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  1. marlowe

    Ben Ainslie

    He was not invited. He was invited after he complained. He went to the presser. After he complained again.
  2. marlowe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Coutts side of the story:
  3. marlowe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Whilst not approving of what Coutts & co did, many Kiwis were embarassed by the "loyal" campaign.
  4. marlowe

    Ineos Hygienics

    When Prada win it can be renamed the Amerigo's Cup.
  5. Ernie and Larry both thought they'd bought it but found they only had a short term lease.
  6. I suspect much of what this agreement attempted is similar to what Ratcliffe would like to see. It will be interesting to see what is cooked up with ETNZ if INEOS becomes the next COR.
  7. Thankfully ETNZ won and this was consigned to the bin.
  8. Ratcliffe is just the most recent johnny-come-lately in a line of billionaires who thought they could buy fix the AC. Like those before, his ideas are corporate and commercial.
  9. You forgot to mention SAAC.
  10. I'm sure he'd love Italy to put on the best event ever - all thanks to Prada! Vediamo
  11. CdVS would have to hold defender trials or a selection series to choose who would represent them. It would be a big surprise if LR let that happen and risked losing. The club is just a rubber stamp now for the team. Mind you, it would be a big surprise if LR beat ETNZ!
  12. Well that would be interesting if it happens. However, I suspect LR will have a cast iron agreement with CdVS that, should they win, they will be the team to defend. Then I think there's nothing Mascalzone or Azzurra could do about it. It's interesting that a proposed defence would be in Cagliari and not Sicily.
  13. My point was that before 2000 the practice was to hold defender trials or selection series. Breaking with that practice for 2000, TNZ agreed with RNZYS to defend without a defender series, and one has not been held since. I understand the eonomic reasons why, for NZ, it made sense to concentrate resources into TNZ and not dissipate them with multiple potential defender teams / syndicates. It also marks a turning point in the balance of power between the club holding the cup and the team / syndicate representing them. Bond had made three unsuccessful challenges before winning it in 1983. He didn't get to defend, losing the 1987 defender series for the right to represent RPYS in Freemantle. Conner, after winning in 1987 did defend the 1988 DoG but lost the defender series for 1992. Teams were realising that they were spending a heap of money and effort to win the cup with no guarantee they would get to defend it. It makes no sense to argue Ernie and Larry could have chosen to hold defender series, why would they? They were owners of a team that had won the cup, why risk not defending it? It would have to have been the club holding the cup which chose to hold a defender series and we know that wasn't going to happen. They didn't have that power, the power now lay with the team owners. So what was set in motion by TNZ and RNZYS for 2000 is now the practice, the winning team defends the next time. We can be reasonably sure that if ETNZ win, the team defending, whether in Auckland or elsewhere, will be ETNZ. Equally, if LR win, don't expect Il Circolo della Vela Sicilia to be organising defender trials.
  14. marlowe

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Checco's quite short isn't he?