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  1. Its pretty low. Remember when NZ defended the cup and we had the Italian Flag flying from the Harbour Bridge?
  2. Team NZ

    How did Barker go in that race vs Oracle when he was 300m ahead?
  3. Secret Weapons?

    I thought it was pretty obvious....
  4. Team NZ

    That's old- no pirelli
  5. Team NZ

    Interesting its the LV Logo not the AC Logo on the ETNZ wing today?
  6. Live Racing Thread

    Agreed. Upwind speed won the last cup- hopefully history repeats.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    Kiwis neee the wind to drop
  8. Live Racing Thread

    According to Ray Davies interview yes
  9. Live Racing Thread

    Since 1pm local time it's gone from 10 up to 20 and is now dropping back to 13, shit talk about a hard job!
  10. Live Racing Thread

    Hmmm the wind has built over the last 30min.... fingers crossed it starts dropping soon or at least Artemis went for the light wind foils too or this could be a hard day....
  11. Live Racing Thread

    I guess it also depends what Artemis goes for, if they have their low wind set too then as the wind gets lighter both teams will benefit and as it gets heavier may not go quite so well..... oh well- one hour
  12. Live Racing Thread

    The wind at Pearl Island is all over the place with the average speed being 5-15 in the last hour? This could make sir some very interesting foil set up could even have different boards on each side to sort of cover the bases? Could end up pretty flukey too!
  13. Team NZ

    Yeah thats what I was trying to imply
  14. Team NZ

    Two thoughts from today: i) Could Artemis and ETNZ different thresholds for their boards. Artemis has always been quicker in heavier winds and less good when its lighter so perhaps they have more of a medium wind and heavy wind set up, where as ETNZ has more of a light wind and medium wind set up? ii) Could the issue be with the starts be that ETNZ has no eyes looking backwards? Looking at Burling today he is really throwing himself around to look behind him, compared to the Swedes where you can ensure that Percy or someone is looking backwards and giving information to the helmsmen?
  15. Team NZ

    anyone know when the second wing is back?