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  1. marlowe

    Oracle Team USA

    ^ Good to see Oracle still doing what they're good at, making slick self-promotional videos.
  2. marlowe

    Guillaume Verdier interview

    ^ Thanks. We rely on you for textual clarity.
  3. marlowe

    Guillaume Verdier interview

    ^ Actually what people objected to were your insinuations of cheating.
  4. marlowe

    The winning foils

    Excuse my ignorance but can someone give a simple explanation of how the different foil tips are attached and removed?
  5. marlowe

    Auckland AC race course
  6. marlowe

    Team Alinghi

    ^ No mention of AC33 in 2010.
  7. marlowe

    Hauraki Gulf wind statistics

    I remember in 2003 there were many days delay but I can't remember if it was for too much or too little wind and what the limits were.
  8. marlowe

    Team NZ

    Blimey! We'll be hearing soon that ETNZ were living in brown paper bags.
  9. They are whilst LE is there. The question is whether he still has the appetite for the AC. It wouldn't surprise me if he sold the assets to someone else who wants to get into the game. That's how LE himself got started, by buying Paul Cayard's AmericaOne outfit after the 2000 cup.
  10. marlowe

    AC36 - The Venue

    Be careful what you say. @Wethog will be making more accusations of collusion!
  11. marlowe

    Anyone heard from Deano??

    The f'd penalty call was in the qualifiers. It played no part on ARs failure to beat ETNZ and reach the match.
  12. marlowe

    Team NZ

    I know, it's the same silliness that has Spithill joint record holder of the most AC race wins. But hey, we're in celebratory mood.
  13. marlowe

    Team NZ

    As skipper yes, but with different teams.
  14. marlowe

    Team NZ

    ETNZ with three wins are, along with Harold Vanderbilts syndicate of the '30s, the most successful AC team / syndicate of all time. And, whilst we're doing superlatives, it's worth noting that that the 7-1 victory over Oracle is the biggest winning margin in AC history.