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  1. ASP

    J105 Trailer West Coast

    Maybe the free bowl of soup guys in portland?
  2. ASP

    Fastnet 2019

    IRC is a MEASUREMENT RULE and not an arbitrary PHRF rating... there is no 'cut' because a boat is performing well...
  3. ASP

    Best Offshore Boat Ever?

    Groupama 4/Giacomo/Wizard has quite the track record..
  4. ASP

    Talk to me about melges 20s?

    There are also two for sale in Seattle...
  5. ASP

    Transpac 2019

    Stoked to see the guys on Hamachi doing the boat justice!
  6. ASP

    J/99 vs. J/111 for DH racing

    The Aerodyne 38 would be a great boat for you guys..
  7. ASP

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    Probably more of an add more on the bow rather than a proper new stern...
  8. ASP

    2019 Southern Straits race

    For sure there was more breeze in the middle on the downwind, we held a pretty long starboard gybe in the middle of the straight(almost to layline) and were consistently in 22-28 knots of breeze at around 1:30 AM.
  9. ASP

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Pretty ideal race for those boats, medium to heavy upwind and then medium air downwind. Not too many tacks on the beat.
  10. ASP

    Il Mostro no longer on the Great Lakes??

    Imedi is in Seattle, now 'Sonic'
  11. ASP

    2019 Southern Straits race

    fast race
  12. ASP

    2019 Southern Straits race

    Hows the forecast shaping up?
  13. ASP

    Cableless code 0 design

    A cableless zero would make the sail a hell of a lot easier to handle w/o a furler. Also, your comment on luff tension with cableless zeros is just blatantly incorrect.
  14. ASP

    jib sheets/ deck upgrade

    Nexus Pro is good. So is Marlow Matrix.