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  1. So did anyone get any new pics or know if he has made any changes to the inside??
  2. At the moment I am fare from home my father is not the only member of our family how dreamed of seeing the world meeting people and learning many new things.
  3. No I am vikings older sister the mean one
  4. I didnt welcome father was welcoming to anyone how had questions and you guys insulted him at every chance to got. My father is a nicer then I am .
  5. If you want to meet my family we will be more then happy to say hello to anyone who shows up. As my father does when you pricks come buy. Then may be they will let you look at the boat.
  6. Lol I know so hard to imagine that he might have family how may be watching the news from the amazing phones at we have out on the is shocking
  7. Lol you guys are some thing eles why should he because you are nice he doesnt need to prove it . Like this forum is hard to find. It comes up when you look for the news articals. For a web site called sailing anarchy there is no love for new ideas or going against the norm. I want to see you build some cool. Not likly to happen though.