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  1. ASP

    Good Post-College Boat?

    Except for the fact that a new set of sails on a M24 runs about 12k. Thistle? VX one? Viper?
  2. ASP

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    What about Outsider?
  3. ASP

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    It's a 2008 Owen Clarke Class 40
  4. ASP

    Drysuits for fatties?

    Kokatat does custom sizing.
  5. ASP

    Boat search..

    Would be surprised if the Shaw couldn't get a rating..? Viper 640's have about 10kg less in the bulb and they rate under PHRF here.
  6. ASP

    Boat search..

    Absolutely. Might be bringing a Shaw 650 to the PNW
  7. ASP

    Dobroth MORC 30

    Anyone remember what they were asking for Wolfpack when she was on the market?
  8. ASP

    Gary W Mull

    cool frickin boat
  9. What happened to this boat? Last sailed a doublehanded Pac Cup in 2012..? Pretty cool thing.
  10. ASP

    Dobroth MORC 30 What's the story? Is it fast? Pretty neat systems.
  11. ASP

    Boat search..

    Looking for a quick Sportsboat on the US west coast for less than 18k. What's out there..? Magic 25, Thompson 650, etc...? Not sure we want to get into a 1D class where we'll be tempted to spend more and more money to be competitive. Cheers
  12. ASP

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    I could get behind an inshore Melges 24 Olympic program, that'd be pretty sweet. This, however, I dunno...
  13. ASP

    FJs for sale

    Looking for a fleet of FJS for sale on the west coast. Please PM me if you know of any fleets of boats for sale(4+ boats) by HS race programs, learn to sail programs, etc.. Thanks
  14. good looking setup. What was the penalty?
  15. ASP

    Where to get a carbon spinnaker pole?

    Get a quote from the guy whose boat you sailed on last weekend...he knows a thing or two...