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  1. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    In this case, Overlap is not established when YOU hit the three boat length circle. Overlap is established when he hits the zone.
  2. Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    brrrrrr. Nice shot
  3. Which three Asymmetrics?

    Jib tops are typically for tighter angles than a loose luffed A5 as they are still on the headfoil. The closest thing to a "jibtop on a code zero roller" is a FRO(Fractional Code Zero) or a BRO(Blast Reaching Code Zero). These are just smaller, flatter, and heavier versions as typical A0's.
  4. Boots

    How have people fared in Le Cham Neptunes in mid 50's? Too warm or workable in those conditions? My norm is tennis shoes with waterproof socks which is pretty comfortable until the temps get in the 40's or races that are more than 24 hours. Debating between neptunes or Dubarry Crosshavens.
  5. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Vestas just did a 540 mile day. Not bad for these "piggy" boats.
  6. Which three Asymmetrics?

    In regard to the program I sail with. It is a well optimized J125(lightweight downwind machine). We have the following flying sails: A1.5, A2, A2.5, A3, A4, A0 and a BRO(Blast Reaching Zero). We never take all the sails with us. Typically for a 30-60 mile race we will look at forecast and take 3-4 kites. For buoy racing we are pretty much only using the A1.5, A2 or A4 based on conditions..... In the last year we have used every single one of those sails and without any one of them our performance would have been compromised. You have to decide whether you want to have a compromised inventory from the get go, or slowly build a bigger more comprehensive inventory. On a way more R/C boat I sail on we have a true “upwind” zero, A1,A2 and A4. We certainly miss an A3 at times and we would swap the A4 for an A3 in a heartbeat.
  7. Which three Asymmetrics?

    If you want a pretty good all round inventory I would go A1.5, A2.5 and an A3. You'll be compromising in true light air reaching conditions between the 1.5 and 3(1.5 a little too round, 3 a little too heavy) and also compromising in 10-14 knots downwind where you would want a full shouldered A2. If you were just doing buoy racing I would go for A1, A2, A4 but because you'll be doing offshore and potential random leg courses you'll need a little more flexibility that the tweener kites allow. Sub 10 knots go for the A1.5 unless you're really wicked up on a reach in which case A3. 10-22 go for the A2.5 for VMG running and A3 for anything hotter than130/135TWA More than 22 go for the A3. A1.5: Airx 500 A2.5 Airx700 with reinforced tack, clew, and head patches. A3: Airx900: Nice and flattttttttttt
  8. Port Townsend Dash

    I'd be in for sure.
  9. Which three Asymmetrics?

    And there you go.
  10. Which three Asymmetrics?

    More details: Boat type, typical conditions etc...
  11. Port Townsend Dash

    Do you still own Amati? Saw her up in Bellingham a few months ago.
  12. J/35 Another Rule 18 Clarification

    You're not wrong. I'm sure there wasn't any mal intent on Tyson's part, I was just reminded of the incident seeing this post.
  13. There's one at Shilshole in Seattle. I think Scott and Susan Burbank own it.
  14. Port Townsend Dash

    A certain J125 might have a crack this winter..
  15. J/125s Are AWESOME

    Be awesome if you guys got into one and made it two in the area! Absolutely sweet boats.