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  1. I know, I was responding to Jacko about the Wild Joe R/P60.
  2. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    A couple extra bodies do not excuse a friggin Melges 32 being slower than a SC27...
  3. Isn't that the canter with DSS?'-Canting-Keel-Mini-Maxi-2523975/#.Wyv0KtNubR0
  4. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    Can someone explain to me how an Olson 30 is keeping up with a Melges 32 VMG running in 10 knots.
  5. OBR Grinding at about...1:32....
  6. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    the m32 was a weapon in light air. Any bit of breeze where it could build a whisper of apparently it would fly a hull and get the hell out of dodge
  7. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    still shouldn't be quicker than an F28 or Olson 30 or Melges 32
  8. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    Those boys on the SC27 are crushing it. Extending!
  9. ASP

    halyards reccs?

    absolutely no reason to go with vectran anymore. Heat set SK78 and 99's are pretty much better in almost every single way.
  10. ASP

    halyard reccs

    Don't even start.
  11. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    Here comes Russell!
  12. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    If there aren’t any breakages then there is no excuse
  13. ASP

    R2AK 2018

    Sail like a Girl getting rolled by a a SC27 upwind in big breeze.
  14. Have heard first hand from several of the regular crew that it is coming back. Insurance did them well.
  15. The rule written was very.....exclusive to certain mutlies....namely one that is 53 feet long and has a track record of munching GB's..