they won't have me bouncing the bottom where 'there's plenty of water, we've had boats much bigger than your boat in here'. I can taste the burrito and PBR already.
  4. I've completely removed myself from beer can racing on my boat, I'm too much of a prick to sail with the casual racers. Now I race on other boats and have a great time. You could change fleets, change clubs, move on. You can find a club or class where the racers have a similar approach to racing that you have. If you're winning all the time, maybe you should move into a tougher boat? OR put your boat in the hands of a crewmember that can get some experience.
  5. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Well done. Thanks for the info on what worked and what wasn't ideal. I'm absolutely re-rigging our sprit with the martin breakers, the Sat night take-down on our boat took a minute or more at 15 knots doing a letter-box and with 100% crew attention. If we'd lost a person over-board, and then had 2 crew doing spotter and GPS/Nav duties it would have taken longer for sure. My crew thinks I'm a nut for making everyone carry an extra light, a good one, and to keep it "with" them when below, I'll keep that mantra going, it's too frequent that any of us gets in a hurry and compromises our equipment needs in the moment to be expedient. I've rushed on deck without my Streamlight to help when it could have been my turn to go swimming. AIS for MOB will be mandated eventually, might as well get it done, AIS is a great tool anyway. Let's hope this is all just un-needed stuff that we pack for peace of mind.
  6. Going to bring my boots so it won't rain. Going to bring my warmest insulation layer so it will be nice all night. Planning food and water through Wednesday breakfast so we'll finish on a Sunday night. You're welcome.
  7. Boat Transport Drama

    250-300 miles, Atlantic City to get some gold chains and hookers, and you're there on $1000 in fuel plus a good time running up the Chesapeake. A little adventure for the new boat. What could go wrong? Either way it's damned funny that the hauler left boat unattended on the shoulder without a call to cops. Might write a bad review for that one.
  8. Boat Transport Drama

    Must have blown motors or drives, that's too short to hire transport for. The Formula 370SS weighs about 15,000# and they hired a tow truck company to move it from the shoulder? Ballsy.
  9. West Michigan Thread

    It was announced at the awards in SoHa that '18 was GH.
  10. West Michigan Thread

    Grand Haven in '18
  11. West Michigan Thread

    Peerless was stupid fast in the Tripp, very cool to see the little boat hand it to the fleet. Well done. Midnight VHF exchange with freighter "...yes we're the sailboat off your bow going 11 knots...." freighter "We'll turn left a bit, you keep doing what you're doing."
  12. Desperately Seeking B&G Paddlewheel Sensor/Transducer

    Contact Airmar directly. They make a bazillion different ones for many OEM's. It's likely to cross reference to something made right now. The color of the cap may not be indicative of the thread count.
  13. J/133 heavy air gybe

    On our 130 we will have two main grinders and one is the main trimmer to control the trav and make the ease as the main comes over. It's not fast to have to people grinding in the back of the boat for 30 seconds, but it's way faster than destroying some highly loaded bits in a bad jibe. Centering the boom also stresses the shit out of your leach and can lead to a spectacular wipe out if your trimmer doesn't smoke the sheet on the new board. Your other option is to get a very strong person on the sheet, time the jibe if possible to take advantage of a surf, then the main can be pulled in 6-8 feet pretty easily while trimmer tails. Roll into your jibe on the surf and it's all a ton easier on everyone but the helm.
  14. Pinging starts

    If your double handing, then your priorities for starting are frequently changed up by the fleet, course, sail selection and alike. Assuming your double handing in a mixed fleet you have priorities like stay above the bigger rigs, or have room to accelerate if you have several boats like yours. a 3 second error on line location caused by the location of GPS isn't worth worrying about as much as location on the line and who you're with. Crowds are universally slow if you have 2 sails to trim, a tiller to manage and traffic. You can be "bow guy" from near the back of the boat by taking those sight lines from the normal helm position.
  15. Pinging starts

    Bow guy. Your boat is 24' across, get a bow guy and have him tell you how far off the line you are. Works nearly every time. Do some runs at the line and sight from the helm where the line is, for instance a water tower, hill top, house, something that says "you're getting close if you can see this beyond the pin". GPS starting lines are really cool to prevent mid-line sag in a 50 boat J/70 start. If you insist on GPS line, it's pretty easy, sail past the stern of the committee boat without hitting it by about 15-20', mark that spot, then do the same thing at the pin end without hitting it by 15-20'. viola the line you just made has a built in cushion of about 3 seconds hard on the wind.