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  1. The Zhik ocean stuff is a direct competitor Musto HPX or Mustang EP. The mustang gear Dongfeng is wearing are not survival suits. Pretty standard salopette bottom and smock top... always telling when a team deliberately moves away from sponsor gear.
  2. I tried to push both donfeng and Zhik about why the team is wearing Zhik gear for leg starts and then switching to Mustang once the conditions actually get gnarly...no response. Amusing given how hard Zhik has been pushing this new “revolutionary” gear..
  3. Makes sense to me, doesnt compromise the rigidity of the hood. Plenty of room in those offshore collars and hoods. Nice in the sense that where the collar ends the visor begins.
  4. Jack Boutell all helmeted up. Surprised not to see any gloves
  5. Don't know how to embed the clip. It's from 13/12/2017 15:07 UTC. Pretty sure most of the boats have Gath helmets.
  6. Yes, Ecoffier and Riou. There's a raw video where he explains the modifications he made to the helmet.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    when did you say it had to be 100ft...Rambler is most certainly a supermaxi and in certain conditions has been competitive with the 100's.
  8. I think for the most part they're gybing. I can't imagine tacking: furling a MHO, FRO or A3, putting a headsail up. turning the boat through the breeze, bearing away, and unfurling again, is less risky than a well planned gybe.. trying to do a chicken tack in 35-40 and big waves sounds like a great way to shred the main, especially if it's unreefed(although I assume in 30 they go to the first reef, even downhill). Theoretically you just get on a nice wave, get going nice and fast, and carve it through the gybe onto the next wave.
  9. 5:00UTC sched is out..Seems like the Dongers will make another gain, back on a nice headed port gybe. Mapfre, Akzo and Vestas all hitched onto starboard towards the ice gate.
  10. J/120 offshore cruiser

    Done quite a bit of racing on a j120 in the pnw. Haven't ever had a major issue with water coming through the sprit on port tack..I assume this would be the ingress issue that would be isolated to port tack. Owner might chime in here as he would know better than I..
  11. Volvo boats can also get away with flatter sails because in anything over 12 knots they're pushing quite a bit of apparent forward. More than 17 knots and the breeze really cranks forward, your Olson 40 will not be generating apparent at comparable levels to a Volvo boat. On a significantly faster 40 footer I race on we have found that it is almost always faster to hold on to an A4 or A6 soft luft kite before going to the MHO or FRO unless we're pretty tight reaching (<125twa).. I can understand the J0 on a sprit that sheets inside the shrouds like the SRM pic above. Put it on a furler, and and it's an easy to use shorthanded sail for light air upwind, or heavy air reaching. Past that.. I don't see you getting away with straight luffed downwind sails. If you're looking to exclusively race the boat shorthanded, borrowing from the Class 40 is a slightly more comparable angle. They still run soft luff kites and have either top down furlers or spinnaker socks... shoot me a pm if you want to further discuss some shorthanded optimization I have done on a variety of boats..
  12. not many bricks where they are right now...
  13. It's just as fun when you're 18. Trust me.
  14. Kevin Escoffier on, Beyou off. I believe he had to carry out his IMOCA 60 requirements in the opening two legs...not sure if he's on for the remainder and Beyou was just a fill in while Escoffier did the TJV. Regardless, not a bad replacement however way you cut it!