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  1. However, they did the first 100 miles in what? 14 hours or something?
  2. ASP

    Black Pearl - Botin 56

    Is Varuna down in California now?
  3. ASP

    How scalable is 3Di?

    I know that the 3DI sails in the M24 class have improved in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The paneled sails might still have an advantage in really light conditions but anything up range the the 3DI's are quicker and last longer.
  4. ASP

    How scalable is 3Di?

    If you have to ask.....
  5. ASP

    Stripped vs spliced halyards

  6. ASP

    Upwind Tasar/NS14

    I own a Tasar and sail here with the Seattle fleet(bit of talent in the fleet..). Try sailing upwind in 20 knots without significantly pulling your board up. You will feel like you are going backward..
  7. ASP

    J/111 2011 questions

    J/125 are not excellent in light air. The rigs are pretty stubby vs other -10 to 20 raters and the big genoa doesn't help that much in less than 5 knots. However, J125's are unbelievable heavy air boats. They are underrated boats upwind in 15-25 knots, especially sailing fully crewed(9-11 people).
  8. Having a good team is critical. Whether sailing with 4 or 5 there cannot be any discussion or uncertainty about how you're doing any kind of boat handling maneuvers. Speed through the corners is critical and having a good wrap around your rig setup is crucial. PM me if you want to talk details. I have been involved in several teams that have done well in the Worlds.
  9. ASP

    New foulies?

    Good experience with Mustang. The warranty dept stands behind their product as well.... Musto is a shitshow, good luck if anything delams. I just bought a Kokatat far I'm thrilled.
  10. ASP

    Headfoil vs Hanks, thoughts?

    Hanks will always be a compromise when it comes to inshore fully crewed racing. Do you want that quick change from a J2 to a J3? Not gonna happen. I think boat/sail size is the critical component're seeing them use hank on J1's on maxis like Comanche, Oats(smaller sails are furling). I would be curious to see how many of the offshore focused 40-50 footers are running hanks instead of a guess is the answer is very few. Are there any offshore 52s running hanked jibs in AUS?
  11. ASP

    Wire failure behind halyard lock ball

    Interesting, had this happen with a Tasar main halyard a few weeks ago. Identical break.
  12. ASP

    Significant Other Participation

    The Tasar is a great example of a predominately couple boat.
  13. The RP45 Criminal Mischief/Lady Kanon is a solid inshore/offshore platform. All in all, though the Ker 40/40+ has to be it given the number of boats built as well as the success of the design in both inshore and offshore racing..
  14. ASP

    J/125 - A Real Unicorn